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  1. uP!
  2. Hello I'm trying to edit a skill from herc's own src, because I want to make a skill that changes the place players. I succeeded more not total, I made the custom skill in src as codigo edited below plus it only takes the player to the position of the other player but does not make the change of positions. My code: if (( dstsd || dstmd ) && !(tstatus->mode&MD_PLANT) && battle->check_target(src,bl,BCT_ENEMY) > 0 ) { int x = src->x, y = src->y; if (unit->movepos(src, bl->x, bl->y, 0, 0)) { clif->skill_nodamage(src, src, skill_id, skill_lv, 1); clif->slide(src, bl->x, bl->y) ; clif->specialeffect(&sd->bl, 9, SELF); // Efeito após teletransportar sc_start(src, bl, SC_CONFUSION, 75, skill_lv, skill->get_time(skill_id, skill_lv)); } } Wanted to leave it in the same way as the video below, could someone give me a hint how to proceed with this? Here's how I wanted it to be: Thanks, and sorry for the spelling mistakes, because I'm using google translator.
  3. Design was actually really congratulations. It will be available? or sold?
  4. thank you.
  5. Someone would have mob_db the instance of faceworm? Sorry my english, I'm using google translator.
  6. Yes, and I couldn't find anywhere else thanks managed to solve, I did the mobs manually in the database. I appreciate.
  7. Hello I'm upgrading to the rathena and I need help for the love of God k, need help to convert the mob_db.conf to mob_db.txt or sql. download I thank you.