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  1. =General *This update focuses heavly on fixing all the common status's that -were introduced during renewal and is a follow up for r742 and r759 -that is long overdue. Resistance for success and duration are now -official and items/equips should work better with them. - -Below is the changes, along with what to expect with this update. -Of corse a few other things were done in this update as well. *Changed the name of a few status's to be easier to refer to. -whiteimprison -> imprison / freezing -> frost. -Note: The confusion between freeze and freezing was annoying. -So its best to refer to freezing as frost. *Fixed a possible issue that allowed players to attack while on -a rental mount. *Did some code cleanup and optomize for the initChangeTables -entrys for some status's. *Corrected the immunity for pre-re common status's. -Its been proven that the 97 stat immunity isn't real. -Honestly, im supprised people thought it was a thing. -The real immunity is with 100 of a certain stat. -97 is high enough to bring success chances so low, the chance -of getting affected by that certain status for some skills is -near impossible. =Database *Updated the const file with needed Effect and SC's. -Should allow items and NPC's to better refer to the commons. *Updated the exp requirements for levels 100 to 150 for mutated -homunculus to be more well balanced. This is due to the big -2017 homunculus update on official which they switched back to -the old exp table and extended it to level 175. *Updated the mob_skill_db's with info on the new status's conditions. =Skills *RK_WINDCUTTER *RK_DRAGONBREATH *WL_COMET *RA_FIRINGTRAP *RA_ICEBOUNDTRAP *NC_COLDSLOWER -The duration for the status these skills give are updated to the -REAL official durations. Damn that 2011 iRO document was wrong again. *RK_GIANTGROWTH -Weapon break chance now only happens when the 2x/3x damage burst -happens. *RK_FIGHTINGSPIRIT -Updated the ATK increase formula. Officially its now 70 + 7 * Party Members. *WL_WHITEIMPRISON -Skill now fails if casted on a boss/mvp monster. -Corrected the duration reduction. -Players reduce it with natural immunity which is by a percentage. -Monsters reduce the duration by a fixed amount. *WM_DANCE_WITH_WUG -Adjusted the damage bonus on Ranger's Wug skills. -Turns out a actural ATK bonus is given to Ranger/Minstrel/Wanderer -players. ill have to code this in later on a future update. *SR_HOWLINGOFLION -Fear duration updated to official. -Now only removes solo/chorus music buffs when hit. *SO_PSYCHIC_WAVE -Fixed a issue where the element was always fire. *SO_ARRULLO -Updated the duration reduction formula to follow the official formula. -Skill animation now only appears on players affected successfully. -Note: There's a client side bug that makes the particle effects -sometimes appear on the wrong affected enemys. That can't be fixed. *NC_MAGMA_ERUPTION *NC_MAGMA_ERUPTION_DOTDAMAGE -Added support for these skills. =Status's *Too much to list in a small area. =P *Boss/MVP's are immune to these status.... -Fear,Burning,Imprison,Deep Sleep, Frost, Crystalize. -They are also immune to Guillotine Coss poisons. -All common and new poison status's can't overlap (restart). *Bite and Manhole status no longer overlaps. *Fixed a few status's to properly stop current attacks / movement. *Updated list of status's on MVP's that are treated as rude attack. *Boss/MVP's are now immune to Shadow Chaster's Masquerade skills. *Updated the list of status's monster's can detect. -They can now detect enemy's in bleeding, deadly poison, fear, -burning, imprison, deep sleep, frost, and crystalize. *Fear -Unable to move for the first 2 seconds of duration. -The first 2 seconds act as a ankle snared status with hit/flee -reduction. The remaining duration allows movement. -Reduces HIT/FLEE by 20%. -Removes blind status and makes you immune to blind. - -Resistance formula updated. -Formula: ( INT + BaseLV + LUK/2 ) / 5 -Resistance reduces success chance and duration by percentage. -Duration can't be reduced below 2 seconds. *Burning -Fixed a issue where the status would make all incomindg attacks -hit, ignoring accuracy checks. Also fixed a issue where the -status wouldn't end on death sometimes. -Deals 3% MaxHP + 1000 damage every 3 seconds. -Makes you immune to frost status. - -Resistance formula updated. -Formula: ( AGI + BaseLV + LUK/2 ) / 5 -Resistance reduces success chance and duration by percentage. -Duration can't be reduced below 10 seconds. *Imprison -Can't move, attack, or use