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  1. =General *Did a small text update in the skill config file. *Changed the packet used for displaying homunculus spirit spheres to ZC_SPIRIT. *EFST_SET_ENTER *EFST_SET_ENTER2 +Added support for these packets. *Added the "status_sc2icon" function. *Recoded the system that displays status animations for renewal era status's. +Status's that were added in during the renewal era don't use OPT3 for resending -animation display's to other player's clients around you. Instead they are -displayed with a seprate packet called EFST_SET_ENTER. +This recode get rid of those 2 huge walls of code that was just temp code and -replaces them with much much smaller and more efficent code, along with the -adding of support for this packet. This makes it so I don't have to add anything -to it when it comes to new skills. The recode also allows these animations to be -shown on monsters and homunculus that come into view of a player. =Skills *SP_SOULCOLLECT +Fixed a issue where the status icon would display remaining time when the duration -is infinite.
  2. =Update Notes *Added support for Star Emperor and Soul Reaper jobs.
  3. =General *Added ranges of styles/dyes for Doram's. -This is a range seprate from the regular ones since Doram's officially have a -different set number of hair styles and cloth dyes. As of 2018-06-05 they have -6 hair styles, 8 hair dyes, and no cloth dyes (tho kRO says their will be a few -added soon). *min_doram_hair_style *max_doram_hair_style *min_doram_hair_color *max_doram_hair_color *min_doram_cloth_color *max_doram_cloth_color +Added these configs to the client config file. -These are a seprate set of style/dye ranges for Doram characters. -This is needed since they have different maxes from humans. *Updated a few commands to pickup on the style/dye ranges for Doram characters. *Updated default setting for "max_hair_style" to 29. *Corrected default setting for "max_hair_color" to 8. *clif_spiritball_single *clif_soulball_single +Changed the packet these functions use to 0x1d0 (ZC_SPIRITS). -This change fixes a issue where Rebellion's Coin sphere's and Soul Reaper's -Soul Energy sphere's would look like regular spirit sphere's when the player -warps to another map, refreshes, and also appear as spirit sphere's to other -players who walk into view range of the one with the spheres. -It also fixes a issue where the sphere's may not vanish properly from view -when the player dies. *Added job restriction system. +This allows setting restrictions to different jobs that prevent's them from -entering certain maps. Attempts of entering a map as a banned job will just -result in no warpping. Basicly, something as simple as walking into a regular -map warp won't do anything if the player's job is banned from entering the map. -This works for teleporting, warping, any warp commands, walking into NPC warp, -put something else here and it will likely fail as well. -Should a player playing a job banned from that map somehow login on that map, -the player will be warped out into Prontera's graveyard behind the church. -These restrictions can be set in the "job_notallowed" database file. *Added a missing timer function list entry for the soul energy system. =Database *Updated const file to support detection of new style/dye ranges for Doram -characters in NPC scripts. *Added the "job_notallowed" file. -This file is used to set jobs that are banned from entering certain maps. -It basicly works just like item_noequip and skill_nocast_db. *Rebuilt the map cache. -This is due to prontera being reverted back to the original version. =NPC *Updated the 3CeAM super stylist to detect the ranges of styles/dyes for Doram -character's. =Skills *RL_MASS_SPIRAL +Fixed a issue where the skill would deal extremely high damage on targets with -negeative DEF.
  4. =General *Added the soul energy system. +This system is used for managing the Soul Reaper's soul energy. -Its basicly another sphere system. Its been confirmed that soul energy sphere's -works on its own system and not through any other sphere system. *Added the "hatereset" and "soulball" command. =Skills *SJ_DOCUMENT *SP_SOULCOLLECT *SP_SOULENERGY +Added support for these skills.
  5. =General *Added new unit tag and ID. =Jobs *Star Emperor *Soul Reaper +Updated skill trees to add the rest of the skills in. =NPC *Updated the "3ceam_jobchange" script to support Star Emperor, Soul Reaper, -and their baby versions. -Note: They are disabled for now until client support for them is more stable. =Skills *Enabled access to all skills for Star Emperor, Soul Reaper, and new Arch Bishop -skills. Range, target type, max level, and sp requirements are official. -Note: Currently none of them work even tho their usable.
