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  1. Will there be support for the new jobs of the taekwon and soul linker?
  2. @Slicer you know the id number of the equipment to show those pets???
  3. @Slicer you can tell me what id are those items and that exe has the support?
  4. Can someone tell me what these are pets and if they are already available in hercules?
  5. You can check my post: HERE
  6. @AnnieRuru I did not understand very well, but could you improve that script and make it work?.... The original script was made for eathena, maybe with some small adjustments the script can work on hercules too. it's a good script just need to adjust the small details... lf you can get the script to work, I'd appreciate it for the rest of your life. ty.
  7. @AnnieRuru hmmm I do not get any error!! My Emulator is Hercules update 15-04-2018 Use my file, I'm attaching it in .zip.... Note: I have disabled all the columns of types of monsters for the invasions, only the column of aqua is enabled, therefore, please try only to activating the invasion of monster type aqua. Until we can solve this problem.
  8. @AnnieRuru Would you be so kind, of help me to update this script please?
  9. You can try editing this file: skillinfolist.lub ( SkillName: " Name skill " )
  10. to edit the skill description you have to open this folder: data\luafiles514\lua files\skillinfoz\ and look for the file skilldescript.lub
  11. @dwlrma maybe you need to pather your exe again, NEMO LAST VERSION. (you can use these patches). I recommend that you delete all your tables and reinstall the DBs and download the last version of the emulator. Note: Do not edit the ports that come by default. Note: First check this forum, because with that date the clients use sclientinfo.xml
  12. Some weeks ago he changed the way to add maps in Hercules... You have to read the following forum HERE
  13. @Dastgir Thank you very much brother, the console error is no longer displayed. I can ask you another question, please, now apparently the script works, I can start an invasion, but I have a problem with the monsters. When the invasion begins the monsters appear, but they are instantly destroyed. I do not understand why, I'm stuck. - Could you please guide me? Maybe something I need to edit ... - Original Files: HERE
  14. for to the new revisions hercules almost does not modify the source, it only adds new lines that should not affect the implementations that you have been able to do, in this case you would have to back put your mods where they belong and if they worked previously it should follow working well.