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  1. I dont know if the functor I add years ago was you anyway im interested of purchasing gepard shield pls add me..or probably check  we are already friends skype name is natassia.martinez

  2. @4144 I fixed patch "CancelToLoginWindow". It works for 2017-12-13bRagexeRE+. You can add it to the fork. Thanks.!QZthGIIA!GUj1HqgiinE3sMkRL7mGhC-RuMt4B3q6PPtrE5S0LJI
  3. @4144 Script for patch "Enable Multiple GRFs - Embedded" has bug. Script tries to find code in "Step 2b" by using first pattern without limit. As a result - patch at wrong place. Game doesn't start. I added limit. You can add fix to the fork. Thanks.!NUsTyLJD!YGk8Q_reiLChu5CNUJwwGAZyZgU4hbNuh25E94gkU0E
  4. @4144 Script for patches Extend Chat Box, Extend Chat Room Box, ExtendPMBox has bug. It causes random crashes after map loading for new EXEs. I fixed it. You can add it to your fork of NEMO.!cctGiToD!pxeNHeixkLqhTbPE61Dh-YC_MEouetCOerUBHvy0lgQ
  5. For 2015-09-16aRagexe you have to use: <ITEM> and </ITEM> instead of: <ITEMLINK> and </ITEMLINK>
  6. It is a patch of EXE. You can apply it by using NEMO patcher.
  7. Hello! You should try applying patch "Enable Proxy Support". In this case EXE will use IP from "clientinfo.xml" for all servers(login, char, map).
  8. "data\ItemMoveInfoV5.txt" is missing.
  9. offset 3DCD80 change 56 to C3
  10. offset 3E4E17 change A3 D8 8A C9 00 to 90 90 90 90 90
  11. Crash happened in the function of processing packet with id 0x9A. It is packet for broadcast message(ZC_BROADCAST). So, you should log all broadcasts and find the one which causes crash of game.
  12. Also we can see this bug, when someone enters to the party. It is caused by sending of 0x1E9 packet, which adds one specific party member to the list on the client side. To fix bug of this plugin, we can disable sending of this packet. Because in any case server always sends full list of party members in 0xFB packet. before: HPExport void plugin_init (void) { add: void clif_party_member_info_overload(struct party_data* p, struct map_session_data* sd) { return; } after: HPExport void plugin_init (void) { add: clif->party_member_info = &clif_party_member_info_overload;