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  1. yes. everything is checked and followed from here https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Adding-new-skills ps. 8443 id seems to be workingly fine but when i add more skill and id's 8444-8450 it shows me that warning edit: solved by changing lower id's thanks for the help tho
  2. i just add a new skill, when i run the server. the map server got this warning [Warning]: skill_read_skilldb: Duplicate Skill Id 10000 in entry 1108 in 'db/pre -re/skill_db.conf', skipping... although its just a warning my custom skill doesnt work and cant put any skillpoints. any idea?
  3. edit: fixed by disabling Enable Custom Player Skills on NEMO. thanks for the answer tho
  4. as the title says, attempt to call a nil value when using skill error message is IsPlayerSkill attempt to call nil value
  5. well yea i successfully added the custom skill, i'm trying to copy the throw tomahawk and i already tried the clif->specialeffect(bl,494,AREA) but the weapon/tomahawk is just flying away at the head of my character. any suggestions? another question. can i add custom specialeffect? like throw tomahawk bmp to my custom skill that throws sword(custom bmp too)? or should i just replace the tomahawk to my custom one?
  6. well yeah, i followed everything here but i can't add anymore since my server has summoner. any idea how can i add 3 more custom job? Edit: Fixed