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  1. maybe something wrong with clientinfo.xml in your client side. wrong Ip maybe?
  2. Sorry, for inet i never tried. i'm only tried with lan
  3. Sorry, i want ask you, is this server you play with LAN connection or just for your PC/ i mean Offline server.
  4. check all your script, if there have disable that script, because that's the problem.
  5. what you're put in network.config
  6. Just edit at lan_subnets, put your subnet network into lan_subnets
  7. Hi @botka4aet You need edit file network.conf too. at conf folder.
  8. try look at here conf\char\char-server.conf deletion: { // Restrict character deletion by BaseLevel // 0: no restriction (players can delete characters of any level) // -X: you can't delete chars with BaseLevel <= X // Y: you can't delete chars with BaseLevel >= Y // e.g. char_del_level: 80 (players can't delete characters with 80+ BaseLevel) level: 0 // Amount of time in seconds by which the character deletion is delayed. // Default: 86400 (24 hours) // NOTE: Requires client 2010-08-03aragexeRE or newer. delay: 86400 // Block deletion if character is inside a guild or a party? (BOOL) // default: false official: true // !!This check is imposed by Aegis to avoid dead entries in databases and _is_not_needed_ as we clear data properly!! use_aegis_delete: false }
  9. I'm not dev team, i'm just member in this forum. so what's the problem ?
  10. you must restart the server
  11. Change it into 300, my Fb already not active since i'm not using any mobile phone.
  12. The problem appear when enable hourly reward script. so disable that script from the server.
  13. What's the problem? timer or what? default timer to delete character is 86400 (24hour) on char-server.conf change it into what you want.
  14. i'm already tried with rathena emulator, your script work well
  15. already tried with rathena emulator and it's working