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  1. Max body style should be set to 1 since their's only 1 alternate outfit.
  2. =General *Added the "load_custom_exp_tables" config setting in the exp battle file. +This sets if the server should load the official exp tables (exp.txt) or custom -exp tables (exp2.txt). No more do you have to rename the exp2 file to exp to use it. *The "use_renewal_statpoints" config is renamed to "renewal_stats_handling". +The function of the config is still the same. Just want to name to better reflect -what it does. It is also now on by default for balance reasons. Read the -description for the config for more info on what all it does. *The following battle config settings defaults are changed.... +max_homunculus_parameter: Changed from 150 to 175. +max_aspd_renewal_jobs: Changed from 190 to 193. +max_parameter_renewal_jobs: Changed from 120 to 130. +max_baby_parameter_renewal_jobs: Changed from 108 to 117. +base_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 150 to 175. +job_lv_skill_effect_limit: Changed from 50 to 60. -These are the latest official limits for players (RE Era Jobs) and homunculus. =Database *Updated the exp_homun file with official exp tables for up to level 175. *Updated the statpoint_renewal file with official stat point values for levels -up to 175. =Jobs *Renewal Era Jobs (Jobs introduced during RE era) +The following caps have been increased.... -Base Level: 175 -Job Level: 60 (Except for Summoners) -Max Base Stats: 130 (117 for Babys) -Max ASPD: 193 +Stat bonuses for job levels 51 to 60 have been added. =Homunculus *Mutated Homunculus +The following caps have been increased.... -Base Level: 175 -Max Stats: 175 *Fixed a issue where mutated homunculus were getting a extra skill point.
  3. =General *Added the "hesperuslit_bonus_stack" config. +This sets if the effect bonuses requires a banding count to be equal or be -equal to or higher then the effect number. *party_sub_count_banding *skill_banding_count +Added these functions. +These functions calculate the banding count for the number of Royal Guards in -banding around the caster, as well as the average HP of the banding group, sets -the HP for each banding player, and maxes out the rage spheres for those in -banding with force of vanguard active when requirements are met. *Made the code for chorus count checks more efficent. =Database *Corrected the max level for CG_MOONLIT in the skill database. =Skills *Chorus Skills +The chorus count check is now limited to counting Minstrel's/Wanderer's that are -within a 31x31 AoE around the player casting a chorus skill. *LG_BANDING +Recoded the skill. +The AoE's of each Royal Guard now work seprate from each other. +The main 7x7 AoE that moves around with the caster now only affects enemies and -gives the status that reduces movement speed. The status is removed if the enemy -moves out of the AoE or the AoE vanishes. This AoE doesn't require banding with -other's to make it work. It will work for a player alone. +A 2nd AoE is now used with the skill which generates a 7x7 splash AoE around the -caster every 5 seconds to check for other Royal Guards near the player that are -also in banding status and are in the same party. This is when the stored banding -count is updated, along with the caster's ATK/DEF and also calculates the HP share. *LG_HESPERUSLIT +Fixed a issue where the element didn't turn to holy when banding requirement's were met. +Now maxes out the rage sphere's for all in banding when the banding count is 7. +Bonus effects no longer stack.
  4. =General *Added the "shieldball"command. +It allows you to summon Rune Knight's millennium shield's shield spheres and -set the amount of HP for them. *Millennium shield now manages its shields in its own unqie sphere system. +They are refered to as shieldball and are handled this way since this is how its -officially handled and allows better handling of its animation packets. Tho it -still needs a server side status ID to signal when its active. *Added the "millennium_shield_health" config to the skill config file. =Skills *RK_MILLENNIUMSHIELD +Recoded the skill. +Kyrie, Parry, and Auto Guard now take higher priority over the shields. *WM_GLOOMYDAY +Recoded the skill. +The FLEE/ASPD reductions now apply to all targets no matter what skills are learned. +Now has a small chance of giving the super gloomy status. -The super gloomy status reduces movement speed by 50% and dismounts the player -from its peco/gryphin/dragon. Does not dismount player's from warg or mado. +Now increase the damage of certain skills properly. -The formula for how much the damage is increased and how its applied is now official.
