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  1. I miss him as well. Hope things are getting better for him.
  2. OOOOOOOH I see what you did. Their's some official tags and ID's you could be using for this. Hercules doesn't have it in their skill_db.conf or other files needed but you can add it in yourself. Here's some of the missing tags and ID's from my emu... // Soul Linker 2 / Soul Link Enabled 572,9,6,16,0,0x1,0,5,1,yes,0,0x200,0,magic,0, SL_DEATHKNIGHT,Death Knight Spirit 573,9,6,16,0,0x1,0,5,1,yes,0,0x200,0,magic,0, SL_COLLECTOR,Dark Collector Spirit 574,9,6,16,0,0x1,0,5,1,yes,0,0x200,0,magic,0, SL_NINJA,Ninja Spirit 575,9,6,16,0,0x1,0,5,1,yes,0,0x200,0,magic,0, SL_GUNNER,Gunslinger Spirit //576,0,6,4,0,0x1,0,1,0,no,0,0x8,0,none,0, AM_TWILIGHT4,Twilight Alchemy 4 //577,0,6,4,0,0,0,1,1,no,0,0,0,none,0, DA_RESET,Dark Optimize // (Skill level and settings guessed based on DE_RESET) //578,0,6,4,0,0,0,1,1,no,0,0x8,0,none,0, DE_BERSERKAIZER,Berserkaizer //579,9,6,1,0,0,0,1,1,no,0,0x8,0,none,0, DA_DARKPOWER,Dark Soul Power These exist in official but arn't used but you can take advantage of them. I know the soul link animation works for all 4 of these spirits. Try switching everything over to 575 SL_GUNNER.
  3. If I remember correctly, it checks for 2nd jobs and higher. But since Gunslinger is a 1st job, the check will fail and make the skill fail. Thats likely why your seeing no animation. Can you show the entire code your using?
  4. =General *The party window now updates the shown job and base level of a party member when -the member's job or base level changes.
  5. Do you have clif_skill_nodamage in the code? Also what client are you using?
  6. =General *Changed a few settings in the client.conf file to new defaults. +max_hair_style changed from 29 to 31. (July 2018 client or higher needed) +max_doram_cloth_color changed from 0 to 3. (July 2018 client or higher needed) +save_body_style changed from no to yes. -Note: Body style's will now be saved by default from here on since the alternate -3rd job outfits are now officially released in kRO. Make sure your kRO and RE -client data is up-to-date to prevent errors. *bCooldownRate *bNoMadoFuel +Added support for these bonuses. *Fixed a issue where bonus and bonus2 for fixedcastrate stacked. -Only the highest percentage should be taken. *Burning status now reduces MDEF by 25%. *Frost status no longer increases variable cast time. +Now increases fixed cast time by 50%. =Database *Corrected some equips that were usable by Star Emperor and Soul Reaper jobs -that should not be usable by those jobs. *Added the "Costume Change Ticket" item. *Added body style support to the mob_avail file. *The packet_db now shows the 2018-06-21aRagexeRE client can be used. -It uses the same exact packets as the 2018-06-20eRagexeRE. =Documents *Updated item_bonus file to show how to use the new bonuses. =Skills *Star Emperor *Soul Reaper +Updated the status's given by their skills for dispell/clearance rules. *TK_JUMPKICK +No longer removes soul reaper soul links. *AB_CLEARANCE +Can now be used on Soul Linker / Soul Reaper jobs. *SJ_UNIVERSESTANCE +Now allows the use of all Star Emperor's Sun, Moon, Star, and Universe skills. *SJ_FALLINGSTAR +Duration updated to official and is now affected by skill level used.
  7. I talked to him and found that less then a week ago he updated his Herc and Gepard. Issue is likely with one of those and told him to try rollback to his previous Herc install to see if it resolves the issue. The issue randomly happens so it might be a issue with Gepard as well since he updated to the latest version but is using a old 2013 client. *Edit* He told me his server dev didn't update the Herc software. So its likely a Gepard issue.
  8. =General *cooldown_rate *min_skill_cooldown_limit *no_skill_cooldown +Added these config settings to the skill.conf file. *clif_spdamage +Added seprate function for the ZC_NOTIFY_ACT3 packet. -This packet is mainly used for displaying SP damage and not HP damage. -The ZC_NOTIFY_ACT2 packet is confirmed still used for HP damage. *Fixed a issue where some status's that deal damage and shows it will not show the damage done on the enemy if its a killing blow. *Autocasted skills will no longer trigger a cooldown on renewal era skills. *skill_cooldownfix +Added support for this function. -This function is kinda like skill_delayfix, but for cooldowns. -At the moment its functional enough to allow cooldown time adjustments through -status's but will be updated later to work with equip bonuses. =Skills *LG_BANDING +Fixed a issue where using the skill under certain conditions would crash the server. *WM_METALICSOUND +Fixed a issue where it didn't deal bonus damage on sleeping targets. +Now displays SP damage as blue numbers. *SJ_SUNSTANCE *SJ_LUNARSTANCE *SJ_STARSTANCE *SJ_UNIVERSESTANCE +Switching or disabling stances now removes status's given from skills exclusive -to the previously active stance. *SJ_GRAVITYCONTROL *SJ_BOOKOFDIMENSION *Added full support for these skills. *SJ_NOVAEXPLOSING +Recoded the skill. +Damage is now fully fixed and not reduceable. +Damage is now only blockable with Safety Wall / Millennium Shield / Defense Spehre. +Damage is no longer affected by anger skills on hated targets. +Now gives a penalty after use that blocks skill usage for 2 seconds. *SJ_BOOKOFCREATINGSTAR +Recoded the skill. +Now reduces movement speed and deals damage for as long as the enemy is standing -in the AoE. *SJ_PROMINENCEKICK +Now deals 2 hits. -The first hit is the main damage. The second hit is the 100% fire damage. *SP_SOULDIVISION +Adjusted map check code. *SP_SOULEXPLOSION +Now only usable in PVP type maps. *GN_ILLUSIONDOPING +Fixed a issue where casting the skill didn't require alcohol.