skills. -Blocks all attacks except for ghost element. -Ghost attacks deal extra damage and ends the status. -Deals 400 * SkillLV damage when the status ends. - -Resistance formula updated. -Formula: ( STR + BaseLV + LUK/2 ) / 5 -Resistance reduces success chance and duration by percentage. -Duration can't be reduced below 10 seconds on monsters. *Deep Sleep -Can't talk, move, attack, or use skills while active. -Damage taken from the next hit is increased by 50%. -Recovers 3% MaxHP/MaxSP every 2 seconds. -Status ends when hit. - -Resistance formula updated. -Only duration is reduceable and by a fixed amount. -Duration: Time - 1000ms * ( INT / 40 + BaseLV / 20 ) *Frost -Reduces DEF by 30%. (10% if on a monster.) -Reduces movement speed by 70%. -Reduces ASPD by 30% -Increases variable cast time by 50% -Makes you immune to burning status. -Duration can't be reduced below 10 seconds. - -Resistance formula updated. -Only duration is reduceable and by a fixed amount. -Duration: Time - 1000ms * (( VIT + DEX ) / 20) -Duration can't be reduced below 10 seconds. -Note: iRO was right about one thing. The 10% reduction on DEF, -but it never said it was on monster's only while players got 30%. *Crystalize -Can't move, attack, use skills, or use items while active. -Damage taken from wind attack is increased by 50%. -Damage taken from daggers, swords, and bows is reduced by 50%. -Damage taken from axes and maces is increased by 50% -Fire attacks now remove the status. -Takes 2% of your MaxHP and 1% of your MaxSP every second. -The status will end if current SP goes below 1% MaxSP. - -Resistance formula updated. -Only duration is reduceable and by a fixed amount. -Duration: Time - 1000ms * VIT / 10
  2. There was some updates done to the UI window for homunculus, along with controls and their AI. The change came on I think September 20, 2017 which is when the big homunculus update happened. So you will want to use something below that date if the AI is giving problems.
  3. =General *giant_growth_behavior -Added this new config. *Max runes of each type you can carry is now 60. =Skills *RK_RUNEMASTERY -Level 10 now allows crafting the Lux Anima rune. -This is also the required level to use Lux Anima runes. *RK_MILLENNIUMSHIELD -Recoded part of the skill. -Fixed a issue where the shields visual effects wouldn't appear -if you changed maps, refreshed, relogged, or appear for anyone -seeing you come in their view range. *RK_CRUSHSTRIKE -Updated damage formula. *RK_GIANTGROWTH -The random damage increase is now 2x the damage. -Now gives a increase in physical melee damage. -250% increase normally (125% increase if in PvP/GvG maps). -This can be set to use the older pre-2017 behavior by changing -the "giant_growth_behavior" setting if desired. *RK_STONEHARDSKIN -Recoded part of the skill. -Weapon breaking chance now only applies to physical melee attacks. *RK_STORMBLAST -Updated damage formula. -No longer affected by INT. Its now affected by STR. *RK_FIGHTINGSPIRIT -Recoded the skill. -Party members now get half of the ATK increase. *RK_LUXANIMA -Added support for the skill.
  4. =General *homunculus_pyroclastic_autocast *pyroclastic_breaks_weapon -Added these config settings. *Made a small change to the ZC_ACK_TAKEOFF_EQUIP_V5 packet so it -will report errors with unequipping more properly. *Cleaned up and optomized some code to improve performance. =Skills *KG_KYOMU (Shadow Void) -Recoded most of the skill. -Skill casting fail behavior is now handled correctly. -Failure will now happen after casting the skill and will now -display a skill fail message when it does. *MH_GRANITIC_ARMOR *MH_PYROCLASTIC *MH_VOLCANIC_ASH -Added support for these skills.
  5. =General *Did a little code cleanup and optomizing for element setting for -offensive magic skills. *Removed some unneeded packets from a few Mechanic skills. =Skills *NC_SELFDESTRUCTION -Fixed a issue where damage based on the SP consumed would only -apply to a single enemy instead of all enemy's hit. *KO_MUCHANAGE (Over Throw) -Damage is now halved if Throwing Mastery is not maxed. *MH_STAHL_HORN -Now deals holy damage when the "goldene ferse" status is active. *MH_GOLDENE_FERSE *MH_STEINWAND *MH_ANGRIFFS_MODUS -Added support for these skills. -Note: With current coding, its not possible to make Steinwand -cast the AoE on both the master and homunculus unless I code it -to bypass important checks which prevents exploiting. -For now it will only place the AoE on the master and a max of -2 can be placed (should be 1 pair limit). -Will come back to recode this one in the future.
