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  1. Hi, bro. The instance you rewrite I'm very interested in is as below:

    • Overlook Water Dungeon
    • Poring Village
    • Room of Consciousness
    • Sky Fortress
    • Temple of Demon God

    My skype is [email protected]

    I have many Aegis script. Since I think we can exchange some.

  2. Does anyone have Thailand server package?
  3. Updated.
  4. can you upload to mediafire or other filehosting alternative? update to mediafire now. And it is English lite patch now.
  5. I have shared lite patch for kro client on the top of this topic.
  6. Twro has not implemented xm_d's card.
  7. Because the item_db_re.conf format, I can only use tools to correct item_db_re.sql.
  8. I now upload Aegis_id2name.txt since many Aegis names of item_db in both Herc and rAthena are not correct. Update 2016.10.11 I have made some mistaked in the first version. Try V2. Aegis_id2name_V2.txt
  9. Can it be used in Aegis Server?
  10. The test way is:
  11. Hi, all. I'd like to tell all hec members that I will setup an Aegis Server of EP14.3 which contained Rebellion for testing in a few days. We may found a lot of skills in herc not very correct and the same in rAthena. But we can test to improve them through the Aegis Server which I setup in the future. I really hope the day herc and rAthena will be closer to Aegis. Now, thes test way is here: Update 2016.10.07 The lite patch(English) for kro client is here. Update 2016.10.06 The lite patch for kro client is here. Please upload an English patch if someone intersted.
  12. It is from me. But it's not emulator, it's real official server, named Aegis.
  13. I mean to use current resources of ro client to create and edit a custom map. Did any body have tutorial?