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  1. at this part set #Mission_Points, #[email protected]; change it into delitem, [email protected];
  2. find this set #Mission_Points, #[email protected]_Points; and replace into getitem 7539,[email protected]_Points;
  3. not test, but try this prontera,147,162,5 script Point Merchant 47,{ // ===================== Settings =========================== set [email protected]$,"^0000FF[ Baldur ]^000000"; set .numitem,30001; // ================== End of Settings ======================= mes [email protected]$; mes "Hello ^FF0000["+strcharinfo(0)+"]^000000!"; mes "What do you want to do?"; next; switch(select("-Buy Skill Point:-Cancel")) { case 1: if (.numitem < 22) { mes "You don't have enough "+getitemname(.numitem)+""; end; } mes [email protected]$; mes "Okay input the Amount"; mes "of Points you want to buy!"; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "1 Point has a cost of 20 pcs "+getitemname(.numitem)+""; input [email protected]; delitem .numitem,[email protected]*20; set SkillPoint, SkillPoint + [email protected]; mes "There you are, enjoy your new points!"; close; } case 2: mes [email protected]$; mes "Come again..."; close; }
  4. Case close just revert the missing files using git revert. Thanks Ai4rei for the info.
  5. Yesterday my hercules server detected some files as a virus by avast antivitus. and i got problem when load all the server beause missing some file include runserver.bat. now i try to recompile the server again, but runserver.bat still not appear in my hercules server folder. So please help me to fix this, how to show it again.
  6. already try change the script. after i remove the quote when load the script got error. okay here the lastest script works for hercules
  7. @Dastgir, Sorry, getting error again,in game player could make the item without bring the item. and the required item not show in chat windows. on map server show this error.
  8. using @summon command. but this i'm creating for rathena. not test yet for hercules.
  9. @Dastgir Thank you very much, it's working now.
  10. ok, now got new error.
  11. sorry, i'm using the old one, but using the new script still got error
  12. not working, got error [Error]: script error in file 'npc/custom/zodiac.txt' line 18 column 4 script:add_word: invalid word. A word consists of undercores and/or alphanumeric characters, and valid variable prefixes/postfixes. 15: next; 16: mes "[Zodiac of the Month]"; 17: mes "Would you like to make the Zodiac "+(([email protected]==1)?"Diadem":"Crown")+" for the "+gettime(6)+"th Month of this year ?"; * 18: ((is_clientver(0,54))?"<ITEM>"+getitemname(.Zodiac[gettime(6)-1])+"<INFO>"+.Zodiac[gettime(6) -1]+"</INFO></ITEM>":"^FF0000"+getitemname (.Zodiac[gettime(6)-1])+"^000000"); ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^ 19: next; 20: if(select("Yes:No") == 2) close; 21: switch(gettime(6)){ and so much error after edit that part.
  13. Need new option in NEMO, load custom OngoingQuestInfoList_Sakray.lub because when update my KRO client, it's became KRO test again.
  14. @4144 so doesn't need to pick option disable packet encyption again in new client KRO
  15. are you using packet obfuscation? because i didn't see disable packet encryption in your nemo log. here mine if you want to try