  6. =General *Added all the latest tags and ID's for jobs, skills, status, and NPC's. =Database *Added place holders for many new skills. =Jobs *Star Emperor *Soul Reaper *Baby Star Emperor *Baby Soul Reaper +Added support for these jobs. +Note: These jobs are fully playable. However, none of the new skills that comes -with them are in the skill trees. This will be added in a future update. -Everything else for them works. +Note 2: Client support for these jobs will come at a later time once stable.
  7. =General *renewal_casting_square_calc *renewal_casting_square_debug +Added these config settings in. -renewal_casting_square_calc controls if square root (official) or simple -calculations will be used when calculating variable cast times. -The debug one forces square root calculations on and shows debug info -in the map server console. *Added "INF2_BOOST_PASSIVE" skillinfo2 setting. -This is used for active skills that passively boost the effects of passive -skills. This is needed to make the server recalculate a player's sub-stats -just like it does when learning a passive skill. *Cleaned up and optimized some code. =Skills *All renewal era skills will now have their variable cast times calculated through -a square root calculation. This is the way official server's handles the reduction -of variable cast times. This can be disabled to go back to the previous simple -calculations used before by turning off the "renewal_casting_square_calc" setting -if desired. *WL_TETRAVORTEX +Corrected the durations on the different status's it can give. *SU_ARCLOUSEDASH +Now increases ranged physical damage. -This increase only works on Summoners. * *SU_POWEROFLAND *SU_POWEROFLIFE *SU_SPIRITOFLIFE *SU_SPIRITOFLAND +Added support for these skills.
  8. =General *Added the "skill_summoner_power" function. +This function is used to check if the player has any of the "POWEROF...." skills -and then check if 20 or more skill points are invested into the part of the -skill tree related to it. *Cleaned and optomized some code. =Database *Added the catnip fruit item. =Skills *AL_HEAL *AL_CURE *AB_CHEAL *AB_HIGHNESSHEAL *AB_CLEARANCE +Updated to remove the BITESCAR (Scar of Tarou) status. *SU_HIDE +Updated the SP requirement. *SU_PICKYPECK +Fixed a issue where damage was being applied multiple times. *SU_CN_POWDERING *SU_CN_METEOR *SU_SCAROFTAROU *SU_LUNATICCARROTBEAT *SU_CN_METEOR2 *SU_LUNATICCARROTBEAT2 *SU_SVG_SPIRIT *SU_NYANGGRASS +Added support for these skills. -Note: Scar of Tarou's status doesn't deal damage at the moment -but its effect on double damage from Scar of Tarou does work. -ill add in the rest of the stuff for it in a future update.
  9. =General *Started work on Summoners. +Now that I have plenty of official info I can resume work on them. =Database *Updated all the Summoner skill entrys in the skill_db to get them prepared -for coding in future updates. =Jobs *Summoner *Baby Summoner +Updated the MaxHP to be more official. -The set HPFactor and HPMultiplicator settings along with a small boost in the -source allowed me to get it nearly perfect like on official, but because renewal -handles things differently its not possible to do here. But its close enough. +The job exp table was redone to act more like official. -In official, Summoner's have a job exp table thats a mix of regular 1st, 2nd, -and 3rd job exp tables. I was able to make a table with the same behavior using -pre-renewal exp values. =Skills *Summoner +Updated all variable cast, fixed cast, aftercast, cooldown, and durations for -all skills with official times. *SU_BITE +Updated the handling of the animation. +Now deals more damage on enemy's with HP below a certain percentage of MaxHP. +Now has a chance of double casting depending on the caster's base level. *SU_SCRATCH +Updated the handling of the animation. +Now has a chance of giving the bleeding status. +Now has a chance of double casting depending on the caster's base level. *SU_SV_STEMSPEAR *SU_PICKYPECK +Added support for these skills.
