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  1. This is for anyone who might have a question regarding my services. I'm currently homeless, it's been like that for about a month now. Not sure which client I was supposed to script for but if you see this I'll be back soon... Dealing with dumb life x.x
  2. utility

    New version has been uploaded! It comes with @viewdrops - outputs information to the map-server of the specified mobs with extra drops and drop rate information @extradrops - allows you to edit the certain monsters. @onoffdrops - ON/OFF feature for enabling the system.
  3. utility

    Will be working on this soon sorry for waiting a year xD!
  4. I be around
  5. Wow came back when get/setunitdata is available? I wonder can we now directly modify mob HP at will?
  6. Hello everyone. I've returned and I'll be getting back into RO. I don't want to talk about why I left but I'm here and sorry for the random disappearance. Nice to see the new design on Hercules, finally the new ipb!
  7. In FluxCP I'm pretty sure you can choose whether to manually validate registered accounts.
  8. Usually eA scripts work for Hercules/rAthena unless it's an instance script since the commands are a bit different. Could you please post a snippet of what's happening in the map server console so we I can further assist You? Not at home otherwise I'd test it out
  9. Are you sure you're installing the map files right?
  10. sleep function?
  11. utility

    Here's the new version, I'll update the post to have 1.1 as the default version later. For now link only: - link removed - Fixing it currently xD but wait until 1.1 is released! YOU WILL EXPECT GREATNESS!!! Basically I redesigned the script. @extradrops - To edit the setup! So you could essentially disable Cash points for each mob, one/any specified mob now! @onoffdrops - Toggle ON / OFF the system for players. Usually you would want to disable the system to make changes with @extradrops. Once you feel satisfied with your changes, @onoffdrops will turn your Extra Drops back on!
  12. utility

    What exactly do you mean? Like make cash amount drop for all monsters instead of individual cash configurations per Mon? (How it works atm)
  13. Hercules cannot run with root (the user of the SSH/OS whatever) you must make a new user and config the details to prompt that user who is not root to execute the login/char/map. If you run root Hercules will automatically close (Used to not do this, but I guess was added so people make sure to keep some security?) This might be of some help. Did for me. Hope I helped!
  14. dude I WANT THAT HP BAR HOLY SH!!!