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  1. Your server is pk mode, so obviously they can attack anywhere to anyone. You don't need pk mode to be enabled to use this plugin.
  2. Approved, good luck
  3. Another Update: Added support for reading item_db.conf: https://github.com/dastgir/Scripts/commit/3ea168dcd13251c84fd38215fedd549e536f0293 (Now can read Slots and ClassNum from item_db.conf)
  4. Fixed @ new Revision
  5. Update: https://github.com/dastgir/Scripts/commit/b5de266816426f6f825571786cad76223d32d3bb Partial Support for new item_db format parsing (Currently only usable for conf2db)
  6. new item_db format isn't supported yet, once I do that, all tools will be updated to support new format.
  7. Updated. Now this kind of errors won't happen.
  8. Pass me your idnum tables (pm or discord), Anyways final version of this tool is yet to come with item_db support for copying ClassNum for weapons
  9. Personally used OVH, DO, VULTR. Never go with VULTR. OVH And DigitalOcean are good. Now it depends on your location and DDoS protection. If you want DDoS protection, go with ovh. If you want better locations (Asia), go with DigitalOcean
  10. Hello, Since gravity has changed the itemInfo format. Recently, I have been getting quite a few requests to make something for idnum to ItemInfo converter. So here I am, made a tool + optional config in itemInfo to support older clients without changing the format. Tool Link: https://github.com/dastgir/Scripts/tree/master/Lua/multi-tools Usage is mentioned in Readme
  11. hey there, I recently saw the item_DB you posted. It is a different format than mine. Is there a way to convert it to the newer Hercules style DB?

  12. Hello. I had read your post about identified or unidentified item in this link: 

    I managed to make it work. However, the problem is the client doesn't have the updated item list in idnum2itemdesctable.txt, etc txt anymore....so I am not sure how to get the new information for the event prefix one...Could you help me? 

  13. it might be crashing due to plugin? post error message so that could be solved.
  14. Don't try to contact me on Skype. Skype is acting weird for me. Discord is preferable.
  15. Hey are you busy atm ? I tried to added u on discord