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  1. No updates on this?
  2. Bump.
  3. Hi, I keep on getting this error, please see screenshot. I don't see anything wrong with the lua file.
  4. will try this. thanks! found an alternate way to do it but I think yours is much better since we can set it to seconds, what I did is fixed at mintues, changed it on channel.c instead
  5. Hi where do we increase the channel chat delay? right now it's capped at 10seconds. I can't find it so here I am asking for help
  6. How do you remove it now that skill_cast_db is gone? I've tried { Id: 79 Name: "PR_MAGNUS" Description: "Magnus Exorcismus" MaxLevel: 10 Range: 9 Hit: "BDT_MULTIHIT" SkillType: { Place: true } AttackType: "Magic" Element: "Ele_Holy" NumberOfHits: { Lv1: 1 Lv2: 2 Lv3: 3 Lv4: 4 Lv5: 5 Lv6: 6 Lv7: 7 Lv8: 8 Lv9: 9 Lv10: 10 } InterruptCast: true CastTime: 15000 AfterCastActDelay: 4000 SkillData1: { Lv1: 5000 Lv2: 6000 Lv3: 7000 Lv4: 8000 Lv5: 9000 Lv6: 10000 Lv7: 11000 Lv8: 12000 Lv9: 13000 Lv10: 14000 } CoolDown: 0 Requirements: { SPCost: { Lv1: 40 Lv2: 42 Lv3: 44 Lv4: 46 Lv5: 48 Lv6: 50 Lv7: 52 Lv8: 54 Lv9: 56 Lv10: 58 } Items: { Blue_Gemstone: 1 } } Unit: { Id: 0x84 Layout: -1 Range: 1 Interval: 3000 Target: "Enemy" Flag: { UF_NOOVERLAP: true UF_PATHCHECK: true } } }, and it still has cooldown
  7. Hi All, Are the item type: 18 really not stackable? If so, is there a way or where do you modify this setting to make it stackable? Type: 0 Healing item. 2 Usable item. 3 Etc item 4 Weapon 5 Armor/Garment/Boots/Headgear 6 Card 7 Pet egg 8 Pet equipment 10 Ammo (Arrows/Bullets/etc) 11 Usable with delayed consumption (item is lost from inventory after selecting a target, for use with skills and pet lures) 18 Another delayed consume that requires user confirmation before using item. It won't help even if you use the stack option.
  8. Hi All, Looking for 2012-04-18aRagexeRE msgstringtable.txt Let me know if anyone still got it. (I'm currently using the one from the client translation project, however I can't seem to make it work perfectly, problems on the drop / package annoucne thing. ) Thanks!
  9. well, I'm not too sure about that since it's been ages since i've last tested on rAthena. but in any case, I still can't find any solution.
  10. Yes and not just once.
  11. did that too still nothing.
  12. Hi All, I am having trouble with the special characters in game. I've checked everything I can on my end. tried 2 different clients and still no luck. The thing is, it has no problems on my local ( windows ) server. On our test ( hosted/linux ) server it doesn't show. When I use the • and ™ whole character name shows up as blank. char_server.conf Tried the following clientinfo.xml settings First Second Sorry, wrong section, if a mod comes by please move to correct section
  13. experiencing problem with sellitem2. no errors on compile. when using in an NPC shows the correct function however disables all other npc and all other shops. Can't talk to normal npcs and other shops items will be lost
  14. *lol* edited found my mistake