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  1. =General *This update releases code thats under development for the styling shop feature. -However, due to it taking me too long to finish it and me loosing interest in -finishing it, ive decided to release it as is for now and ill complete it at a -later date. Its not fully usable as is and shouldn't be. -To anyone who was hoping to use this in their server, your not missing anything. -The system is limited in some ways and isn't good for custom dyes and styles. -The super stylist is better for custom selections.
  2. =General *Added support for equips with effect animations. -These are animations displayed through SI_HEAD_EQUIPMENT_EFFECT which are -controlled through the HatEffectInfo.lua file. You can see this in action -with the added item Magic Circle (20515). *Corrected a issue where item types ARMOR and WEAPON were switched. -This fixes the incorrect tabs issue in the storage window. *Added a structure init for skill_spellbook_db. =Database *Added 2 new items.
  3. New release. Felt this was needed since kRO now officially supports these sprites. v1.13 *Updated lua files to not show 2 default body dye options. *Removed all sprites and texture files (except dressroomback.bmp). -Since the kRO client now has all the sprites and textures officially, -there's no need to included these files. The only purpose of this GRF -now is to enable the dress room UI functions. *For those who still want the version with the sprites and textures -included for some reason, the dresspackold.grf is also included.
  4. View File Dress Pack What Is It?: The dress pack is a content pack that enables full use of the dressing room feature and also adds official alternate styles for 3rd jobs from jRO. How To Install: To use, simply have your DATA.INI file set to read the dressroom.grf before the data.grf/rdata.grf files. You can also use the tool GRF Editor to merge into your custom grf if desired. A 2015-10-29aRagexe or newer client is required for this to work properly. This file only adds support for the client side and will only let you view things in the dress room window. The server must fully support the system as well along with the "body" value in the character data. You will need to enable the "save_body_style" config in the conf/battle/client.conf to allow your server to save selected body styles. More info can be found in the read me file. Submitter Rytech Submitted 12/20/15 Category Client Resources  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Release for the 2017-06-14bRagexeRE client. Be sure to have your DATA.INI set to read rdata.grf first and data.grf second. Packets are provided in the included text file. Packet shuffles and keys can be found at the bottom in the file.
  6. You may want to try using a newer client to see if that resolves the issue. Newer clients likely have updated support for newer OS's and API's and you client being a Feb 2014 client is close to reaching 5 years of age.
  7. =General *Disabled access to multi-colored dragons through commands and scripts. -Its been found that riding any color other then green while having a body style -of 1 or more causes sprite error's and client crash, making it impossible to get -back on that character. *Fixed a issue where skills could not be leveled up when playing as a Summoner. =NPC *Disabled dragon color selection in the 3CeAM rental script.
  8. =General *HC_ACK_CHARINFO_PER_PAGE +Recoded the packet to work as it officially should. -The packet is supposed to divide all the character's on a account to be sent by -3 per packet and no higher. It turns out that sending all the characters in one -packet leads to issues, like noticeable delays when character select loads, -long delay when going from map to character select on character's saved in a -high slot number, and in certain cases none of the character's will appear in -character select if you have certain numbers of character's on a account. -Overall, this greatly improves the stability and performance client side. =NPC *Updated the Neuralizer cashshop script to check for dragon, wug, and mado.
  9. No. There's no plans on renewal mechanics support since rAthena and Hercules already have that and mainly focus on that.
  10. =General *Increased MAX_MAP_PER_SERVER to 2000 +Because their's nearly 1000 maps in the cache, instance maps will likely generate -in the ID range for Extra/Custom maps. The 500 increase will give headspace for -more official maps and instances. This also shifts the ID ranges for Extra/Custom -maps by 500. Be sure to rebuild your map cache if your using custom maps. *Added support for the extended refine system. +This is a customized system for supporting +20 equippment refines. -The system is off by default but can be enabled in the source. -Check the db/refine_db_extended.txt file for more info. *Disabled warnings about possible packet encryption when the server receives a -unknown packet. 2018 clients have encryption disabled by default and people by -now should know how to resolve possible issues like this. *Important monster ID's are now set in a enum table. *Player clone ID range reduced to 200 clones max. +This will be increased back in the future once the 2nd monster ID range is -supported. =Database *Renamed the monster KO_ZANZOU to KO_KAGE. +Its the actural official name. =Jobs *Mechanic +Can now use all Merchant, Blacksmith, and Whitesmith skills while in a Mado. =Skills *RK_CRUSHSTRIKE *LG_SHIELDSPELL +Updated damage, effect, and duration formula's to work properly for +10 and +20 -refine settings. *LG_SHIELDPRESS +Updated stun duration to official. -Once again the 2011 iRO document is wrong. +Updated damage, effect, and duration formula's to work properly for +10 and +20 -refine settings.