  6. =General *plag_renewal_expanded_skills *plag_doram_skills *allow_bloody_lust_on_boss *allow_bloody_lust_on_warp -Added these battle config settings. *Homunculus now take the name of their new form when mutated. =Database *Removed the skill_reproduce_db as its no longer needed. =Skills *SC_REPRODUCE -Recoded the skill. -No longer restricted to the skill_reproduce_db as its removed. -Can now freely copy offensive skills like how Plagiarism does. -Is now able to copy Kagerou/Oboro/Rebellion/Summoner skills. -Also able to copy 3rd job expansion skills. -Skills copied through Reproduce now have a 30% SP cost increase. -Fixed a issue where the same skill could be copied to both -Plagiarism and Reproduce copy slots, causing copy glitch. *SC_AUTOSHADOWSPELL -Recoded the skill. -Now follows the rules and mechanics of autocasting like it should. -Max skill level that can be autocasted has been increased. -You can't autocast a level higher then the max player learnable. -Example is waterball will not autocast above level 5. -Can now trigger the autocasting with melee and ranged attacks. -This is limited to physical attacks only. -Now handles autocast's aftercast and cooldowns correctly. -Fixed a issue where autocasting would still happen even if you -didn't have the needed SP. *SC_CHAOSPANIC -Recoded the skill. -Now a working 5x5 AoE. -Now has a success chance of casting and is affected by level. -Can no longer be placed under players/monsters feet. -Can no longer be placed on or near warps. -Can now replace the AoE by casting another one. -Fixed the duration for the chaos status. *SC_MAELSTROM -AoE size corrected to 5x5. -Can no longer be placed on or near warps. -Due to new information on how this skill works, it will -be recoded in a later update. *SC_BLOODYLUST -Recoded the skill. -AoE size is updated to 7x7. -Now gives anyone in the AoE the berserk status (except caster). -By set default for balance reasons, can't be placed on or -near warps and does not affect boss/mvp monsters. -This can be disabled in the skill battle config file if desired. *LG_EXEEDBREAK -Updated the damage formula. -iRO document was ONCE AGAIN WRONG!!!! -Note: Need to plan a update to review over every single -Royal Guard skill to check all the formuals. *LG_BANDING -Speed reduction on enemy's no longer affects boss/mvp's. *SU_LOPE -No longer usable in GvG, battle ground, jail, and other WoE area's. *WE_CALLALLFAMILY -Cast time no longer affected by INT/DEX. -Can no longer be used in GvG and battle ground areas. *WE_ONEFOREVER *WE_CHEERUP -Cast time no longer affected by INT/DEX. *EL_TROPIC *EL_CHILLY_AIR *EL_WILD_STORM *EL_UPHEAVAL -Autocast chance increased. -Bolt level autocasted changed. -Both of the above are supposed to be affected by the master's job -level but I don't want to recode these right now. Just wanted to -set these to the max possible for a player at job level 50. -Now handles autocast's aftercast and cooldowns correctly. -Fixed a issue where autocasting would still happen even if you -didn't have the needed SP.
  7. Thats the date they increased the max level for homunculus to 175 and also increased the max level for some of their skills. They also added a bunch of aura config settings to their externalsettings lua file. Are we goina run into issues every time they update this??? Its not that easy. You need certain programs to figure this stuff out and I know 1 or 2 of them used by some are ones that you have to buy.
  8. =General *Gunslinger, Ninja, Taekwon, and Summoner jobs can now be adopted. -I didn't confirm if this is possible officially, but with the -now existing expanded baby jobs this should be allowed for the -ones that act as a base. *MAX_SKILL_TREE increased to 85. *MAX_GUILD_STORAGE lowered to 500. -This is to prepare for future support for the guild warehouse. =Database *Updated the wedding rings to support the 2016 wedding skills. =Jobs *Baby Jobs -Can now access the WE_CHEERUP skill if adopted. -Note: Due to how the system works, the skill may not appear on -baby players adopted before this update. - -Expanded baby jobs and baby summoners can now access all baby -wedding skills when adopted. =Skills *SR_FALLENEMPIRE -Corrected the damage formula for when attacking monsters. *WE_CALLALLFAMILY *WE_ONEFOREVER *WE_CHEERUP -Added support for these skills.
  9. Its a client used only for development purposes and not open to anyone.
  10. =General *Enabled support for Sura's alternate outfit. *Updated detailed information for party packets. *Added support for ZC_ADD_MEMBER_TO_GROUP3 and ZC_GROUP_LIST2 packets. -Big thanks to Lemongrass for the packet information. *Added temp support for 2017-09-06cRagexeRE client. *Updated renewal cast system to support new wedding skills. -These don't work yet. Just preparing for them. =NPC *Added support for baby versions of Taekwon/Star Gladiator/ -Soul Linker/Gunslinger/Ninja to the eAthena job master. *Added support for baby versions of Kagerou/Oboro/Rebellion -to the 3CeAM job master. =Skills *RA_FIRINGTRAP -Fixed a issue where the trap's detonation animation didn't show. *LG_FORCEOFVANGUARD -Now increases DEF....again. -Confirmed it does increase hard DEF but it doesn't show in the -display. And yes it also still increases MaxHP. *SR_FLASHCOMBO *SC_ESCAPE *WL_TELEKINESIS_INTENSE *LG_KINGS_GRACE -Added support for these skills. *AB_OFFERTORIUM -Fixed a issue where the status animation wouldn't stay displayed. -Can no longer be removed by dispelling methods.