  9. You should beable to find 2015 or whatever version below that one on the microsoft VS site. They usually have a older one for download.
  10. Visual Studio 2017 seems to have issues with 3CeAM for some reason. Not sure if its because the project files are too old, if the use of regular C code is not supported, or their using a newer compiler thats finding error's that older ones never said anything about. Best to try a older version.
  11. There's a packet called ZC_MAPPROPERTY_R2 that has a bit field and one of the bit entry's is called SUNMOONSTAR_MIRACLE. That could be related to why the message appears. I don't think this will affect if miracle will work or not since its just a way for the client to know and tell you if your on a map where miracle is not allowed to activate. Server side will still activate it by chance unless a map flag is set to disable it. Don't know if Hercules has support for that flag yet. Note To Devs: A bit old topic but im bumping so we can check into this to make sure it works properly. If no map flag support for this exists yet, maybe set the bit to a fixed setting to make the message not appear until one is supported.
  12. =General *Corrected a typo in a message related to push carts. *Added support for the "ZC_MSG_COLOR" packet. +Currently not used....yet. *Fixed a issue with the "allskills" command where it may not appear to give you -all the skills accessable by your job. This is needed due to the normalize job -skilltree recode. *clif_msg_value *clif_msg_skill +Added support for these functions. -This replaces "clif_msgtable_num" and "clif_skill_msg" and are properly recoded -to the way they should of been coded. *clif_msg_color +Added support for this function to work with "ZC_MSG_COLOR". *pc_normalize_job_max_skillpoint +Added support for ths function. -This works with the normalizing of jobs to set how many skill points should be -invested into certain skills in a skill tree depending on the job since the max -job level is different between jobs. *pc_calc_skilltree_normalize_job +Recoded the function to properly work for 3rd jobs. -Note: This was so broken. I had to reverted it back to the original eAthena code -and then update it to the way it should be. Wasn't easy. *pc_search_job_skilltree +Added support for this function. -This replaces "pc_isSkillFromJob" and is a recode of it. *pc_skillup +Recoded the checks and message handling for telling the player how many skill -points need to be placed into lower tier skills. This is also part of the reason -"pc_calc_skilltree_normalize_job" was recoded. Having to update the skill range -check every time new 3rd job skills come out is annoying. Better to let the -normalize_job and search_job_skilltree functions work together for this. *pc_jobchange +Removed JOBL_THIRD from the upper setting switch. -Third jobs are not a alternate version of 2nd jobs. Its a higher tier, making it -its own job. *Updated "pc_msg" and "msg_skill" MSG names with official ones. =Skills *WS_WEAPONREFINE +Updated refine chance bonus gained from JobLV's to official. +JobLV will not affect the success chance when below 50. -When above 50, it will add a 0.5% chance bonus for each level above 50. -This brings the added success chance to 10% at JobLV 70. +Mechanics now get the full 10% added chance bonus no matter the JobLV. *SJ_STAREMPEROR *SJ_NOVAEXPLOSING +Added support for these skills. *SJ_BOOKOFDIMENSION *SJ_BOOKOFCREATINGSTAR +Added some support for these skills. -Note: SJ_BOOKOFCREATINGSTAR is only partly working and deals damage and -SJ_BOOKOFDIMENSION activates but the status has no effect. I didn't have time -to finish them. *SJ_FALLINGSTAR_ATK +The AoE size for the stellar mark check is now 5x5. -Note: Sucks that its this small but its confirmed official.
  13. When did this happen? For item ID support client side to increase from 65K to up in the billions the ID's had to have changed from Short to Int value which means new packets. What are the packets?
  14. =Skills *LG_PRESTIGE +Fixed a issue where the duration would restart when the skill is casted while -the status is active. *SJ_FULLMOONKICK *SJ_NEWMOONKICK *SJ_SOLARBURST *SJ_PROMINENCEKICK +Added support for these skills. -Note: The bonus 100% fire damage for Prominence Kick currently doesn't work. -This will be added later when I learn how its applied officially. *SJ_FALLINGSTAR_ATK +Fixed a issue where the attack wouldn't trigger on marked enemy's.
  15. =General *Fixed a issue where double attacking changes was 1% lower then they should be. *Fixed a issue where some status's from Shadow Chaser skills were dispellable. =Database *"lunarstance" is changed to "moonstance" in the skill requirement database. -Didn't feel right putting it as lunar while the others are sun and star. =Skills *SJ_LIGHTOFMOON *SJ_LIGHTOFSTAR *SJ_FLASHKICK *SJ_FALLINGSTAR *SJ_LIGHTOFSUN *SJ_FALLINGSTAR_ATK *SJ_FALLINGSTAR_ATK2 +Added support for these skills. *SJ_LUNARSTANCE *SJ_STARSTANCE *SJ_UNIVERSESTANCE *SJ_SUNSTANCE +Stances no longer stack. *SP_SOULUNITY +Recoded the entire skill to work as it should officially.