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  1. Hi there! Well i found my first job for a server, a did it in 2012(long time ago jaja) and i want to share it with you, if you found it useful and you like it please feel free to use it. Here are the jpg so you can see what is inside and if you want give them a qualification, please dont be cruel but please be honest! All the text is Editable! you can add your own font types, and publicity and logos.(I work on Photoshop CS6) The Rar file Include: 9 Loading screens JPG and PSD ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hola a todos! Bueno, encontre mi primer trabajo para un servidor, lo hice en el 2012(hace un buen tiempo) y quiero compartirlo con ustedes, si lo encuentran util y les gusta por favor siéntanse libres de usarlos. Aqui estan los jpg para que puedan ver que esta dentro, y si quieren pueden darme una calificacion, por favor no sean crueles pero si honestos! Todos los textos son editables! puedes agregar tus propias fuentes, publicidad y logos.(Yo trabajo en PhotoshopCS6) El archivo rar cotiene: 9 Loading screens JPG y PSD DOWNLOAD DESCARGA NOTE: If you use some of them please, dont forget to say thanks and give me a credit somewhere. NOTE: Si los utilizan, por favor no olviden decir gracias y darme los créditos en algún lado.
  2. Hi there! Well hoping this help someone i update the Old pack palettes for(the grf only have this jobs palettes add it in your grf): Kagerou-Oboro Rebellion Summoner They look good but have some detail most in rebellion mount but if you dint care just try it, i cant fix it becuse of time, i try to update to the Jro 3rd jobs Costumes but dont is a mess with mounts and some jobs colors. A summoner example: DOWNLOAD: NOTE: i test the Kamishi palettes and work perfect with all the jobs if you need an update you can pm.
  3. Yes but it appear in the first time compile I edit and compile by fist time, in that case I must use release o not?
  4. the only thing was the mmo but only edit the #define PACKETVER 20141016 then save, the other thing was the renewal.h to set pre-re and that was all :c
  5. Hi there n.n... well i have download the last hercules today to work on it... when i compile im having some problems.. and i dont know if is a problem of mine or what happen :c (by the way sorry for my english)... here the pics... thanks for reading n.n! i´ll be waiting your answer
  6. nice, but you need work whith light in the map
  7. Guys this is the last npcs and mobs of Episode 16 Is possible implement official in Hercules? thx Base: (The red lines is added or changed) npc.h in db/const.txt TIP: In the last lua files, have this npcs/mobs. For use in your server is need the last renewal updated (rdata.grf)
  8. +1 for the principal topic @@Ind
  9. @fernnadobonela my message is for @@Ind
  10. [*](upcoming) a script command to change a characters gender and suggestion: the script command "Sex" need fix for this new system please released this thx
  11. @@jaBote siempre es bueno leer algo así y más si es con buenas intenciones para mejorar. Gracias.
  12. @@Ind please, vip system *-*
  13. @@Ind As a suggestion, which can be translate the system messages and console. Example: Original: [status]: Connecting to Translate (example: spanish) [Estado]: Conectando a