  11. =General *Added a 2nd usable letters/symbols options for "char_name_letters". -This option allows for the use of ASCII Punctuation & Symbols in character names. *Removed MAX_CHARS_SLOTS. -This was useless since noone uses the feature to set max slots and how many of -those slots can be used. Best to only have MAX_CHARS. *MAX_CHARS is now set to 12 by default. *Update HC_ACCEPT_ENTER2 packet. *HC_ACK_CHARINFO_PER_PAGE *HC_CHARLIST_NOTIFY *CH_CHARLIST_REQ -Added support for these packets to better support the new character select. -These are currently setup for 2018-06-20 and newer clients since I don't want -to risk breaking things with older clients.
  12. =General *Added plugins for the Travis system to use on GitHub.
  13. =General *Updated item_db.sql, item_db_3ceam.sql, mob_db.sql, and mob_db_3ceam.sql with -the latest data from the text file versions.
  14. =General *Did some cleanup by deleting many old files no longer needed.
  15. Yes, just watch the homunculus attack and attempt to kill mobs. If successful, then its killing mobs. If not, then its failing to kill mobs.
  16. I recently learned that some of the textures for the character select screen were changed at some point between 2018-06-20 and today (2018-10-24) which will cause the 2018-06-20/21 RagexeRE to crash when reaching the character select screen. A few of them look different and are of a different size but I don't know why its causing this issue. So im releasing this here. The download contains the old and new textures for compare. To use the fix, place the select_character_v3 folder from the old textures folder in your "data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/" directory. Char Select Textures.zip
  17. =General *Added tons of new maps to the map index and cache. -Cache is completely rebuilt using data.grf last patched on 2018-06-20. -Index lists are taken from rAthena. Credits to them. -Note: I had to use a grf that wasn't as up-to-date due to the mapcache program -having issues reading one I have patched to the end of October 2018. -Its likely that it can't read grf's over 2 GB in size. *Players that have hair style 0 will have their style changed to 1 on login. -Also players having a body dye of 1 will have their dye changed to 0 on login. -This is because hair style 0 and body dye 1 are not allowed in official servers. -Both for each one is basicly the same. Not sure why its like that but it is. -Using them can cause small glitches on character select and the equip window. -Example: The blue crystal looking things on the Warlock outfit will appear -black and missing other colors on body dye 1. -GM's can still access those values by command, but will be changed back on login. *Added 2 new towns to the "go" command. Lasagna and Rock Ridge. *Fixed some linux compile error's. =Database *Added item_fixeddrop. -This allows you to add items that you don't want to be affected by the set -server rates and instead only be affected by whats set in the monster database. -Basicly its a way to force certain items to drop at official chances no matter -what the rates are set to. =NPC *Updated the 3ceam_stylist to not allow the use of hair style 0 and body dye 1. -This is for official reasons and also to prevent glitches.
  18. =General *max_cloth_color changed to 3. -Turns out while the old original 1st and 2nd jobs has a 4th dye option, the other -jobs don't. Plus the styling shop info only allows for dyes up to 3 by default. -They must of decided long ago to only offer 3 dyes. *Added 2 new skill place holders. *Updated the "displayskill" command to allow for selecting which skill animation -packets to send. =Database *Fixed some item script errors in item_db. =Skills *RK_IGNITIONBREAK -Fixed a issue where the animation wouldn't appear on 2018-06-20 and newer clients. *SJ_NOVAEXPLOSING *SP_SOULEXPLOSION -Fixed a issue where the damage didn't bypass protection from Devotion. *SC_ESCAPE -Added missing item requirement. =SQL Files *Fixed some item script errors in item_db. *Changed the values of monster's stats to smallint. =Tools *Updated perl script for the monsters to use smallint for their stats.
