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  1. What does MC stand for? (i.e. the site you are on) = ? Solved~
  2. is work! thanks a lot =)
  3. bump...
  4. The message is there msgstringtable.txt, you can change that message to something else too, however I believe there's some diff to remove that one(not sure) Thanks for you help. The message from msgtringtable have i allready gechange and delet it help not it coming new writing. I found no diff for it.
  5. bump..
  6. look here: http://herc.ws/board/topic/5503-alte-too-big/
  7. when I login to server comes the blue writing...
  8. How fix it this?
  9. Awesome! thank you!
  10. Thanks for the answer! i mean the chrackter name of character select i can't use ä,ü i hope you understand this thanks again
  11. Hello Hercules community! i need help on chrackter select with ä,ü and help with space on guild name thank your very much for you help! p.s i'm sorry for my bad english.
  12. Thanks i have wrong seach function used xD
  13. Who can i this fixen?