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  1. ^ very nice!
  2. wow, nice nice :3
  3. news?
  4. ^ Too True
  5. this is a Free or Paid project? o.o
  6. Working on a log damage, but a strange error when saving a data within the database. void log_damage_skills(int char_id, const char *char_name, int class, int char_lvl,int batk,int watk, int mob_id, const char *mob_name, int mob_lvl, int skill_id, int skill_lv, struct Damage damagd, int porcentual) { ShowDebug("Iniciando logsamage \n"); ShowDebug("(per = '%d') \n", porcentual); int finalper = porcentual; char *Final = "finalmente"; if (SQL_ERROR == SQL->Query(logs->mysql_handle, LOG_QUERY " INTO `control_skill_damage` ( `date`, `char_id`, `char_name`, `class`, `char_lvl`, `char_batk`, `char_watk`, `mob_id`, `mob_name`, `mob_lvl`, `skill_id`, `skill_lv`, `damage`, `porcentual`, `notas`) VALUES (NOW(), '%d', '%s', '%d', '%d', '%d', '%d', '%d', '%s', '%d', '%d', '%d', '%d', '%d', 'Finalmente')", char_id, char_name, class, char_lvl, batk, watk, mob_id, mob_name, mob_lvl, skill_id, skill_lv, damagd, porcentual) ) { Sql_ShowDebug(logs->mysql_handle); return; } } The problem is the value "porcentual" Always keep a value of 0. Just I do not understand why always returning the value. In fact, in the console it is that the value is 50, 400, etc ... But when saving, always keeps 0.
  7. @@Neo Would it be possible to add an option to keep the Battle Mode cheat then send a message? We explained my situation: 1.- I'm playing in Battle Mode, but then I get a message from another player and I want to answer. 2.- Press 'Enter' to deactivate the battle and write my message and pressed again 'Enter' to send it. 3.- But while writing a monster or a player begins to attack me and I want to use skills that I have for example QWER keys (such as LoL). 4.- But then the Battle Mode is still active and must finish sending double pressing 'Enter' to reactivate it. With these data, it is possible that the Battle Mode is reactivated immediately after sending a message?
  8. Isn't name good? So there's little chance of mistakes (ID typo, etc...) Good when you have a few items, but when you want to add many items and use an external page (as ITEM_NAME some are different. I had to spend a few hours reviewing and comparing the ITEM_NAME of ratemyserver with those of item_db.conf, the first time I did it I had at least 71 errors by different names. It would have been much easier to have the option of using names or ids.
  9. this no support Item id!?
  10. Yes and... NO Double Strafe no have Cooldown. the delay 0 is based in ASPD. Add cooldown no have effect in the Delay. the min delay by aspd is 100 milliseconds. this is... aspd: 197... i thing.
  11. Officially Double Strafe is based on ASPD. When the "AfterCastActDelay" is 0, it is based only ASPD. Except if they have a Cooldown or Delay. With the change you put, you have added a cooldown of 1 second and not reduced by ASPD.
  12. sorry, i don't have time for learn plugins now. but i will create later. i like soo much without plugin T-T!
  13. is possible used a callfunc from src? i need values! >.<
  14. same....
  15. thx very much!