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  1. @Tio Akima, the Hercules already ported some configurations into libconfig which made you were surprised by the changes of inter-server.conf structure. You can see the the general changes history of conf folder here and the specific one that surprised you here and here.
  2. What kind messages did you saw when the server disconnected? Did you able to access your VPS through ssh? I guess at least your VPS should be able to provides the logs through the control panel.
  3. You have missing packages there. Which distro did you used?
  4. Oh my, no wonder. That's okay. I'm glad to see you still around on RO emulator development. Most of people I knew back then already gone into their own life. Anyway, let's embrace the future and move forward together.
  5. True indeed. Do you remember me AnnieRuru?
  6. It really brings back all those old memories when looking at those names especially when eAthena was at peak. Hey, don't forget to include shazeya as well since he was one of developer that popularized the eAthena livecd back then and if I'm not mistaken he was former Global Moderator at eAthena too. Anyway, I just recently coming back at which I thought eAthena was already dead. , hopefully this project will continue this legacy for long time. Well done guys!