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  1. @4144 Yes, let it be. You should add info to the description, that it helps in the case using act files with the big amount of frames. Thanks ;-) New EXE versions don't use delay values from "act" file. They take/generate it by using another method. I didn't have time to analyze it more attentively. My patch forces EXE to use delay from "act" file, like it was with older EXE versions.
  2. I understand that not all EXE versions need this patch. But it doesn't change the fact, that patch is useless for admins which don't use "act" files with 30 frames for animation.
  3. I think that this patch isn't useful enough for other admins to add it to NEMO. Because it fixes the problem in case "abnormal" amount of frames only. Default "act" files work fine even without this patch, don't they? ;-) If you want to apply this patch, you should search bytes by using any HEX editor: F3 0F 10 45 08 0F 57 C9 0F 2F C8 F3 0F 11 45 08 72 18 57 and change 72 18 to 90 90 The result should be like this: F3 0F 10 45 08 0F 57 C9 0F 2F C8 F3 0F 11 45 08 90 90 57
  4. @M45T3R I fixed unpatched EXE. So, you have to apply patches and test it.!YI1zEQCL!oLaji6Toi541B2gi5VwRyFG3uN7Co-JZWP0T4Zi6Ilo
  5. There is no sense to open "imf" file with "Notepad". Because it is binary data. I modified it manually by using Hex editor. Yes. But it is better to create tool for automation. I don't have spare time to check it in debugger right now. I will inform you once I have info about it. You should upload your EXE to the file hosting and post a link.
  6. I modified "imf" file for Ranger and added it to GRF. 30 frames of hairstyle work now. You can check it. Use female Ranger and @hairstyle 2!gY1VzQpb!cFnkDdulSGUt9mvJ-Dw61m8vHeSSat5xUpPyjr01vqM ------------- P.S. It is a bad idea to use 30 frames for body and 8 for head. The position of the head is different according to the frame number. If you use a different amount of frames for body and head - you will get "random" position of head relative to the body. It will be out of sync: Head frames: [00][01][02][03][04][05][06][07][00][01][02][03][04][05][06][07].... Body frames: [00][01][02][03][04][05][06][07][08][09][10][11][12][13][14][15]....
  7. @M45T3R The archive is damaged.
  8. I dont know if the functor I add years ago was you anyway im interested of purchasing gepard shield pls add me..or probably check  we are already friends skype name is natassia.martinez

  9. @4144 I fixed patch "CancelToLoginWindow". It works for 2017-12-13bRagexeRE+. You can add it to the fork. Thanks.!QZthGIIA!GUj1HqgiinE3sMkRL7mGhC-RuMt4B3q6PPtrE5S0LJI
  10. @4144 Script for patch "Enable Multiple GRFs - Embedded" has bug. Script tries to find code in "Step 2b" by using first pattern without limit. As a result - patch at wrong place. Game doesn't start. I added limit. You can add fix to the fork. Thanks.!NUsTyLJD!YGk8Q_reiLChu5CNUJwwGAZyZgU4hbNuh25E94gkU0E
  11. @4144 Script for patches Extend Chat Box, Extend Chat Room Box, ExtendPMBox has bug. It causes random crashes after map loading for new EXEs. I fixed it. You can add it to your fork of NEMO.!cctGiToD!pxeNHeixkLqhTbPE61Dh-YC_MEouetCOerUBHvy0lgQ
  12. For 2015-09-16aRagexe you have to use: <ITEM> and </ITEM> instead of: <ITEMLINK> and </ITEMLINK>
  13. It is a patch of EXE. You can apply it by using NEMO patcher.
  14. Hello! You should try applying patch "Enable Proxy Support". In this case EXE will use IP from "clientinfo.xml" for all servers(login, char, map).
  15. "data\ItemMoveInfoV5.txt" is missing.