  19. If your getting a error message saying there's no alternate style for that class (if playing a 3rd job), check your source code for that command to see if it allows it for that job or try updating your install of Herc/rA/3CeAM. Also, no there's no alternate for trans jobs. Only the original 3rd jobs have access to these.
  20. I wasn't aware the ToS character's were 3D. Is what im seeing in the RO conversion a 2D sprite? Likely so since a head sprite can be attached to it. It also looks like the head flicker is due to the lack of frames for the head. If it was possible to duplicate changes in one ACT file to another I think gravity would of found a way to make a universal one for all head sprites or headgears to use. Look how many copies of the garment sprites they have for each one. Its insane. You can try making a modified one and clone to see what happens. As for the IMF files I think it has something to do with weapons. What type of weapons can be displayed with that job sprite and also what attack action should appear. For example different attack animation for knife and bows for Archers or dagger/swords and spears for Knight's. Even duel welding on Assassin and Kagerou/Oboro jobs use a special file for this. I remember when coding the body style system I made a Guillotine Cross look like a Thief but was able to weld katar's without any error's and they appeared perfectly fine on the sprite. So if the system read the SPR and ACT files for a Thief to appear, then why no error's with the katar's? Its as if the weapon data or likely IMF was still loaded for Guillotine Cross. *Edit* I just realized I don't see IMF's for headgears or heads. It might be for what I said above, as well as how to layer the sprites for everything making up a character.
  21. @M45T3R My mind is blown by how nice this looks. But the sad truth is that their's multiple layers of sprites that have to all be anchored together and with the same number of frames like you said. Body, head, lower/mid/upper headgears, weapon, shield, and garment. While you wouldn't need to edit the SPR sprite file for them all, you would have to edit every ACT file to add in the info for anchor's and frame display data for each and every existing sprite for a character sprite for every direction on every action. Its a great task but there's no shortcuts around it. Still nice to see this in action tho.Been quite some time since anything in this community impressed me.
  22. I miss him as well. Hope things are getting better for him.
  23. OOOOOOOH I see what you did. Their's some official tags and ID's you could be using for this. Hercules doesn't have it in their skill_db.conf or other files needed but you can add it in yourself. Here's some of the missing tags and ID's from my emu... // Soul Linker 2 / Soul Link Enabled 572,9,6,16,0,0x1,0,5,1,yes,0,0x200,0,magic,0, SL_DEATHKNIGHT,Death Knight Spirit 573,9,6,16,0,0x1,0,5,1,yes,0,0x200,0,magic,0, SL_COLLECTOR,Dark Collector Spirit 574,9,6,16,0,0x1,0,5,1,yes,0,0x200,0,magic,0, SL_NINJA,Ninja Spirit 575,9,6,16,0,0x1,0,5,1,yes,0,0x200,0,magic,0, SL_GUNNER,Gunslinger Spirit //576,0,6,4,0,0x1,0,1,0,no,0,0x8,0,none,0, AM_TWILIGHT4,Twilight Alchemy 4 //577,0,6,4,0,0,0,1,1,no,0,0,0,none,0, DA_RESET,Dark Optimize // (Skill level and settings guessed based on DE_RESET) //578,0,6,4,0,0,0,1,1,no,0,0x8,0,none,0, DE_BERSERKAIZER,Berserkaizer //579,9,6,1,0,0,0,1,1,no,0,0x8,0,none,0, DA_DARKPOWER,Dark Soul Power These exist in official but arn't used but you can take advantage of them. I know the soul link animation works for all 4 of these spirits. Try switching everything over to 575 SL_GUNNER.
  24. If I remember correctly, it checks for 2nd jobs and higher. But since Gunslinger is a 1st job, the check will fail and make the skill fail. Thats likely why your seeing no animation. Can you show the entire code your using?
  25. =General *The party window now updates the shown job and base level of a party member when -the member's job or base level changes.