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  1. that's good to hear. I hope the update come sooner.
  2. it's been like years since rathena increase their item id to 60k+
  3. Hi, everything you need is in the Doc folder of herc. how can you make to base on %? its in the DOC. (MaxHp) this example is using 5% set t, MaxHp * 0.05; while(Hp < t){ do this sleep for cooldown or you can use gettimetick just read the docs. }
  4. you can put like if(Hp < threshold) { do this} https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt
  5. Hello! I'm thinking to update my client.(currently using 2015-11-04) whats the most latest or stable for a pre-re server? thanks for your reply!
  6. nvm found out that i have to be a root user before executing the commands. idk why needed a root user for that.
  7. i don't know why is this not working properly. so i put my map files(gat,rsw,gnd) + resnametable inside trunk/data/ and run the command "./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --map arocustom" the result is [warning]: could not open file 'maps/pre-re/arocustom.mcache', map cache creating failed. ?? i'm trying to create a mcache file for my custom map using the command. and give me an error cannot find mcache? what? -- I've also tried adding it to oldformat map_cache.dat and try converting it and i get a result of [warning]: could not open file 'maps/pre-re/arocustom.mcache', map cache creating failed. [error]: failed to convert map.
  8. Hi good day! The mob.h says i can put 1k-60k mob id. since 3k-4k is already been used by default. i tried adding from 20k+(i even try 10k+) but the client still crash using 2015 04 11 client.
  9. Hi is it normal that when you died inside the map you cannot return to the instance again? it will say "Instance failed" with the instance id having "-1"
  10. Hello Good day to all. Can i request a function of delay. The function will have a list of item ids that will share its delay/cooldown. for example i put item id 501,502,503 on the function and set the delay to 500ms when i use the 501 item id. the other item (502,503) will also cooldown the same time with 501. Thanks!
  11. no no no, what i aim here is RO related. see this is my situation. Server 1 (Login,char,map) and i have Server 2 (char, map) this setup is dual server using 1 login-server so what i aim to do is make the vote_points table (from database of server 1) be accessible to Server 2 npc script (which is from different host) I hope you get what i'm trying to do.
  12. the query_sql script command is only referring to the main database. i wanted to use a query_sql that will refer to other host/server's database.
  13. thanks found out a solution using that global_config.
  14. Is it possible to access database from npc script? i know yes if you are going to access the localhost but i'm talking about other server for example i have vote_points table on other host and i wanted it to be access by server2(this is from different host). what code should i use? or is it even possible?
  15. Hello there, back when we have conf/inter_athena.conf i can easily make dual server ( 1 login, 2 char, 2map) with connection of sql., but not it seems that all login,char,map are using 1 connection inside sql_connection.conf any idea how can i seperate the login?