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  1. found it from rathena community, if some on want it, here i share it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4jiM8bQKnrgWGRPVDdybzJJam8/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hi, i'm looking for client 2016-12-07eRagexeRE already tried search to this forum, but not found it. Please share it to me if you have it. Thanks
  3. Hi, are still have client 2016-12-07, i wan't try 3ceam with that client.

    thanks before

    1. Rytech


      That one isn't supported. But the 2016-12-28 is supported which you can find in the downloads on these forums.

    2. hendra814


      but on 3ceam r814 on this link https://sourceforge.net/projects/v1-3ceam/

      there have this packet

  4. How to check for all map? what i should change or remove.
  5. Try this link https://github.com/zackdreaver/RO-Clientresources/tree/master/data
  6. By the way, i want asking. Hercules project same as KRO or IRO?
  7. Thanks @@Litro
  8. May i have complete guide from create and server, create and setting client, and last setting clientinfo.xml using 2014 client. Because at hercules i didn't find packet_db anymore. So what i suppose to fill into Version at clientinfo.xml with lastest repo hercules. Thanks for reply
  9. My client read data folder first. and at my data folder already lastest mapnametable.txt
  10. map location unknown, i'm already using lastest file. client 2013-08-07 ss at char selection ss at game
  11. sorry, but i'm not use custom GRF, only use KRO GRF I'm using client read data folder first. and already cek for some items, it's already in collection folder. here the ss
  12. using lastest rev, if i got problem like this what is the solution to fix this?
  13. have you check "MsgString" folder? there is "[2013-08-07Ragexe]msgstringtable.txt" Thanks,already got small after using the new repo.
  14. Need Help for inventory windows, it's kinda to large see atachment below Using lastest repo, for client 2013-08-07 How to make become smallest. thanks