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  1. bump~ is this not possible? like 3ceam?
  2. Hi all i hope someone can help.. How can i change the fixed casting time to only work for third class skills only? OR how can i make transcendent jobs with 150 dex to have instant casting skills while 3rd classes needs 175 dex to make Trans Skills instant cast? Only trans job skills can have instant casting. 150 dex = Instant cast All non 3rd class skills ( trans class ) 175 dex = Instant cast All non 3rd class skills ( 3rd class ) w/o dissabling renewal cast TIA!!
  3. bump!! please help how to fix the elemental shield error
  4. bump~
  5. im using latest hercules.. why does elemental shield dont work? its working before i updated my hercules.. a warning appears on my mapserver. and also why is it i cant use full chemical protection? its always skill failed even though i have the required item glistening coat..
  6. that solved it thanks dude!
  7. well i think mine is updated..
  8. thanks it worked but how to remove this unknown symbols next to guildname?
  9. why is my character and guild name font's like this? and the guild name doesn't show at my character? guildname Glorious, but the one in my character is GuildMaster. And its on top of character name. Help please thanks! im using 20120716ragexe client and latest hercules version.