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  1. could you give me a working patch list? i cant make this work
  2. I patched the client 2018-06-05bRagexeRE and when i tries to open it, it close instantly. The patches that I used are: I'm not using Always load korea ExternalSettings lua file because when I use it i get the error with the service_language folder. I tried langtype 0,1 and 12 didn't worked, could someone point me to the correct direction?
  3. does it works with packet obfuscation?
  4. I tried with all resolutions and nothing...
  5. I'm doing with recommended only, this happen just in my computter others can play w/o problem
  6. hey guys, what could cause a client don't let click in any button or walk in the game? the clients i tried: 2015-09-16a, 2014-03-05, in the client 2014-03-05 i did a patch before and it is working fine, but the new ones isn't... plus in another computer it is working (i did in it first and made my patch, but when I downloaded in my home it doesn't work)
  7. @Smoke I want to create a command called @hidebgmsg to hide announces from BG I did this modifications: On line 90 I add this: bindatcmd "esconderbc","BG_Queue_Handler::OnDoHideMsg",0,99; On line 165 I add this: OnDoHideMsg: if(hideBcMsg == 1){ set hideBcMsg,0; dispbottom "[As mensagens da batalha campal foram ativadas!]"; } else{ set hideBcMsg,1; dispbottom "[As mensagens da batalha campal foram desativadas!]"; } end; And on line 274 I put a if like this: if(hideBcMsg != 1){ announce [email protected]$,0,.BG_Color$[$BG_Index],0x190,12,100,100; } When I start the server and check the logs i get this msg: [Warning]: script_get_val: cannot access player variable 'hideBcMsg', defaulting to 0 What am I missing here? could you help me? =)
  8. Aabout your questions, I didn't edited the src just applied some plugins, extended vending, hBG and one mine that includes a new atcommand, I just updated the emulador and the problem was solved not sure what caused the problem. Sorry if I didn't understood what you wanted, but first of all I just came here asking help to fix it in my server, I'm not a "kid" and didn't disrespect anyone here to give you the right to call me that. I think respect comes with respect.
  9. Just create the novice and log in the server, in lv 1 you will get 6281 MaxSp. @edit Forgot to say it is PRE-RE
  10. this bug persist, did someone found a way to fix it?
  11. Yepe i did a mistake I did it from the start and it comes a true value in seconds, thank you all!
  12. even adding / 1000 it gave me 34 days that isn't correct since I didn't expend those days playing
  13. in php the exactly function gave me back this information: 34669 days i think something is wrong in the proccess, not sure if is when I save or when I retrieve... the value I have in db is 2995424936.
  14. I want to get the total time that player is online in the server, so I have this script: OnPCLoginEvent: @login_time = gettimetick(2); end; OnPCLogoutEvent: query_sql("UPDATE login SET online_time = online_time + "+( gettimetick(2) - @login_time )+" WHERE account_id = "+getcharid(3)); end; What I want to know is if the way I'm sum it is correct and how can I convert the final value in time as h:m:s I tried to find it but didn't Thanks!
  15. Hi i'm trying to figure out how use mysql databases instead db folder in this new conf folder, can someone help me with that?