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  1. Okay i hope this one wont be take down by RO. since other source have been taken down T_T
  2. Hi is this version of yours the same to dastgir? Thnx!
  3. Nvm I've manage to make the latest version work with latest herc. it was just a simple error i just realize lol.
  4. Hi, Why no one is actually converting Stalao's Daily reward script from rathena? i've spent too much time searching and it seems hercules users stick with the OLD version which work with hercules. the latest one 1.7B have 1 error and lot of debug
  5. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Hello, Aside from Flux, Ceres, Starcp what are the other control panel for ragnarok online? I've been seeing a lot of server using like this https://www.infamyro.com/portal/ cpanel. I'm not so sure if its flux or something. TY in advance!
  7. Hello, is there a possible chance to know what emulator is the server using? if you are only a player and don't have access to the server files at all. thanks!
  8. Why This was so helpful T_T any other alternative? or what is the reason why not suitable for public distribution?
  9. I'm not quite sure if the hosting is still active or have a fast response. someone reported here in hercules he got scam. well just read the topic and be the judge for your self. Edit: another one
  10. I wish we could still download this
  11. Why would you not recommend 2015? what is the issue?
  12. Hello, can anyone suggest a best client ver for 2015- 2016- 2017- and which of 3 do you suggest using? Thanks!
  13. First enable the show exception in error.php in your fluxcp after it don't forget to change to timezone in application.php then i would enter a command (I'm not so sure if this is secure to do) chmod -R 777 /var/www/(your fluxcp folder) after you've done that you will still encounter few more errors. but you can resolve with with the given remedy in fluxcp error message. Goodluck
  14. Wala na kasi forum e. Sorry na. may sumagot na ng tanong ko sa member ng herc. hahaha uu ngayon ko lng din nalaman na down na forum nila. pero assembla nila open pa. add mo nlng yun owner sa skype baka matulungan kapa pero duda ako. parang wala nmn kasi pakialam owner ng eamod sa mga user nya.bsta sya kumikita
  15. Sweet! But how do I remove ailments such as Stunned, Frozen, Stone Cursed? I've tried adding SC_STUN, SC_FREEZE and SC_STONE in the list but the NPC won't talk to me. Hello you might want to try sc_end sc_all