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  1. query_sql(sprintf("SELECT amount FROM storage WHERE account_id='%d' AND nameid='%d'", getcharid(3), [email protected]_id), [email protected]);
  2. well, the new system have individual files. You can just get the .mcache file and put in maps folder and it would work (provided you added map name in other required files, like map_index and maps.conf) It's easier to track the changes, as if mapcache was updated before, you didn't know which all maps changed, but now you would get to know and without conflict , download the new update
  3. It might also mention file name or table name in error
  4. Will fix it soon, for extendedVending, the function just need extra parameter with value 0
  5. Hi. I want to inquire with your scripting service. Can you pm me?

  6. The data folder and/or GRF should lie where your map server is. So if you want to do it in your PC, compile the mapcache plugin and map-server in your PC
  7. if (MaxWeight*100/Weight >= 70) { //Overweight code here }
  8. What you use? I use resource hacker and it works fine everytime
  9. Please use English
  10. For newish client like early 2018(ragexeRE) clients you can edit System/OngoingQuestInfoList_Sakray.lub, I guess quest lub which you are currently editing was introduced on early 2013. The file you are editing does not show npc image if it's on progress, you have added it in ep14.1, so if you check there, it would show npc I suppose(if those Lua/lub is even read by 2016 client)
  11. Check char table, normally char_id starts from 150000, your server might be having char id less than that.
  12. Checked item_db2? Pretty sure that error is due to that bonus only
  13. That's what I wrote, it's due to item having bonus "bAddRaceTolerance"
  14. You might be using "bAddRaceTolerance" bonus in pre-renewal, that bonus is available only for renewal, you might need to switch that with bSubRace.
  15. My mistake, it seems that's correct name. Which client are you using? (By the looks of screenshot, it seems it isn't reading Lua file).