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  1. If you are fine with a non-official setup, use OpenSetup. Otherwise you need to state your client version, since there are different setups depending on the client.
  2. Given the ini-section: [ROCred.Buttons.CUSTOM1] The resource name is: CUSTOM1
  3. Merging is still in progress, the rsu codebase is messy, so it will take some time. Update 2017-08-04: Someone give me a full week hikikomori mode without disturbance and I can release it... Update 2017-08-05: People who will want to extend the functionality of the patncher, can start learning COM. The plug-in will have to establish communication with a call like this: hr = CoGetClassObject(CLSID_PluginServiceProvider, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, NULL, IID_IClassFactory, &lpServiceProvider);
  4. Updated to 2.4.16, updates kRO patch information to reflect a change in the patch transfer protocol (HTTP). This update is needed to continue receiving new kRO patches whether you use the mirror server or not. Note, that the new patch server seems currently overloaded. The kRO mirror should have those files around Saturday/Sunday after the sync-toolchain has been updated.
  5. RO Patcher Lite, like "Ragnarok.exe" (official patcher) RO Patcher Lite "Pure" 2.4.4 + "ipatch" OR "rsu multi plugin", like Thor Patcher / Neoncube Future ELUR Patcher, like Thor Patcher / Neoncube
  6. Primary purpose of RO Patcher Lite is updating official data, read a replacement for the offical patcher. Up to version 2.4.4, RO Patcher Lite also supported plug-ins (a build without built-in settings, called "pure") to extend it's functionality with e.g. custom patch info (for patching private server files), patch news and skin support. This functionality is to be provided in a future, separate product in development (currently code-named ELUR). The RSU Multi Plugin, you link to, is such a plug-in that allows patching official files and private server files in one go, with one patcher.
  7. ROCred is for the case, where you do not have login in the client enabled (kRO client without Restore Login Window).
  8. Read the rocred.ini comments on how to set up.
  9. No real way to prevent editing of GRFs, you can only hinder the stupid portion of people doing that. Either you modify (read "corrupt") the GRF format in a way, that makes common programs fail, and adjust your patcher and client to be able to deal with that. Or you make up your own format and make a patcher for it and add support to the client for it. Or make an edit to the client, that checks the checksums of all files in the grf, when the client is started to make sure the grf is not changed. This takes a few minutes to complete and will get old very quickly (to the players that is). Choose your poison. Edit: I got an idea for one theoretical way, that could prevent others from making changes to the GRF, but still allow you to provide patches to it (granted the patcher does not touch the data, but just adds the files as-is, like RO Patcher Lite). This is just a theory, so I will have to make a proof of concept before making further claims~
  10. Refreshed to 1.9.3, fixes a potential buffer overflow and outdated URLs.
  11. Great necro post. Try WDGIncreaseHeadgearViewID for Shin's Diff Patcher.
  12. Updated to 2.4.15, adds support for GRF resets employed on sakray servers and fixes a bunch of various issues, among others, patch failures caused by non-standard file attributes on NT platforms.
  13. Updated to 2.4.12, improves download performance and stability, and fixes minor UI glitches and memory leaks. Updated to 2.4.14, fixes incorrect handling of mirror failures introduced in last release.
  14. Just to make sure, to make it support the following? mes "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,\r" "consectetur adipiscing elit." ↓↓↓mes "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."
  15. Use a dedicated FTP client (ex. WinSCP) instead of the browser.