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  1. Its a client used only for development purposes and not open to anyone.
  2. =General *Enabled support for Sura's alternate outfit. *Updated detailed information for party packets. *Added support for ZC_ADD_MEMBER_TO_GROUP3 and ZC_GROUP_LIST2 packets. -Big thanks to Lemongrass for the packet information. *Added temp support for 2017-09-06cRagexeRE client. *Updated renewal cast system to support new wedding skills. -These don't work yet. Just preparing for them. =NPC *Added support for baby versions of Taekwon/Star Gladiator/ -Soul Linker/Gunslinger/Ninja to the eAthena job master. *Added support for baby versions of Kagerou/Oboro/Rebellion -to the 3CeAM job master. =Skills *RA_FIRINGTRAP -Fixed a issue where the trap's detonation animation didn't show. *LG_FORCEOFVANGUARD -Now increases DEF....again. -Confirmed it does increase hard DEF but it doesn't show in the -display. And yes it also still increases MaxHP. *SR_FLASHCOMBO *SC_ESCAPE *WL_TELEKINESIS_INTENSE *LG_KINGS_GRACE -Added support for these skills. *AB_OFFERTORIUM -Fixed a issue where the status animation wouldn't stay displayed. -Can no longer be removed by dispelling methods.
  3. V1.11 *Added alternate Sura outfit.
  4. I can look into this and maybe add it in on the next update. About to take a small break from the Rebel skills to do a random update.
  5. =General *Fixed a issue where the ALLOW_OTHER_RACES setting didn't work -on server's running in SQL. *Updated the mobinfo command to add a divider line between each -of the listed monster entrys to help keep the info for each -monster seprate for easier viewing. *Updated the iteminfo command. -This is a big update which adds additional info for item types -that are weapon, armor, or ammo type. Info like the type of -weapon/armor/ammo, the ATK/DEF, equip level, etc.. -Also added a divider line between each of the listed item entrys -to help keep the info for each item seprate for easier viewing. *itemdb_weapon_typename *itemdb_armor_typename *itemdb_ammo_typename -Added these functions for use with the iteminfo command. -These work just like itemdb_typename, but for weapons/armor/ammo. *Added a bunch of EQP masks for headgear combinations. -Used with the item_db_armor_itemtype function for slot checks. =Skills *LG_PINPOINTATTACK -Fixed a possible issue where it wouldn't break certain headgears -if its equipped in the upper and middle/lower equip slots. *RL_MASS_SPIRAL *RL_BANISHING_BUSTER *RL_SLUGSHOT -Corrected the handling of the animations. *RL_S_STORM *RL_AM_BLAST *SU_SOULATTACK -Added full support for these skills. *RL_E_CHAIN -Can now be removed through dispell methods. *RL_P_ALTER -Can now be removed through dispell methods. -Now forms a barrier around the caster. -Barrier is basicly a Kyrie barrier but uses its own formula -for this skill to set its HP and number of hits blocked. *RL_HEAT_BARREL -Can now be removed through dispell methods. -Damage increase mechanics recoded. -Damage is now applied in the same way as the damage added from -summoned coin spheres.
  6. =General *Fixed 2 critical issues where a improper status check can happen -and cause the server to crash. Sorry about that. Totally forgot -that a status should be checked if its active first before trying -to ask for data from one of its values. =( *Status's from Rebellion skills can no longer be dispelled -or clearanced. Need to know the official limits to this. =Skills *RL_MASS_SPIRAL -Updated bleeding chance. -Doesn't send a no-damage packet anymore. -Note: Gravity dev's seemed to have screwed up on how the animaions -are triggered. For a offensive skill it should trigger when -dealing damage but it doesnt. This is a client side issue but -lucky us we can fix this to work correctly. Update on that later. *RL_BANISHING_BUSTER -Recoded the entire skill. -No longer deals splash damage. -Damage formula updated. -Now dispells if the target is damaged. -Note: Its said it works just like dispell. So I just copied -dispells code and edited it for offensive attacks. *RL_SLUGSHOT -Recoded the entire skill. -Damage formula updated (Dear god what a change). -No longer uses equippable slug ammo. -Now requires Slug Bullet (Just 1 exists now). -Now reduces hit by a percentage beyond a 3 cell distance. -Note: Because the 5 equippable slug bullets are no longer used -you should remove them from your npc shop and replace with the -new slug bullet which is item ID 25187.
