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  1. Will try this later thanks @Kuroe
  2. were you able to update this or still usable?
  3. hitdelay.c:105:94: error: unknown type name 'clr_type' hitdelay.c: In function 'plugin_init': hitdelay.c:208:2: error: 'pc_setpos_delay' undeclared (first use in this function) hitdelay.c:208:2: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in hitdelay.c:208:2: warning: left-hand operand of comma expression has no effect [-Wunused-value] Hit delay error.
  4. can you repost this? no longer available in upaste
  5. Hello All, This script doesn't seem to do the trick. Nothing happens & it doesn't kick dual clients on the maps not listed on this array setarray [email protected]$[0], "prontera","morocc","geffen","payon","alberta","izlude","aldebaran","xmas","comodo","yuno","amatsu","gonryun","umbala","louyang","jawaii","ayothaya","einbroch","lighthalzen","einbech","hugel","rachel","veins","moscovia"; Anyway, I want to allow dual clients only on the towns/maps listed on the array. full script below
  6. Here: It's about $400 for the whole setup.
  7. Why not use this: I think this might be easier. have time to check on it
  8. I've dealt with rahul and his partners a lot of times and none of those times are unsatisfactory. yeah, sometimes it takes a while, but make sure you're talking to them in skype or their official facebook pages.
  9. I'm still having this issues on 2018-04-04b. buttons still not disappearing even if it should be hidden. Still no news about this? I updated my nemo and this still shows. or, if you have any recommended newer versions, please let me know
  10. @4144 do you have any updates about this?
  11. I'm still having this issues on 2018-04-04b. buttons still not disappearing even if it should be hidden.
  12. They won't disappear. Bank, BG, Cash Shop and Rec buttons and SNS are already disabled/hidden.
  13. Btw, I tried combining your Translated Data and @zackdreaver's but we're still seeing a lot of gibberish, Btw, I've noticed this has been posted but this and nav are the only things I've noticed so far. this is on 2018-03-21aRagexe Here's Nav.
  14. I'll try that Anyway, how do we make these buttons disappear? Battlegrounds Bank Item Mall Rec They're disabled from nemo but they still show up.
  15. here's what I'm getting on 2018-03-28b-Ragexe EDIT1: getting the same on 2018-03-21aRagexe client. EDIT2: Same on 2018-03-15aRagexe. Worked with 2018-03-14nRagexe.
  16. //Uncomment the following line if your client is zero ragexe instead of normal kro clients //#define ENABLE_PACKETVER_ZERO #ifdef ENABLE_PACKETVER_ZERO #define PACKETVER_ZERO #undef ENABLE_PACKETVER_ZERO #endif // DISABLE_PACKETVER_ZERO Try uncommenting this on your mmo.h
  17. The disable buttons not working when I tried it on 2018-03-09RagExe and 2018-03-09aRagExe(Zero) cash button and other buttons I tried to remove still there.
  18. That's weird though, I'm getting error when opening the client, modified something. I'll post the screenshot when I get home later.
  19. fixed it using zackdreaver's translation along with Asheraf's. Now, I'm trying the most recent client released but I can't seem to patch
  20. Got the language issue fixed, but I'm still having some untranslated buttons and I'm using the most recent translation from @Asheraf. I'll post my screenshots in a while, I'll sleep it off first. I'll also try using the most recent 2018 ragexe client later
  21. When's the achievement going to be merged?
  22. can't make this work on 2015-09-16aRagexe
  23. is there a way to add custom potions on alchemist creation ( Pharmacy )
  24. will try that thanks!
  25. Solved this. LOL. very minor error. Should be char_id ,not charid. lol