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  1. So real that for one second I thought the load bar moved.
  2. Enable Custom 3D Bones
  3. That kind of customization, as long as I remember, works in 2014-2017 if you diff your client with the option.
  4. A skill that invokes the single version or the double version of the Rashomon Shield. Works exactly like icewall, except that there is just one point to hit and kill to disable the way blocking. Beside our differences, some customization like that could not be done without the amazing content that @Olrox provided for custom area. So, big part of the credit is his.
  5. You might have some big value for MAPID_SHINOBI I just realize now that I end in Hercules. This problem is in my Rathena emulator. I don't want a complete class, I just need the job to use as costumes with sc_start ou changebase. There are something that I can do? Since it's just for costume I can skip that step? Where I can find the luafiles? PCID.lua??. @edit again : forget, I found.. @edit again : forget, didn't work. hexed info : Hexed 2014-10-22b
  6. 1<<31 (i.e 2147483648, which is limit of int, in which we store the jobmask) 1<<32 and 1<<33 are greater than 2.147 bil, thus it gets too big to be used, For allowing more id, change the variable datatype: as Neo Said About Case 17: maybe MAPID_AKATSUKI and MAPID_ANBU have values 17, that's why, change to 18/19 Same problem, different reason :
  7. The Golden World Of Naruto is project that was created to explore the ragnarok universe in a creative way. It already have a certain age but, even with dedication, it's hard to learn every type of customization that can be made, study the errors and aplicate it in ragnarok without spending a lot of time. So i'm here to invite anyone interested to join the project. We also intend make the server bilingual (PT and ENG/ May spanish after) using differents langtypes. If you want to know more about the project, you can do that by entering the facebook's page. Somethings that are going to be used in the game are posted in there. There's no preference about knowledge, everything that can make the custom more like the anime Naruto is welcome (Scripters, Mappers, Spriters...). Even though is written about "Unpaid" services we also can share the game profit depending on the job realized.*Payments CAN NOT be reversed at bonus inside the game. Contact :
  8. Sorry for desapearing. I souve the problem and forgotten that I had created a topic here. At first I apologyze for my bad english, verb is a problem. I'm not sure about what was the problem, but if anyone have any similar problem I think it was related about atach or detach the model.I'm not sure, but as long as I remember there was everything alright with the textures. My suggest, and something that usually help me, is attach all the materials into one . If after solved the topics are closed than it can be done know. I appreciate if you don't asnwer my topics if you have nothing to increase. Isn't my fault if you do not follow who buy and resell your maps, like I already send to you, I bought when I didn't know who created the map. I offered you a payment if I use them and you said you didn't want anything from me and stop answering. So my mind is clean. I suggest you to, in the part of the texture that are not used, write a number and create a txt file that you write who bough the file with that texture's number. So if someone start to sell them at least you know who are.
  9. It's not 100% finished. I intend to add more moves like attacking.
  10. The problem is that my knowleges about source are almost zero and I don't want to complicate my SQL :/. What I want is an NPC putting the character inside the guild without asking the guild leader or anyone.
  11. I already saw this. Isn't what i'm trying to found.
  12. I'm not good at source. Do you know if there is something like that already done? Doesn't matter the way the NPC will give the guild, but i'm trying to found the more simple possible.
  13. I need an NPC that put you inside a guild. :/ I already try to make an NPC using SQL but it's not working.
  14. bonus_script isn't working. This command is different in hercules?
  15. Encrypt the client, it's not reading the encrypted .grf