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  1. So you want 7 NPCs fighting another 7 in a guild castle? And this is automated every millisecond? I recommend @Dastgir he is talented script dev.
  2. Hi They are not.
  3. It is some sort of race condition that can't be fixed through just plugins I think (or something silly that I can't see yet), I'll debug it further in the next few weeks.
  4. Uhm, how did you reproduce? Logout is fine for me, no errors.
  5. There were some memory leaks that were untreated before, the recent PRs made it worse but its fixed now. As for the char server error, it's been fixed too. All in the latest commit.
  6. Probably in the clif_parse_UseSkill* functions in clif.c.
  7. Yes I've tried that and cannot reproduce it.
  8. I can't produce your first problem. Guide me through the steps of re-creating it (which i believe is just one - log out from bg). The second problem.... is script related, should be a very easy fix.
  9. Reason I ask is I've already made it, it's just lying around... but ok Hercules BG is at a good place right now, if anyone wants to add more things they're free to add a PR. I don't have the time to update it much lately.
  10. Fixes some compile errors and broken code from the recent PRs (ones I didn't check thoroughly before) 1) Check this again using the latest revision of the hBG repo. 2) This too. 3) If someone can look into the script for this... I don't have the time or patience. 4) Someone can probably push a pr for this too. On a side note, do you guys want the eAmod faction system as a plugin?
  11. Why is the priestess in your loading screen not wearing panties?
  12. Rebel skills are not yet implemented in Hercules.
  13. Very cool. Since the server side is open source, someone should initiate the same for the client side as well. But lets just be reminded again that the contents are proprietary, so anything done against could lead to a lawsuit... or something. But you have my upvote!
  14. @Daehyon Hello, You can visit my fork of Hercules and clone the repository, then use the git checkout achievement-system command to switch to the achievement-system branch. PS. Title system isn't added yet!
  15. Hi, Achievement.conf files are available in db/<pre-re or re>/ folders. Edit as you will. There's also an achievement.conf generator in the tools/ACHConfGen folder that will generate your configuration files if you have an achievement_list.lub file in the folder.