  5. =General *Added the "charmball" command. +It allows you to summon the Kagerou/Oboro charm spheres and select a type. *Recoded the charm sphere system. +Its now refered to as charms or charmballs. +This allows a more proper way of controling the charm types and how to apply their -effects. A number of bugs and issues has also been fixed with this recode. *Fixed a issue where having more then 127 DEF/MDEF of equips equipped would cause a -overflow and bring the DEF value below negeative, bypassing the "max_def" setting. *Fixed a issue where DEF/MDEF increases through status's would allow DEF/MDEF to -go past 99. This is now capped to what the "max_def" config setting is set to. *Updated the packet's sent for player's that have millennium shields active. =Skills *KO_KAHU_ENTEN// Fire Charm *KO_HYOUHU_HUBUKI// Ice Charm *KO_KAZEHU_SEIRAN// Wind Charm *KO_DOHU_KOUKAI// Earth Charm +Fixed a issue where having 10 charms wouldn't allow you to summon a different type. +Fixed a issue where in certain cases your weapon would still have the charms element -even if you don't have 10 charms active anymore. +Charms now give a element resistance to the element that of the summoned charms. -Resistance: 2% * Charm Count. This does not reduce resistance to other elements. +Having 10 or more charms now changes the weapon element directly to the element of the -charm instead of endowing the weapon with a element change. +Damage increase from fire charms for Crimson Fire Formation updated to 10% per charm. +Weapon ATK increase from earth charms updated to 10% per charm.
  6. =General *Added the "rageball" command. -It does what it sounds like. Summons Royal Guard's rage spheres. *Fixed a number of issues caused by monsters/clones when they use -3rd job and other renewal era skills. This should stop crashes -from happening on skills with casters weight / cart weight checks -and spirit sphere checks. It also fixes issues with learned skill -level checks for them so they will use the skill's highest -possible level to maximize the skill's damage/effects as if a -player used it. *Recoded the ZC_MILLENNIUMSHIELD packet. *Recoded the entire rage sphere system. -This fixed a few issues that existed for far too long. -Now the sphere's will display properly on screen refresh, -appear to players walking within range of another player with -rage spheres, and players who warp to another map. -It also fixes invalid/lost timer issues caused by unknown means. -Finally it also fixes the handling of the spheres on GM's during skill use. *Added a few status tags. =Skills *RA_WUGDASH *Fixed a issue where the caster's weight affected the damage formula incorrectly. -Fixed a issue where the bonus damage from Tooth of Wug was not being applied. *RA_WUGSTRIKE -Skill name is no longer yelled out when autocasted through regular attacks. *NC_POWERSWING -Fixed a issue where it autocasted Axe Boomerang when you don't have it learned. *LG_FORCEOFVANGUARD -Chance of getting rage spheres now applies to all damage types. *LG_RAGEBURST -Recoded the skill. *SR_RAMPAGEBLASTER -Damage formula updated. *SR_KNUCKLEARROW -Damage formula updated to official for use on players and monsters. *SR_GENTLETOUCH_ENERGYGAIN -Chance of getting spirit spheres now applies to all damage types. *WM_DEADHILLHERE -Now flagged as a magic skill. *GN_CART_TORNADO -Increased caster's STR effect limit to 130.
  7. =General *Added the "NK_FORCE_RANGED_DAMAGE" setting for skills. -This forces the skill to deal ranged damage at ranges below 5. *Recoded the handling of Minstrel/Wanderer party checks for chorus -skills to only be called on when needed. This should further -save on cpu cycles used on skill use. *skill_chorus_count -Added this function for counting performers in a party. *mass_spiral_max_def *rebel_base_lv_skill_effect -Added these config settings to the skill battle config. =Skills *RK_DRAGONBREATH *RK_DRAGONBREATH_WATER -Corrected the AoE for level 9 to be 9x9. *RA_WUGDASH *RA_WUGSTRIKE *RA_WUGBITE -Corrected a issue where the damage increase from Dance With Wug -wasn't counting the chorus bonus correctly. *SR_RAMPAGEBLASTER -Is now treated as a ranged attack. *RL_MASS_SPIRAL -Damage formula updated. -No longer ignores the target's flee. *RL_S_STORM -Updated the equip break chance formula to official. *RL_H_MINE -Grenade explosion AoE is now 5x5. *RL_FIRE_RAIN -Is now treated as a ranged attack. -AoE stepping speed adjusted to official. *RL_HAMMER_OF_GOD -AoE for the random strike area on unmarked target's is now 15x15 *RA_UNLIMIT *GN_ILLUSIONDOPING *WM_FRIGG_SONG *AB_OFFERTORIUM -Corrected a issue where the casting of these skills were not interruptable. *RK_LUXANIMA -Added cooldown time. *GD_GUILD_STORAGE -Now requires level 10 Guild Extension.
