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  1. Hello, crdb5066 We do not terminate the services immediately, we only do this once you left all invoices without giving us a notice and please always back up your files Thanks.
  2. is already released?
  3. Hello Dastgir, i try to test and use this, but seems having problem on
  4. helloo make sure you add this diff on nemo patcher or any diffing tools "Enable DNS Support"
  5. Unamanaged means no support at all.... unless there is a problem on connectivity with the VM/VPs
  6. gepard shield is not free pm functor.x on skype if u wish to buy
  7. Hello, i think the source has been released to public, but no updates just use GEPARD SHIELD for anti cheat ,its better
  8. hello. this can help maybe.. by trying to put the WAN IP on char_ip map_ip login_ip try this .. it wont cost u anything to try
  9. hello., Dominating you can always have a ticket answered.. and not need to follow up here. the problem u have is because you need, to follow our guide for HERCULES SVN, needs this command of recompiling make clean && make all due, to you have a plugins. to make your emulator work again. again, please use our ticket system and wait for our reply . do not follow up tickets here
  10. Hello. this is quite interesting question.. but its always depends, what you need and what you can have (talking about price) VPS openvz is lowcost good for starting how to learn and make it a public small server while dedicated is good and better, you need to spend more $$ on this.. and for starters this is not what u need.
  11. Hello. thanks!!. the setup u have is working once more.. please prevent editing src.. if its not compatible
  12. hello. yes i see this now,. we will see what we can do on this.. because u are asking for a fresh re-setup of all files again, after having our free setup