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  1. It uses super1-5.bmp, but what is the name of the str file?
  2. Is this currently counting all player kills and not only the ones that happen in woe? Not sure if this is meant to be a woe ranking or more of a general guild ranking, in which case you could have stuff like mvps killed by guild affect ranking too (suggestion)?
  3. Would it be possible to add features like remove client item and equip switch delay or freewalk as options? removing clientside equip switch delay / item delay brings low and high ping players closer together. would be nice to have them directly on the client for players without the need for 3pp.
  4. I got it figured out myself, thought I'd answer myself too in case someone else want to fix this since it happens with a normal sized guild aura as well. Skill initialisation is done in skill.c. Only this small change was needed. if( !group->state.song_dance && !group->state.guildaura && !map->getcell(src->m,ux,uy,CELL_CHKREACH) ) continue; // don't place skill units on walls (except for songs/dances/encores/guildauras)
  5. I was planning on making the guild auras a bit more useful by making the aoe 11x11. I ran into some problems, screenshot would make it easier to explain but I'll try without for now. When you run into a portal / relog in a corner the guild aura is not initialized on unwalkable cells. Like clowns songs vs landprotector when cast in corner. So when entering a portal inside a castle it will not be initialized for the whole 11x11 area. How do I change that to function similiar to clown songs and get initialized for the whole area even if there is something blocking the way? I was expecting skill_unit_db to be the answer but the following doesnt seem to work. Its set to 0x040. 0x010(UF_PATHCHECK) Only cells with a shootable path will be placed It's not placing the effect on unshootable cells even though this is not set so I guess I'll have to change something in source.
  6. Thanks for the answer, however the cursor only changes on traps inside castle maps. It stays normal even on battleground maps so I believe theres a better way to fix this, something to do with mapflags quite possibly? For freewalk I don't think that will really work as it need to be handled like a normal trap so remove trap, spring trap and the trap effect itself will work. I tried changing around firepillars and anklesnares unit_ids and well, it stops working completely. (though you can move freely onto it ;D) So whether movement to same cell as a unit is blocked or not is completely client side? That sounds sad, I guess this would need a client edit if thats the case? Other option to how I'd like it to work is that the character would try to walk to melee range of the trap (try to melee attack) upon clicking it, at the moment its very hard for players to move inside a castle filled with traps as they cannot click on any cell with traps to attempt to move. Happy holidays to you too
  7. Pointing me to the right direction would already help a lot. Explaining what needs to be changed would be even better. I would like it to be possible to freely move onto hunter traps, the trap should trigger normally (like how you can move into a firepillar) and that it would not show the sword cursor when you target a trap on woe maps. We're running a pretrans server and this is a rather big problem currently as traps are used a lot. Especially many traps in a line blocks even trying to move onto the traps unless people zoom in and click somewhere between the traps.
  8. setnpcdisplay(instance_npcname("Hole"),"Rabbit",1063); solved, asking for help too fast lol.
  9. How to use in an instanced map? [email protected],30,30,1 script Hole 723,{npctalk "POW!"setnpcdisplay("Hole","Rabbit",1063);npctalk "Gimme a carrot!"} When the NPC is used in instance [email protected] it's changing the npc in the wrong, non instanced map.
  10. Sooo there already is an option to switch it back easily Thanks!
  11. New pneuma is so ugly my eyes are bleeding D: Pre-renewal servers would love this.
  12. I wasnt able to find a way. And when instance timer runs out the map should at least get deleted but it doesnt. and seems like src4instance wasn't the answer afterall. I was able to make it create a map "000#izlude" that worked (without optional parameters), I believe I was just using just the wiki example plus src4instance mapflag (and izlude as map) but I am not able to do that again. If someone can do that please show me how. Personally I think if its required to find a distinct var for each instance I'll rather just create the instance maps client side. Edited out some stuff, misunderstanding on my part.
  13. Yes, there. src4instance mapflag is the answer to the problem with non @ maps. Thank you. Problem with the attachmap additional parameter was that they don't get erased when instance is destroyed and reusing causes the error. (so the map names would eventually get enormous unless server is reset)
  14. I've read that. I just pointed out that its not possible to have more than one instance of a non @ map without a workaround like jaBote mentioned and even then it piles up a lot of errors.
  15. I'd still suggest taking an another look at instancing to actually enable support for non @ maps without workarounds like that And after short testing it seems like the map name variables dont get reset until server reboot so the errors would pile up a lot.