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  1. (willing to pay) Hello guys , this is a bit complicated but I hope someone can make this *im using rathena btw I need a script for a npc that will warp certain user who set/know the password for the npc (like a housing system) > Owner player (vip) talk to a npc (and I need like 10 duplicate npc with different warp) > NPC check if the location is empty, user can set password and use the warp until his vip is end (im using rathena vip system, vip_status) > Other player (friend) can come to his house using a password that he already set > When his vip time is ended , npc remove the warper for user so other user can use the warp Similiar to housing system but using vip_status instead with some edits Thanks guys
  2. Our website: Opening 1 September 2017 !
  3. Fixed thanks Dastgir
  4. Hello guys I have a problem with my flux cp , I have a landing page and a custom flux cp that I paid , at first it was normal , before I have the landing page. and then after I install my landing page , my flux cp is become slower, yes my landing page included registration and server status check + online peak , and now everytime I turn on server , landing page will respone quick but my flux cp will take 10 mins even updating online players. Can someone help me ? I tried to remove my landing page and still the same , re install flux cp its done also still the same, please help
  5. Hey are you busy atm ? I tried to added u on discord

  6. hi im interested to order design how to contact you ? EDIT REVIEW: she's fast.............................. 9/10
  7. I added your on discord for service , beastonetv
  8. Thanks !
  9. hi guys it's been a long time since I visit hercules , it's good to be back to hercules :3 How's hercules doing ? They have new system job called summonner ? is it true ?
  10. Thank you , is the dev still working on it ? If yes I might try it.
  11. Hello guys I was wondering how did u do this ? Doing the .APK file for android. Because there's some RO using this feature already , I don't know how to find it. I was wondering if any of you know about this ? Thank you Sorry if I posted on the wrong section. @@Dastgir
  12. This is awesome
  13. I opened another topic before but seem the owner of the script is busy didnt update the script so I was hoping anyone can fix it ? /* By Dastgir/HerculesChangelog:v1.0 - Initial Conversionv1.1 - Dead Person cannot @afk.v1.2 - Added afk_timeout option(Battle_Config too...) Yippy...v1.3 - Added noafk mapflag :Dv1.4 - Compatible with new Hercules.Battle Config Adjustment:You can add "afk_timeout: seconds" in any of the files in conf/battle/ to make it work(so you don't have to recompile everytime you want to change timeout seconds)MapFlags:Add mapflag just like you add other mapflags,e.g:prontera mapflag noafk^ Add Above to any script, and it will make prontera to be noafk zone.*/#include "common/hercules.h"#include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <string.h>#include "common/HPMi.h"#include "common/memmgr.h"#include "common/mmo.h"#include "common/socket.h"#include "common/strlib.h"#include "common/timer.h"#include "common/mapindex.h"#include "map/battle.h"#include "map/clif.h"#include "map/script.h"#include "map/skill.h"#include "map/pc.h"#include "map/map.h"#include "map/status.h"#include "map/channel.h"#include "common/HPMDataCheck.h"HPExport struct hplugin_info pinfo ={ "@afk", // Plugin name SERVER_TYPE_MAP,// Which server types this plugin works with? "1.4", // Plugin version HPM_VERSION, // HPM Version (don't change, macro is automatically updated)};int afk_timeout = 0;struct plugin_mapflag { unsigned noafk : 1;};ACMD(afk){ /* MapFlag Restriction */ struct plugin_mapflag *mf_data = getFromMAPD(&map->list[sd->bl.m], 0); if (mf_data && mf_data->noafk) { clif->message(fd, "@afk is forbidden in this map."); return true; } if( pc_isdead(sd) ) { clif->message(fd, "Cannot use @afk While dead."); return true; } if(DIFF_TICK(timer->gettick(),sd->canlog_tick) < battle->bc->prevent_logout) { clif->message(fd, "Failed to use @afk, please try again later."); return true; } sd->state.autotrade = 1; sd->state.monster_ignore = 1; pc_setsit(sd); skill->sit(sd,1); clif->sitting(&sd->bl); clif->changelook(&sd->bl,LOOK_HEAD_TOP,471); clif->specialeffect(&sd->bl, 234,AREA); if( afk_timeout ) { status->change_start(NULL, &sd->bl, SC_AUTOTRADE, 10000, 0, 0, 0, 0, afk_timeout*1000,0); } channel->quit(sd); //Quit from Channels. clif->authfail_fd(fd, 15); return true;}void afk_timeout_adjust(const char *val) { //In Seconds int value = config_switch(val); if (value < 0){ ShowDebug("Received Invalid Setting for afk_timeout(%d), defaulting to 0n",value); return; } afk_timeout = value; return; }void parse_noafk_mapflag(const char *name, char *w3, char *w4, const char* start, const char* buffer, const char* filepath, int *retval){ int16 m = map->mapname2mapid(name); if (!strcmpi(w3,"noafk")){ struct plugin_mapflag *mf_data; if ( !( mf_data = getFromMAPD(&map->list[m], 0) ) ) { CREATE(mf_data,struct plugin_mapflag,1); mf_data->noafk = 1; addToMAPD(&map->list[m], mf_data, 0, true); } mf_data->noafk = 1; hookStop(); } return;}/* Server Startup */HPExport void plugin_init (void){ addAtcommand("afk",afk); addHookPre("npc->parse_unknown_mapflag",parse_noafk_mapflag);}HPExport void server_preinit (void) { addBattleConf("afk_timeout",afk_timeout_adjust);}HPExport void server_online (void) { ShowInfo ("'%s' Plugin by Dastgir/Hercules. Version '%s'n",,pinfo.version);} AFK.c plugins Since the new update: What should I add ? return ? Should it be like this ? HPExport void server_preinit (void) { addBattleConf("afk_timeout",afk_timeout_adjust); return; // or return true;} The error showing: afk.c: In function 'server_preinit':afk.c:125:48: error: macro "addBattleConf" requires 3 arguments, but only 2 given addBattleConf("afk_timeout",afk_timeout_adjust); ^afk.c:125:2: error: 'addBattleConf' undeclared (first use in this function) addBattleConf("afk_timeout",afk_timeout_adjust); ^afk.c:125:2: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in Thank you