  10. =General *This is the revisiting of the Kagerou/Oboro skills to bug fix and update the skills for them. *Cleaned up and optomized some code. =Skills *Kagerou/Oboro +Fixed a issue where none of the skill cast times were interruptable. *KO_HAPPOKUNAI (Spray Kunai) +Recoded the skill. +Damage is now ranged physical. Basicly a stronger version of Throw Kunai. *KO_MUCHANAGE (Over Throw) +Recoded the skill. +Damage is no longer reduced in GvG/BG areas. +Damage is no longer reduced by half on enemy players. +Success chance of hitting is now seprate for each enemy target. +Damage is now divided between enemys detected in AoE. -This means its divided based on the number of enemy's detected in the AoE -and not by the number of enemys hit. *KO_HUUMARANKA (Launch Huuma Shuriken) +Damage no longer split between targets. *KO_MAKIBISHI (Makibishi) +Recoded the skill. +Fixed a issue where it didn't follow the rules of AoE placement. +No longer ignores elemental adjustments. +No longer stacks on top of each other. +Stun duration is now fixed and can't be reduced. +Now places the proper number of makibishi depending on skill level used. *KO_MEIKYOUSISUI (Clear Meditation) +Recoded the skill. +Skill now makes the caster sit when the status starts. If the caster stands up -at will or gets forced to stand up, the status will end. This also prevent's -the caster from being able to move or use any skills while active due to sitting. +Now has a chance of making any attack completely miss the caster while active. +Now removes a single debuff by random on use. The following can be removed.... -Poison / Curse / Silence / Blind / Fear / Burning / Frost / Crystalize. +This behavior is official according to zone scans but a bug does exist on official -where the skill use animation would stop the caster from sitting, allowing -exploiting of skill uses. I coded it to prevent this issue from happening. *KO_KYOUGAKU (Illusion - Shock) +Recoded the skill. +Now has a success chance reduceable by the target's INT. +Duration is now reduceable by the target's INT. +Now only usable in GvG and Battleground maps and on enemy players only. +Will now fail if used on a target already affected by this skill. +Affected target can no longer switch or unequip equips. *KO_JYUSATSU (Illusion - Killing Curse) +Now only usable on enemy players. +Now reduces the affected target's current HP if the chance of curse is successful. *KO_ZENKAI (Spread Seals) +Can no longer be stacked on top of each other. +Random status chance is now applied every second. +Random status success chance is now 100%, but is reduceable by stats and equips. +Durations of the random status's is now set to their original defaults. +Friendly player's standing in the AoE will now get a WATK increase if the weapon -element is the same as the AoE's element. *KO_IZAYOI (16th Night) +Updated the MATK increase formula. +Corrected the animation handling. *KG_KAGEHUMI (Shadow Hold) +Corrected the animation handling. +Fixed a issue where affected player's didn't stop moving. +Affected targets will not beable to use the following skills for the duration... -Hiding / Cloaking / Cloaking Exceed / Camouflage / Shadow Form / Dark Cloud -Also blocks the use of any teleporting methods including fly/butterfly wings.
  11. Max body style should be set to 1 since their's only 1 alternate outfit.
  12. =General *Added the "load_custom_exp_tables" config setting in the exp battle file. +This sets if the server should load the official exp tables (exp.txt) or custom -exp tables (exp2.txt). No more do you have to rename the exp2 file to exp to use it. *The "use_renewal_statpoints" config is renamed to "renewal_stats_handling". +The function of the config is still the same. Just want to name to better reflect -what it does. It is also now on by default for balance reasons. Read the -description for the config for more info on what all it does. *The following battle config settings defaults are changed.... +max_homunculus_parameter: Changed from 150 to 175. +max_aspd_renewal_jobs: Changed from 190 to 193. +max_parameter_renewal_jobs: Changed from 120 to 130. +max_baby_parameter_renewal_jobs: Changed from 108 to 117. +base_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 150 to 175. +job_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 50 to 60. -These are the latest official limits for players (RE Era Jobs) and homunculus. =Database *Updated the exp_homun file with official exp tables for up to level 175. *Updated the statpoint_renewal file with official stat point values for levels -up to 175. =Jobs *Renewal Era Jobs (Jobs introduced during RE era) +The following caps have been increased.... -Base Level: 175 -Job Level: 60 (Except for Summoners) -Max Base Stats: 130 (117 for Babys) -Max ASPD: 193 +Stat bonuses for job levels 51 to 60 have been added. =Homunculus *Mutated Homunculus +The following caps have been increased.... -Base Level: 175 -Max Stats: 175 *Fixed a issue where mutated homunculus were getting a extra skill point.
