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  1. good bye Ind!! and good bye to me too...
  2. What are the last thing your doing before you get disconnected?
  3. Great New update! Nice to see Yommy is back to business
  4. nice! I now know a little korean
  5. nice Master Yommy is back to herCOOLes. but bye bye Themon for now. cause im trying to learn to translate Japanese to English. my project One Piece Romance Dawn psp
  6. JWPce is a basic Japanese word processor that is designed primarily for the English speaker who is reading and/or writing in Japanese. this is a great help on translating offline japanese to english Korean using the korean alphabet i the spoiler try to translate this on your own 라그나로크 don't cheat and use google translate
  7. it defend on how many slot the item have
  8. download Data.grf, Rdata.grf and bgm folder at
  9. @Neo I also try to contribute some client here
  10. just change the survey. 2014 because its new and I like the new map navigation
  11. Yes! Finally I contribute something useful. Good job to all!
  12. Try mhalicot guide
  13. Try to download all with gravityro