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  1. Hello after diff hexed 2018-06-20e with Nemo by 4144 i got black head with custom hairs, could someone tell me what i did wrong? Those are my patches:
  2. could you give me a working patch list? i cant make this work
  3. I patched the client 2018-06-05bRagexeRE and when i tries to open it, it close instantly. The patches that I used are: I'm not using Always load korea ExternalSettings lua file because when I use it i get the error with the service_language folder. I tried langtype 0,1 and 12 didn't worked, could someone point me to the correct direction?
  4. does it works with packet obfuscation?
  5. I tried with all resolutions and nothing...
  6. I'm doing with recommended only, this happen just in my computter others can play w/o problem
  7. hey guys, what could cause a client don't let click in any button or walk in the game? the clients i tried: 2015-09-16a, 2014-03-05, in the client 2014-03-05 i did a patch before and it is working fine, but the new ones isn't... plus in another computer it is working (i did in it first and made my patch, but when I downloaded in my home it doesn't work)
  8. @Smoke I want to create a command called @hidebgmsg to hide announces from BG I did this modifications: On line 90 I add this: bindatcmd "esconderbc","BG_Queue_Handler::OnDoHideMsg",0,99; On line 165 I add this: OnDoHideMsg: if(hideBcMsg == 1){ set hideBcMsg,0; dispbottom "[As mensagens da batalha campal foram ativadas!]"; } else{ set hideBcMsg,1; dispbottom "[As mensagens da batalha campal foram desativadas!]"; } end; And on line 274 I put a if like this: if(hideBcMsg != 1){ announce [email protected]$,0,.BG_Color$[$BG_Index],0x190,12,100,100; } When I start the server and check the logs i get this msg: [Warning]: script_get_val: cannot access player variable 'hideBcMsg', defaulting to 0 What am I missing here? could you help me? =)
  9. Aabout your questions, I didn't edited the src just applied some plugins, extended vending, hBG and one mine that includes a new atcommand, I just updated the emulador and the problem was solved not sure what caused the problem. Sorry if I didn't understood what you wanted, but first of all I just came here asking help to fix it in my server, I'm not a "kid" and didn't disrespect anyone here to give you the right to call me that. I think respect comes with respect.
  10. Just create the novice and log in the server, in lv 1 you will get 6281 MaxSp. @edit Forgot to say it is PRE-RE
  11. this bug persist, did someone found a way to fix it?
  12. Yepe i did a mistake I did it from the start and it comes a true value in seconds, thank you all!
  13. even adding / 1000 it gave me 34 days that isn't correct since I didn't expend those days playing
  14. in php the exactly function gave me back this information: 34669 days i think something is wrong in the proccess, not sure if is when I save or when I retrieve... the value I have in db is 2995424936.
  15. I want to get the total time that player is online in the server, so I have this script: OnPCLoginEvent: @login_time = gettimetick(2); end; OnPCLogoutEvent: query_sql("UPDATE login SET online_time = online_time + "+( gettimetick(2) - @login_time )+" WHERE account_id = "+getcharid(3)); end; What I want to know is if the way I'm sum it is correct and how can I convert the final value in time as h:m:s I tried to find it but didn't Thanks!