  8. I have no plans to support zero clients. Regular and Zero RO are different servers/clients and its better to support on the regular stuff. Plus my hands are always full of tasks I need to get done.
  9. =General *max_highlvl_nerf *max_joblvl_nerf *max_joblvl_nerf_misc *skillsbonus_maxhp_SR *skillsbonus_maxhp_RK *renewal_baselvl_skill_ratio *renewal_baselvl_skill_effect -Removed these config settings as they are not kept up and also -not needed anymore. Some of them existed since the early days -when unofficial formulas and timers were coded in which caused -balance issues to appear. Now that everything is official they -mostly arnt needed anymore. *renewal_level_effect_skills *base_lv_skill_effect_limit *job_lv_skill_effect_limit -Added these config settings. -Note: The base/job lv_skill_effect_limit settings replaces pinky's -max highlvl/joblvl nerf configs since the limiter system for them -was completely replaced with a more efficent and better handled -system that can work with damage and status formula and also uses -less cpu cycles and memory as well as reduces the amount of code -needed significantly. Overall huge improvement. -Note 2: There's a chance that the renewal_level_effect_skills -setting might be removed in the future as it might not be needed -anymore. *status_get_base_lv_effect *status_get_job_lv_effect -Added these function. -These function similar to status_get_lv and status_get_job_lv -except they are designed to return a value no higher then a -limit set by base_lv_skill_effect_limit and job_lv_skill_effect_limit -settings in the config files. This is for limiting the power -of many skills that have their damage/effects affected by the -base/job levels of the caster and target. Finally got around to -making this system. Long overdue. =Database *Updated all Rebellion weapons and added item bonus scripts for them. -That should do it for the Rebellion job. Anything else left??? =D
  10. =General *Added support for the 2017-06-14bRagexeRE client. -Note: Support for the 2017-03-29dRagexeRE is removed since it -was used for development purposes. *Enabled support for the Rune Knight's alternate outfit. -Make sure to have the dress pack V1.12 installed. *Updated character size data to support fall 2017 and newer clients. =Jobs *Rebellion -Updated bonus stats to official. -Note: Bonus stats for job level 51 to 60 are added as well. -Will update the bonus stats for other jobs soon. =Skills *RL_B_TRAP *RL_FLICKER -Added support for these skills. *RL_H_MINE -Mines stuck to enemy's can now be detonated with the Flicker skill.
  11. V1.12 *Added alternate Rune Knight outfit. -The alternate outfit set is now complete.
  12. Awwww thank you. That really made my day.
  13. =General *Increased MAX_SKILL_UNIT_LAYOUT to 60. *Added error message to appear of the number of pos's exceeds the -max set by MAX_SKILL_UNIT_LAYOUT. =Skills *RL_QD_SHOT -Updated the animation. -Note: Shouldn't see that white flash on the caster anymore. *RL_FIRE_RAIN *RL_HAMMER_OF_GOD -Added support for these skills.
  14. =General *Added the "monster_mobid" enum. -This is to set monster ID's for skill related stuff more easly. *Added the "menuskill_val2" value. -Using menuskill_itemused for certain things just lost me too easly. *Added the "skill_check_condition_mob_master_mer_sub" function. -Works just like the skill_check_condition_mob_master_sub, but -for homunculus and mercenary's. *Added a safety check to prevent the chance of a status activating -from going below 0. *Updated the map cache since prontera was reverted back to the old one. =Database *Updated listing for conditions. -I found these in the source code and they are used by some monsters. -Felt they should be listed here even tho their rarely used. =Skills *NC_SILVERSNIPER -Recoded the skill. -Updated the monster's database entry. -Updated the skill entry's for silver sniper. -No longer able to heal itself. -Updated the ATK bonus from used skill level. -MaxHP now affected by skill level and caster's BaseLV/MaxHP. *NC_MAGICDECOY -Recoded the skill. -Updated the monster's database entrys. -Updated the skill entry's for the magic decoys. -No longer able to heal itself. -MaxHP now affected by skill level and caster's BaseLV/MaxSP. *KO_ZANZOU -Updated the monster's database entry. -Corrected the AI type on the spawning of shadow clones. *GN_ILLUSIONDOPING *MH_SUMMON_LEGION *MH_NEEDLE_OF_PARALYZE *MH_PAIN_KILLER -Added support for these skills.
  15. If there's any free dev power that can add the skills, I have close to all of their skills coded in my project. Should be easy to merge into Herc.