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  1. Found a simpler way to do this though, just so that people would know. ALTER TABLE `login` ADD COLUMN `reg_date` TIMESTAMP; No modifications needed on whichever theme or CP you'll be using.
  2. @Dastgir getting this error on itemmap
  3. will look into it later.
  4. Thanks for your idea. Although I'm thinking something about pre-registration and stuff. I think this would be done as a plugin on the website when users are creating their accounts though
  5. Very Quick response with my inquiry Hoping to hear from you soon about my other question
  6. Hi All, Is there a way to check when an account was created? If not, can I add something to make it possible?
  7. It's basically the same. both that and mes "<ITEMLINK>Valkyrie Shield<INFO>2115</INFO></ITEMLINK> ."; mes("<ITEMLINK>Poring Card<INFO>4001</INFO></ITEMLINK>"); won't work as intended. That's why I am thinking that it's disabled in my client version just want to confirm it though
  8. ITEMLINK doesn't seem to work on this client? Or, does it? I've tried <URL></URL> and it works, but can't seem to get ITEMLINK to work. SOLVED:
  9. Not that I know of. That's just the most common error you'll encounter since it's for pets.
  10. Fixing it is really easy, just change the line 2579 on your msgstringinfo to Feeding the pet. '%s' (%d) remaining# (this is also applicable to client date 2015-09-16aRagexe.exe)
  11. You'd have to keep in mind that when you use 2014-10-22 you might encounter errors when feeding pets
  12. control panel

    Can't wait for this. Do you have a time frame