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  1. Its hard coded in the client exe and can't be changed which kinda sucks.
  2. =Database *A few item changes. -Fixed the Upgraded Huuma Shuriken to increase MATK properly. -Falcon Flute is now only usable by Hunter type jobs. *Added the Emergency Magic Gear. -This item is usable only by Mechanics. -Mounts the Mechanic to a mado when used. -Has a reuse delay of 3 minutes. =NPC *Updated the thanatos quest to allow Summoner's to enter. =Jobs *Mechanic -Updated the mado code with official March 2017 update changes. -The follow changes applies to the mados.... - -The base movement speed of mado's is now the same as Peco's, -but the movement speed penalty still applies and is reduced with -the Mado License skill. - -Natural HP recovery is increased. Its doubled for now until -the official info is learned. - -Mado's now have a max weight increase of 1500. - -The Teleport skill can now be used. - -Mado's are now immune to equipment stripping.
  3. =General *Added the latest NPC and status tags and ID's. *Enabled support for Shadow Chaser's alternate outfit. =Database *Added and updated a number of items. -Most of the items are Rebellion related. =Skills *Adjusted some Rebellion skills in the databases to prepare for -future updates and update them according to the awakening update. *RL_MASS_SPIRAL -Cooldown time reduced. *RL_BANISHING_BUSTER -No longer deals splash damage. *RL_FALLEN_ANGEL -Max level changed to 1. *RL_D_TAIL *RL_HAMMER_OF_GOD -Element is now forced neutral. *RL_AM_BLAST -Attack ranged increased. *Updated SP requirements for all Rebellion skills. =Jobs *Rebellion -Updated the skill tree to the awakening update version. -Gunslinger skill requirements will not be changed since this -is a pre-renewal emulator. -Note: You may want to offer your players a free skill reset -due to the changes to the skill tree.
  4. They came out in December of 2016.
  5. Can't really say its GTX's causing the issue since a 9800 GTX exists and it seems to be....guessing DirectX 11 and newer cards like the 400 series and newer causing it maybe? Those are still supported with driver updates. And the client im using is a 2017-03-29. Don't have any old clients to test with. Tho ive been using this same computer for over around 9 years so....yea.
  6. =Update Notes *Added support for expanded baby jobs.
  7. What series of GeForce cards are affected by this? Im using a 9800 GT with 335.28 driver on windows XP and all looks fine to me. Is it a graphics card issue or a OS issue?
  8. V1.9 *Added alternate Shadow Chaser outfit.
  9. =General *Fixed a issue with 2016-12-28 and newer clients not properly -showing player's vending list to other players viewing them.
  10. =General *Added temporarly support for the 2017-03-29dRagexeRE -This is for experimental testing and will not stay in the future. *Added support for the AC_ACCEPT_LOGIN4 packet. -March 2017 and newer clients require this since they no longer -support the legacy AC_ACCEPT_LOGIN packet.
  11. =General *Added support for the 2016-12-28aRagexeRE.
  12. Are there issues with other skills? Also isnt that around the date the weapontable lua file was introduced?
  13. Trying to change ID ranges in the client will likely break things. If you increase the monster ID range above 3998 itl overlap with the 2nd range for jobs which start at 4000 and at this time reaches up to 4238. Things like NPC's, skill units, jobs, monsters, and homunculus all use the same ID list which is all for entities. Some types use multiple ranges. Like NPC's use 3 different ranges while playable jobs uses 2. Monsters currently use one range but is getting really close to officially receiving a 2nd one since they just about used all their ID's up. Both the server and client are aware of these ranges and overlapping can and will likely break things. Best thing to do is wait for a future client that defines a 2nd ranges for monsters or just remove some existing monsters in the upper ID's.
  14. Try only using the recommended patches to see if that fixes the issue.