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  1. @4144 you know why you can't enable the option : "Disable Packet Encryptation" for Zero Clients? I get this error: Here I am testing this last client with your commit Note: Only Work when disabled the option " packet_obfuscation: 0 " in client.conf . The problem is that all clients can login
  2. You make a test raising your HIT, something similar was happening to me with the skills of area of the summoner.
  3. Buen dia amigo hacer drops custom en monsters es muy simple: 1.- Tienes que asegurarte que el item este siendo leido correctamente por el emulador, es decir que lo hayas agregado bien en tu item_db.conf, de preferencia has una prueba de @item id si te parece el item correctamente y sin errores entonces pasa al punto 2. 2.- Para habilitar un drop custom en un mob tienes que editar el mob_db.conf en la ultima sección que se llama Drops, por ejemplo:
  4. I do not understand why they would be lost.. I have it well Note : I am also using KRO Note: Here - You can try using the RUS-KRO-RE for update your GRF and use the folder data of Zac Translation Project because it is more compatible with previous clients
  5. Well, I think I found the solution, if someone has a better idea, I would appreciate it if you mention it. Note1: Warper with Jobs Restriction.txt Note2: Explained the Upper parameter of jobchange
  6. Friends, How can I enable access for only trans classes? I want create a restrict access to all jobs other than Jobs Trans. My Idea : Warper
  7. Thank you very much... --> FINAL NOTE The truth was he had two mistakes of his own: 1.- I had to copy the file "mapcache.dll" to the emulator folder. .2- Never use as a final folder for grf-files.txt a folder called "data", because by default, the emulator reads to data folder as the final destination, that is, if you have your .gat files in your data directory, you should ideally write the path without placing the data folder : *Example *In my directory real: F:\Gravity\Ragnarok\RO\data\lasagna.gat *In "grf-files.txt" you would apply the following route: F:\Gravity\Ragnarok\RO\
  8. in Windows: Well I tried it all day and I don't get it... Add the mapcache.c plugin and compile everything without errors, but I still can not create the .MCACHE files. Here: Note 1 In linux: if this is my data folder, how would I to write in my file grf-files.txt? Note: Note 2
  9. Good day, I just downloaded the latest version of the emulator and I realized that when I finished compiling I got this error " don't match signed/unsigned ", however, the emulator ignores it and I can boot normally. up to that point it works, but the problem starts when the SRC code is edited at that moment, detects the error and does not allow compilation. Can you tell me why that error comes out and how can I solve it, please? Note: Here
  10. Thanks.The last msgstring.txt that they recommended is full compatible with the most current clients. You just have to make two or three small adjustments. Note:
  11. Ty friends I already learned to compiler plugins. Now the problem is that i don't create plugins, to perform all those processes I need the files mapcache.c or If you have some free time, please could you create an archive plugin mapcache.c to edit and add new maps. Thank you very much
  12. I would like to try but I am using windows 10 :(
  13. 1.- How can I create files " .MCACHE ", to add new maps to the emulator? 2.- And how can I add a renewal map to PRE-RE, because if I set the server as a pre-re, some maps renewall are disabled.
  14. @Asheraf Friend, I got lost here. I do not know how to fix the "NO MSG".
  15. I tried and I get the same error does not delete the character