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  1. Hi is it normal that when you died inside the map you cannot return to the instance again? it will say "Instance failed" with the instance id having "-1"
  2. Hello Good day to all. Can i request a function of delay. The function will have a list of item ids that will share its delay/cooldown. for example i put item id 501,502,503 on the function and set the delay to 500ms when i use the 501 item id. the other item (502,503) will also cooldown the same time with 501. Thanks!
  3. no no no, what i aim here is RO related. see this is my situation. Server 1 (Login,char,map) and i have Server 2 (char, map) this setup is dual server using 1 login-server so what i aim to do is make the vote_points table (from database of server 1) be accessible to Server 2 npc script (which is from different host) I hope you get what i'm trying to do.
  4. the query_sql script command is only referring to the main database. i wanted to use a query_sql that will refer to other host/server's database.
  5. thanks found out a solution using that global_config.
  6. Is it possible to access database from npc script? i know yes if you are going to access the localhost but i'm talking about other server for example i have vote_points table on other host and i wanted it to be access by server2(this is from different host). what code should i use? or is it even possible?
  7. Hello there, back when we have conf/inter_athena.conf i can easily make dual server ( 1 login, 2 char, 2map) with connection of sql., but not it seems that all login,char,map are using 1 connection inside sql_connection.conf any idea how can i seperate the login?
  8. ya but like example i did many edit on my item_db. also it give really pain when messing it up with armors and weapons. for example i'd like to replace a loc: 1 then the loc: 16, 132, and so on will get affected too. i'm using natural notepad. I don't know how to use expression on notepad++
  9. Hello guys, with the recent update of item_db (https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/98bf5a58d9e79dcb80bdbe64e1c80f18e17a6cbc) is there a tool so we can easily update our item_db and item_db2 into this?
  10. This error is more likely connection error not src. better check your conf/ and sql connection
  11. Okay i hope this one wont be take down by RO. since other source have been taken down T_T
  12. Hi is this version of yours the same to dastgir? Thnx!
  13. Nvm I've manage to make the latest version work with latest herc. it was just a simple error i just realize lol.
  14. Hi, Why no one is actually converting Stalao's Daily reward script from rathena? i've spent too much time searching and it seems hercules users stick with the OLD version which work with hercules. the latest one 1.7B have 1 error and lot of debug
  15. Thanks for the reply!