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  1. control panel

    Good Job! This gonna be paid or it'll be free? Drop me a PM if this project is finished.
  2. Ei, do you have still the script of this?


  3. This is really simple, how do you managed to open a server if u don't know a simple basic scripting? Geez. Server nowadays are just like spoon feeding Learned to debug instead of spoon feeding. if you don't know those basic then STOP making a server.
  4. monster("prontera", 150, 150, "Bat", 1005, 1, ""); e.g monster("prontera", 150, 150, "Boring", 1002, 100, ""); // 100 Porings By adding more.
  5. HOLY. i'm afraid this kind of project will be dead same as Shinryo Client. https://rathena.org/board/topic/57955-custom-ragnarok-online-client/
  6. The best comment ever! I hate when people asking for FEE even if a simple guide or requests.
  7. Wow, seems interesting. i would like to ask a question can this be possible to RUN as Windows also?
  8. The X is for enemy in the battleground.
  9. Rediff again your .exe make sure u uncheck [ ] Disable ba_frostjoke.txt
  10. This is from Functor.
  11. I will try this, Lastly can i have also with 2015-09-16aRagexe? Thank you NEO i appreciate your help.
  12. @Neo i'll try this are 11-04a are just same with 10-29a? and Thank you
  13. Thank you ❤️