  13. =General *Added the "hesperuslit_bonus_stack" config. +This sets if the effect bonuses requires a banding count to be equal or be -equal to or higher then the effect number. *party_sub_count_banding *skill_banding_count +Added these functions. +These functions calculate the banding count for the number of Royal Guards in -banding around the caster, as well as the average HP of the banding group, sets -the HP for each banding player, and maxes out the rage spheres for those in -banding with force of vanguard active when requirements are met. *Made the code for chorus count checks more efficent. =Database *Corrected the max level for CG_MOONLIT in the skill database. =Skills *Chorus Skills +The chorus count check is now limited to counting Minstrel's/Wanderer's that are -within a 31x31 AoE around the player casting a chorus skill. *LG_BANDING +Recoded the skill. +The AoE's of each Royal Guard now work seprate from each other. +The main 7x7 AoE that moves around with the caster now only affects enemies and -gives the status that reduces movement speed. The status is removed if the enemy -moves out of the AoE or the AoE vanishes. This AoE doesn't require banding with -other's to make it work. It will work for a player alone. +A 2nd AoE is now used with the skill which generates a 7x7 splash AoE around the -caster every 5 seconds to check for other Royal Guards near the player that are -also in banding status and are in the same party. This is when the stored banding -count is updated, along with the caster's ATK/DEF and also calculates the HP share. *LG_HESPERUSLIT +Fixed a issue where the element didn't turn to holy when banding requirement's were met. +Now maxes out the rage sphere's for all in banding when the banding count is 7. +Bonus effects no longer stack.
  14. =General *Added the "shieldball"command. +It allows you to summon Rune Knight's millennium shield's shield spheres and -set the amount of HP for them. *Millennium shield now manages its shields in its own unqie sphere system. +They are refered to as shieldball and are handled this way since this is how its -officially handled and allows better handling of its animation packets. Tho it -still needs a server side status ID to signal when its active. *Added the "millennium_shield_health" config to the skill config file. =Skills *RK_MILLENNIUMSHIELD +Recoded the skill. +Kyrie, Parry, and Auto Guard now take higher priority over the shields. *WM_GLOOMYDAY +Recoded the skill. +The FLEE/ASPD reductions now apply to all targets no matter what skills are learned. +Now has a small chance of giving the super gloomy status. -The super gloomy status reduces movement speed by 50% and dismounts the player -from its peco/gryphin/dragon. Does not dismount player's from warg or mado. +Now increase the damage of certain skills properly. -The formula for how much the damage is increased and how its applied is now official.
  15. =General *Added the "charmball" command. +It allows you to summon the Kagerou/Oboro charm spheres and select a type. *Recoded the charm sphere system. +Its now refered to as charms or charmballs. +This allows a more proper way of controling the charm types and how to apply their -effects. A number of bugs and issues has also been fixed with this recode. *Fixed a issue where having more then 127 DEF/MDEF of equips equipped would cause a -overflow and bring the DEF value below negeative, bypassing the "max_def" setting. *Fixed a issue where DEF/MDEF increases through status's would allow DEF/MDEF to -go past 99. This is now capped to what the "max_def" config setting is set to. *Updated the packet's sent for player's that have millennium shields active. =Skills *KO_KAHU_ENTEN// Fire Charm *KO_HYOUHU_HUBUKI// Ice Charm *KO_KAZEHU_SEIRAN// Wind Charm *KO_DOHU_KOUKAI// Earth Charm +Fixed a issue where having 10 charms wouldn't allow you to summon a different type. +Fixed a issue where in certain cases your weapon would still have the charms element -even if you don't have 10 charms active anymore. +Charms now give a element resistance to the element that of the summoned charms. -Resistance: 2% * Charm Count. This does not reduce resistance to other elements. +Having 10 or more charms now changes the weapon element directly to the element of the -charm instead of endowing the weapon with a element change. +Damage increase from fire charms for Crimson Fire Formation updated to 10% per charm. +Weapon ATK increase from earth charms updated to 10% per charm.