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  1. Hello ? 

    I Need your Service.

  2. What KirieZ said is right, but you should also keep in mind attachrid is not necessary as at one time, 1 player can only have 1 attached script, instead some modification to command would be more effective in terms of performance and reliability
  3. Any Logs showing line number of leaks?
  4. At last, topic about differences in public. I just want to add my opinion here, for any merges from other emulators, it becomes difficult(or rather time consuming) at one point for developers to keep track of what they are missing as compared to others. It would be great if someone (or community together) could summarize it containing what's missing expected behavior (optional) (e.g: Skill Description, Working of some new UI/feature, instance description or some link in English explaining it) Link to commit/PR (optional)
  5. Hi all, To all those who want to avail my services, I would not be available for paid services. For all those who have availed my services but is pending, Refunds are initiated and I apologize for not completing it. (If you haven't received it yet, please do leave a message) I would not be able to take any paid services due to some unforeseen circumstances. Regards, Dastgir
  6. Hi Dear Dastgir!

    How i configure the KvM for my eBG ?? Help me

    Thanks for your atencion!

    1. Dastgir


      Please use ExtendedBG topic to discuss this

  7. Hello,

    your PM Box is Full - Dastgir cannot receive messages.

    i have a problem.
    I want to change the language to English
    I can not find the file with itemInfo.lub
    has the name changed?
    can you help me pls dude ?

  8. Those warp are static or generated via script and changes location? If they are meant to be static, you can use newer client feature named (signboard) and just link to those warp co ordinates.
  9. Which client you are using? When does this happen(login in/using skills/char select/etc)
  10. You can also use third party tools like I made months ago (https://github.com/dastgirp/Scripts/blob/master/python/MapCache/mapcache.py) But I would recommend plugin as it have more options and is officially supported
  11. Use opensetup and change character encoding
  12. Weemapcache is known, but it does not follow proper format. Weemapcache does not preserve map index instead of creates its own index based on map names (alphabetically) Also, new system helps to know what changes are been done and is better trackable in git.
  13. Well, you are free to change emulator, nobody is forcing anything to you. Also, swearing/shouting is not allowed in this forum.
  14. Please don't use light colors, it is extremely difficult to read on this theme of forum.
  15. This can give some overview: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues/2233 _$ is used if there's some string formatting (%s, %d or something like that), mesf is basically 3 commands in one, i.e mes+sprintf+_$ _() is used to enclose strings which aren't in commands that are translated(only few commands are detected like mes/select), others needs to be enclosed in _(), also raw string needs to be enclosed. c-format is comment in pot file which says formatting is present.