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  1. That's in my plugin collection too: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/item_charms.c
  2. I suggest using import folder: conf/import/char-server.conf: char_configuration: { sql_connection: { db_hostname: "" db_port: 3306 db_username: "username" db_password: "password" db_database: "database" } } ^ equivalent to Char_server_ip/char_server_port/etc.. in rA conf/import/login-server.conf: login_configuration: { account: { sql_connection: { // equivalent to login_server_ip/login_server_port/etc. db_hostname: "" db_port: 3306 db_username: "username" db_password: "password" db_database: "database" } ipban: { sql_connection: { // equivalent to ipban_db_ip/ipban_db_port/etc. db_hostname: "" db_port: 3306 db_username: "username" db_password: "password" db_database: "database" } } } } conf/import/inter-server.conf: inter_configuration: { log: { sql_connection: { // equivalent to log_db_ip/log_db_port/etc. db_hostname: "" db_port: 3306 db_username: "username" db_password: "password" db_database: "database" } } } conf/import/map-server.conf map_configuration: { sql_connection: { //equivalent to map_server_ip/map_server_port/etc. db_hostname: "" db_port: 3306 db_username: "username" db_password: "password" db_database: "database" } } If you want all servers to use same db username/pass/database, you can instead edit conf/global/sql_connection.conf sql_connection: { db_hostname: "" db_port: 3306 db_username: "ragnarok" db_password: "ragnarok" db_database: "ragnarok" //codepage:"" } sql_connection.conf affects all server, and avoids mentioning each credentials seperately. I hope it helped you and this is what you were asking for.
  3. reading item from SQL is not supported on herc. For item_db.conf, you can have it as: Job: { Summoner: true } if you want to use it for flux, you can have it on your item_db.conf and use the db2sql plugin(provided with hercules repo), to convert the conf to sql(yet, sql db won't be read by server, its purely for external uses)
  4. Hey! 

    Can you add queue Red vs Blue team selection? What expensive that will be?
    You have discord or skype?
    oh! Im using base bg from herc

    Thanks! ]]]

  5. You mean this? https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins/commit/c09570cfb0dd68fada5ece052fa67387e961814f ?
  6. They are not yet possible by current design, however new commands can be created for adding/removing mapflags
  7. Also, only 1 patch fails in list of recommended patches (translate client)
  8. Something's wrong with your db value I guess. getting tickets(2) doesn't return millisecond, and having that high time is not possible. Maybe somewhere you inserted some high value in online_time field.
  9. Good luck, let us know if you need some help I guess no one would deny help for this dream project
  10. Are you talking about having 2 set of server? Or using multiple database for login/char/map? From the first post , it seems you were talking about database, but from last post, it seems you want multi map server, however, multi map server is not possible with Hercules.. If you were asking of database, it's possible to segregate the database for login/char/map server, use import folders and import your own sql_connection setting(the format is same as that of map-server.conf/char-server.conf/login-server.conf)
  11. It contains skin for IPB3 and not IPS
  12. Get new WinZip/7zip, it uses zip format with LZMA which won't be available in old software.
  13. Old? As in 2012 and less? They weren't packed, so downloading them from patch server would work fine.
  14. missing resources of char display? (I doubt) maybe unwanted patch applied to client? Try disabling "Use Custom Font" and "Resize font" and try?