  7. =General *Added the "ALLOW_OTHER_RACES" setting. -This setting can be found in the mmo.h file and allows disabling -the creation of Doram (Summoner) characters on character select. -Note: This just disables it server side. Trying to make one while -this setting is turned off will cause the server to make a human -character no matter the race selected. =Skills *Rebellion -Updated all skill requirements and timer data. -Timers like cast times, cooldowns, etc. *RL_QD_SHOT -Fixed a issue where the skill couldn't be used with grenade launcher. -Time allowed for comboing after Chain Action increased to 2 seconds. -Note: HT_POWER and RL_FALLEN_ANGEL both give 2 seconds to combo. -Guessing this should be the case for Quick Draw Shot too. *RL_FIREDANCE *RL_FALLEN_ANGEL *RL_D_TAIL *RL_R_TRIP_PLUSATK -Added full support for these skills. *RL_H_MINE -Fully recoded the skill. -A max of 5 targets can be tagged at a time. -Duration is increased. -Damage formula updated. - -Note: Flicker is currently not coded which is needed to detonate -the grenades on the tagged targets. Its working are a bit complex -and will be done in a later update. *RL_R_TRIP -Now deals ranged damage. -AoE size for level 1 is now 7x7. -Knockback is now a fixed 3 cells. -Damage formula updated. -Now deals added damage if target is knocked back into a wall.
  8. =Skills *RL_QD_SHOT -Fixed a issue where the skill would sometimes not work. -Note: My fault. Should of left the duration hard coded.
  9. =General *Added the "effect2" command. -Works just like "effect", but allows for a 2nd value. *Added support for the ZC_NOTIFY_EFFECT3 packet. =Skills *WM_SOUND_OF_DESTRUCTION -Can now remove Frigg Song status. *RL_QD_SHOT -Fully supported. *RL_C_MARKER -Recoded the skill. -Duration increased. -Now requires 1 coin to use. -A max of 3 targets can be marked at a time. - -Note: Marked targets won't appear on the minimap yet. -That will be added in a future update. *RL_HEAT_BARREL -No longer reduces FLEE. -Now reduces HIT. -No longer applies the 10 second penalty after status ends.
  10. =General *Added support for the guild member last login display. -A 2016-12-28 or newer client is required to see this. - -WARNING!!!! -This update will break and cause guild data on TXT servers to -be lost. This is because there's no way to update the formatting -the guild data is saved as in text files. Not that it matters -since TXT should only be used for easy development and testing. - -SQL server's are safe from this issue since its easy to apply -a simple update to your SQL database tables. =SQL Files *Updated the main.sql file to add in the 'last_login' variable. *Added the 3CeAM_svn822.sql file. -Be sure to apply this update before running your server.
  11. =General *ZC_ITEM_PICKUP_ACK_V7 *ZC_GUILD_INFO3 *ZC_MEMBERMGR_INFO2 -Added support for these packets. -Thanks goes to Lemongrass for figuring out the new structures. - -This enables new features on 2016-12-28 and newer clients. -Previewing headgears and garments on character when viewed from -items in carts and items picked up. -Guild member listing now shows the last date each member was -online. Currently the date won't show properly until I code -in a system for saving a timestamp for guild members. *Changing guild leaders is now possible through the guild window. -If woE is active, the guild master is on a guild related map, -or the targeted person to become the guild leader is not online, -the change will fail. *Updated the "changegm" command to fail if WoE is active.
  12. Hi, are still have client 2016-12-07, i wan't try 3ceam with that client.

    thanks before

    1. Rytech


      That one isn't supported. But the 2016-12-28 is supported which you can find in the downloads on these forums.

    2. hendra814


      but on 3ceam r814 on this link https://sourceforge.net/projects/v1-3ceam/

      there have this packet

  13. =General *Enabled support for the Sorcerer's alternate outfit. *Updated packet code and info for all guild related packets. -This fixes a few hidden bugs with the guild related functions -and also cleans up and prepare's the code for upcoming support -for newer guild packets for 2017 clients.
  14. V1.10 *Added alternate Sorcerer outfit. 2 more left everyone. Just the Rune Knight and Sura left.
  15. This is the last client Nemo is able to restore the login window on. Starting with the 2017-06-21aRagexeRE and newer the login screen can no longer be enabled. Some other things were found to be added/changed that are related to this. So there won't be any more client releases until a solution is found. As usual with any new client, don't expect it to work right away until support is done for it unless you just want to tinker with it.