  11. V1.11 *Added alternate Sura outfit.
  12. I can look into this and maybe add it in on the next update. About to take a small break from the Rebel skills to do a random update.
  13. =General *Fixed a issue where the ALLOW_OTHER_RACES setting didn't work -on server's running in SQL. *Updated the mobinfo command to add a divider line between each -of the listed monster entrys to help keep the info for each -monster seprate for easier viewing. *Updated the iteminfo command. -This is a big update which adds additional info for item types -that are weapon, armor, or ammo type. Info like the type of -weapon/armor/ammo, the ATK/DEF, equip level, etc.. -Also added a divider line between each of the listed item entrys -to help keep the info for each item seprate for easier viewing. *itemdb_weapon_typename *itemdb_armor_typename *itemdb_ammo_typename -Added these functions for use with the iteminfo command. -These work just like itemdb_typename, but for weapons/armor/ammo. *Added a bunch of EQP masks for headgear combinations. -Used with the item_db_armor_itemtype function for slot checks. =Skills *LG_PINPOINTATTACK -Fixed a possible issue where it wouldn't break certain headgears -if its equipped in the upper and middle/lower equip slots. *RL_MASS_SPIRAL *RL_BANISHING_BUSTER *RL_SLUGSHOT -Corrected the handling of the animations. *RL_S_STORM *RL_AM_BLAST *SU_SOULATTACK -Added full support for these skills. *RL_E_CHAIN -Can now be removed through dispell methods. *RL_P_ALTER -Can now be removed through dispell methods. -Now forms a barrier around the caster. -Barrier is basicly a Kyrie barrier but uses its own formula -for this skill to set its HP and number of hits blocked. *RL_HEAT_BARREL -Can now be removed through dispell methods. -Damage increase mechanics recoded. -Damage is now applied in the same way as the damage added from -summoned coin spheres.
  14. =General *Fixed 2 critical issues where a improper status check can happen -and cause the server to crash. Sorry about that. Totally forgot -that a status should be checked if its active first before trying -to ask for data from one of its values. =( *Status's from Rebellion skills can no longer be dispelled -or clearanced. Need to know the official limits to this. =Skills *RL_MASS_SPIRAL -Updated bleeding chance. -Doesn't send a no-damage packet anymore. -Note: Gravity dev's seemed to have screwed up on how the animaions -are triggered. For a offensive skill it should trigger when -dealing damage but it doesnt. This is a client side issue but -lucky us we can fix this to work correctly. Update on that later. *RL_BANISHING_BUSTER -Recoded the entire skill. -No longer deals splash damage. -Damage formula updated. -Now dispells if the target is damaged. -Note: Its said it works just like dispell. So I just copied -dispells code and edited it for offensive attacks. *RL_SLUGSHOT -Recoded the entire skill. -Damage formula updated (Dear god what a change). -No longer uses equippable slug ammo. -Now requires Slug Bullet (Just 1 exists now). -Now reduces hit by a percentage beyond a 3 cell distance. -Note: Because the 5 equippable slug bullets are no longer used -you should remove them from your npc shop and replace with the -new slug bullet which is item ID 25187.
  15. =General *Added the "ALLOW_OTHER_RACES" setting. -This setting can be found in the mmo.h file and allows disabling -the creation of Doram (Summoner) characters on character select. -Note: This just disables it server side. Trying to make one while -this setting is turned off will cause the server to make a human -character no matter the race selected. =Skills *Rebellion -Updated all skill requirements and timer data. -Timers like cast times, cooldowns, etc. *RL_QD_SHOT -Fixed a issue where the skill couldn't be used with grenade launcher. -Time allowed for comboing after Chain Action increased to 2 seconds. -Note: HT_POWER and RL_FALLEN_ANGEL both give 2 seconds to combo. -Guessing this should be the case for Quick Draw Shot too. *RL_FIREDANCE *RL_FALLEN_ANGEL *RL_D_TAIL *RL_R_TRIP_PLUSATK -Added full support for these skills. *RL_H_MINE -Fully recoded the skill. -A max of 5 targets can be tagged at a time. -Duration is increased. -Damage formula updated. - -Note: Flicker is currently not coded which is needed to detonate -the grenades on the tagged targets. Its working are a bit complex -and will be done in a later update. *RL_R_TRIP -Now deals ranged damage. -AoE size for level 1 is now 7x7. -Knockback is now a fixed 3 cells. -Damage formula updated. -Now deals added damage if target is knocked back into a wall.