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  1. I am with Klutz. The only one we use is db2sql, the official ones.
  2. Are there any server configurations that would prevent Arrow Shower from pushing traps? It's not working on my server, at all. Also, is it normal that traps will hurt the Hunter when he steps on his own traps? In my old eAthena server the traps would disappear but deal no damage, but they're hurting me on Hercules.
  3. My server has a few couple NPCs that do not open game windows when clicked. The best example of this is my Yggdrasil-giving NPC: payon.gat,153,225,5 script Yggdrasil Berry::berry 4_F_FAIRYKID2,{ if (checkweight(607,1) == 0 ) end; getitem 607,1; end; } It works fine. The problem is, when I click the NPC, the player character moves towards the NPC. Is there a way to make it so that the character will not move? Edit: Shop NPCs are showing the same behavior.
  4. This change is causing all kinds of trouble for people with servers set to higher max levels. That tool lets us fix the problem, but couldn't use just opt out of the new system instead?
  5. My server will run on PK mode enabled. I'd like to adjust damage using the damage_rate modifiers on map_zone_db, but I have a few questions. First, I'd like to know which skills exactly are considered Misc Damage. I googled around but, surprisingly, I couldn't find a list anywhere. Second, I'd like to know what exactly those modifiers change. I assume it's like this: weapon_damage_rate means all physical skills magic_damage_rate means all magical skills misc_damage_rate means all misc skills long_damage_rate means long range auto-attacks, such as Hunter and Gunslinger click auto-attacks short_damage_rate means short range auto-attacks, which every other class performs by click auto-attacking Is this correct? If not, please clarify. Third: Do those modifiers under the PK Mode map zone only apply to damage against players, or will they also apply against monsters? In my old eAthena server, those were configured in misc.conf, and only affected damage against players. I think there should be a help for the map_zone_db inside the doc folder. The file has a bunch of helpful examples but it can get confusing sometimes. Also, the Map Zone Database File linked on the official Map Zone post here in Hercules Forums is a dead link.
  6. My partners and I decided to go with Hercules after all, since we're running pre-renewal. Thanks for the input. This seems like a very common question for people though, might be good idea to keep a permanent topic listing the differences.
  7. I am the admin of a very old RO server, still running on eAthena. I want to port us from eAthena to a a modern emulation, but first I'd like to choose which one. I've found many old topics regarding Hercules x rAthena differences, but they all seem to be from about 3 years ago or so. I'd like to know the current differences between both.
  8. I wonder if it'll be controller-friendly. Considering it's WASD controls, it might be.
  9. I am using a custom palette pack from Kami-shi. It worked perfectly on my 2013-08 client. hasn't worked on any newer clients I attempted. *Edit* I attempted to re-diff the client, and no luck. Still 100% black login background. I tried making it just with the recommended settings, and still no luck. Using NEMO patcher.
  10. https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation Thanks. I've tried this, and it works. Mostly. Ran into a couple of problems using this new client: -When launching, it gives me 2 errors: PetInfo and ShadowTable.lub errors. Both say the table is nil. My best guess is that this is caused because I use custom lub files on my server's main grf, in particular jobname.lub, which might need to be updated. *Edit* I removed my custom lub files, and no error. I'll just re-apply the changes to a fresh copy of those files. -The login background is completely black. I also do not see loading screens. -Using my cloth dye palettes on Kagerou/Oboro causes palette errors.
  11. I see people saying their translations are working, but I can't find them anywhere. I need the client translations for 2014-02-05bRagexe.
  12. Those warnings need to go away, or at least they need to be silenced. There's no reason for the map-server to check labels across different files. Took me over 6 hours to repair everything related to the case-sensitive thing on my server.
  13. Since the change that made script commands case-sensitive, I've gotten literally hundreds of smal warnings on the console, from my custom scripts, because several of them had small "mistakes" such as: Next; GOTO Switch(Select()) and so on. Was this change REALLY necessary? And the worst part is when the console won't shut up about how to properly type labels. Those messages are littering my console: [Error]: script_add_str: detected possible use of wrong case in a script. Found 'L_nozeny', probably meant to be 'L_NoZeny' (in 'pathway.txt'). What's the point of this message? If I change it to the suggested model, sometimes it'll trigger other warnings on other scripts with similar labels, asking me to change them as well. Is it trying to force me into not using the same label on different scripts, even if it can't see labels on other scripts? Once again, what's the point of this change? Can we make the case-sentive thing optional? Having to go over 200+ custom scripts is a pain in the ass.
  14. I went back and tried to reapply this on a fresh reinstall, and I got an error saying that sc_start needed 6 parameters, but only 5 were given. I fixed it by changing... into....
  15. Currently, if you have 100% resistance to an element, you still take 1 damage from that attack(considering the attack was 100% elemental). I'd like to src edit the game so that 100% resist will make attacks miss completely. That's how it worked on my eAthena server in the past, and I'd like that behavior again. Is it possible?