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  1. i think is not right sprite weapon for assassin
  2. //== Set Winning Party Rewards ==// set [email protected]_winitem_qnty,1; // Important, set to how many reward items you set below for the winning party setarray [email protected]_itemid[0],501; // Set the item id of the reward item setarray [email protected]_itemname$[0],"Red Potion"; // Set the name of the reward item setarray [email protected]_itemnum[0],1; // Set the quantity of the reward charcommand ""[email protected]$+"item "[email protected]_name1$[[email protected]]+" "[email protected]_itemid[[email protected]]+" "[email protected]_itemnum[[email protected]]+""; try to check if there is error in this line
  3. can some write simple PVP announcer in event and PVP ranker with weekly reward and aura for top 10 player with title and additional bonus thanks
  4. thanks for this
  5. makikita mo naman pinagkaiba kapag umattack ka ng walang aura blade at kapag umattack ka ng may aura blade
  6. gumagana yan sir
  7. Hourly Event Reward - no AFK - No Vending or Public Chat - No same IP's - Reset after 5hrs Reward: Send through Mail Different item per hour like this 1 HE Battle Manual & HE Bubble Gum Box 2 Token Of Siegfried Box 3 Insurance Package 4 refine deed armor +9 5 OBB or OPB thanks
  8. bump for this
  9. I search about RO2 project and i found one, last commit 5days ago. https://github.com/Flauschbaellchen/gaming-base-ro2 https://github.com/Flauschbaellchen/gaming-base-core https://github.com/Flauschbaellchen/gaming-base-forum try to look at the link
  10. can i ask what is client supported for custom job? cause im using 2013-08-07Ragexe always pop up this error ReqPCPath attempt to call a nil value
  11. Maybe you need this
  12. damn that kind of people after you gave all your trust they will betrayed you!! my god for just 10$ he going to scam? hahaha. for now on that is the last server i work without down payment
  13. have you tried custom skills like armor smith? try this
  14. dont accept any paid service in this people he is scammer!!
  15. put getitem at script if i not mistaken