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  1. First and most of all, this community is simply amazing, and the emulator is simply the best because of its exclusive features.
  2. Yes, I'm sure. Alright got response from Judas and Daifuku. Thanks.
  3. Hello there, I'm offering a simple job here, setup a ragnarok server, thor patcher and fluxcp. Requisites: + Install MySQL, Setup emulator and do basic security steps on VPS server. + Install FluxCP, Setup thor patcher on WebHosting. + Fast work, 2 days maximum (enough to finish it all). + Payment only after the job is finished (since the last 2 guys did not finish and just ended up getting the files). If you're interested please let your comment and contact info bellow. Kind Regards.
  4. You've helped many of us, including me. I understand we all have personal issues, family matters to solve and etc, but I believe that once you've taken a job, you should finish it. I myself gave you all my server files, including purchased website and patcher, and you simply say you can't do it anymore? I hope everything is alright, and I hope you can find some time so you can finish what you've started. Kind Regards.
  5. Thanks for the help. That solved the problem, but I also figured out a way to download VisualStudio 2013 and use it to compile my old emulator, it worked normally on W10.
  6. I appreciate the help, but I actually did not want to update any of my old server (2014 data client), my emulator is only til Hercules-12.sln, which means I can only compile using Visual Studio 2013 version, which I cannot find anymore and I think it's not even compatible with Windows 10. That's why I am using the latest emulator now, compiled with Visual Studio 2017. I don't know why the latest hercules emulator does not support 20140205 packet version. I could not even find the packet keys on packets.h, I believe everything's changed...
  7. @update Tried using a new client (2014) with a PACKETVER 20140305, but still getting the same error of "unsupported packet". And yes I edited mmo.h and recompiled. Then I searched here on hercules forum about this error and found this from you: "in conf/map/battle/client.conf change packet_obfuscation to 0." it worked only with the new packetver 20140305, did not work for my 20140205 ...I believe it is because I have enabled packet encryption for my 20140205 hexed, so I tried to edit the src/map/packets.h but I've realized the latest hercules emulator does not have 20140205 packet version anymore...T_T
  8. Hello, It has been a long time I since I had my last server, and recently I would like to set up an offline server. Short story, I followed AnnieRuru tutorial. I am being able to login with an account but not allowed to created characters, and I am also getting some errors. Please check the attached photos. Thanks in advance.
  9. "Currently Available". Tried to contact him, at first he replied but then he simply disappeared.
  10. Hi, I know there`s a way to let all the accounts blocked (state = 5 on table login). State = 0 means that the account is ok to login, state = 5 means blocked permanently. How can I set all the accounts to state = 5? Could anyone do a sript sql so I can load on my database? or a npc would be fine also. I believe it`s more using doing it on SSH...I have MySQL version 5.6. Regards。 Solved by @@Dastgir UPDATE `login` SET `state` =5 WHERE account_id>1;
  11. @@mrlongshen Read all the comments in this topic that you`ll find an answer. There`s always a chance that you`ll get hacked. There`s no 100% safe when we talk about internet. If you`re using internet you`re not safe. If you do the installations by your own always remember to get the lastest versions of MySQL, php and phpmyadmin and never forget to SECURE them. And never use root access. Remove root user/change the name.
  12. @@mrlongshen These people must have a horrible life. I believe they have nothing better to do. It`s a shame. Try using symbols like $%{* and big and small letters and also numbers, for example D#w01^Csx*([email protected]{am
  13. Anyone would do it please?