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  1. Hello Community, I am feeling like, there's many plugin on forum, but not been actively used, due to out-of-date plugin I have updated Shikazu's Plugin first(as it was requested on the thread from 25th April), maybe Shikazu busy on his rl. Also I have included My Plugins there. I would like to add more plugins there(which are not updated on hercules forum <- please suggest if you find some outdated plugin and want me to update it ) List of Plugins and Owners: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/README.md Repository: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins Thanks.
  2. Yes, sorry, will fix it. It seems i pushed unfinished update
  3. Hello Hercules Community, I am offering my Services to you @ some expense of money. Works for Emulator: Hercules/rAthena/Others(if any) Services: Scripting. (Min Price:5$ ) Source Modification(/Addition).(Min Price: 5$) Converting to/Creating a Plugin[Hercules Specific].(Min Price: 5$) Migrating Your Server. (Min Price: 10$) Adding Custom Items/Maps/Mobs. (Min Price: 5$) Creating/Adding New Skills. (Min Price: 10$) Changing of Emulator (Min Price: 10$) ClientSide Things. (Min Price: 5$) Fixing Errors. (Min Price: 5$) Script Review. Consulting And Anything else, that you want, just drop me a PM Maximum Price: Depends on Complexity of the Work What Else: Free Support for Service bought from me. Contact Info: Post Here Via PM Payment Methods: PayPal OnlyPM me if you want any other payment method, and I might check If I can have it. Status: AVAILABLE
  4. You need to find the packet Keys (use nemo), Yommy packet parser has the option to enable packet encryption and input Keys.
  5. What you exactly mean by didn't work out? Any error or warnings? Did you properly configured IP? modified mmo.h to proper PACKETVER?
  6. Sorry, I don't have the source code. but I am pretty sure, if you follow those links posted above, you can make your own
  7. There's many online guides: https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/35760/Splash-Screen-C-Class-without-MFC-or-NET https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/5454/%2FArticles%2F5454%2FA-Pretty-Good-Splash-Screen-in-C
  8. Use SSO login and launcher?
  9. https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG/commit/4cd3de090b9bf49660d083fdb0128f81d580ea67 Fixed a bug with TeamDeathmatch. Uses constants for script commands
  10. Hello Hercules Community, Let me explain it first. It is ExtendedBG, which tends to contain all eAmodBG modes and extra modes(as and when coded). Some Previews: http://imgur.com/a/2SSVR Ohh, and the last thing I forgot to tell, Its 100% Plugin and Script, no Source Edits .. Special Thanks To: jaBote co-founded this project(and really thanks to him , that he motivated me at start at provided some functions and idea of how the base should be, and what we should do it to give flavor of Hercules in it). Repository Link: https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG (Please read README.md for installation steps) Leave Comments/Suggestions if you find something. NOTE: There might be some(/many) debug messages left in map-server which will be cleaned up. I will add battle.conf soon (you have to add it yourself for now or edit the plugin) The plugin might be a big mess to read/understand (I did many experiments over the year) There might be some bugs Thanks to @Rebel and @Myriad for testing and providing initial feedback Contact me on Discord: @Dastgir#1460 if there's some urgent issue or else open the issue in github. keep this topic for support. Want to encourage me??
  11. Updated to new revision, thanks to https://github.com/daniefkd for the PR (https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG/pull/6)
  12. Besides , there's no proper way to update SQL mob/item db easily, the owner need to compare changes and manually check if there's something changed, since the way that is used is "replace the fields using primary key" which overwrites all the data. Also, we aren't here to compare each and every thing from other emu and implement it. Both emu have different work flow and different view to how the working should be.
  13. Without anything, we can't really help
  14. Requested by AngelMelody: http://herc.ws/board/topic/2954-item-db-file-structure-overhaul/page-4#entry37029 This is a simple tool which allows you to copy display names for range of items from idnum2itemdisplayname.txt or from iteminfo.lua to your item_db.conf, within just 30 seconds. Link: https://github.com/dastgir/LuaScripts/tree/master/Lua/CopyDisplayName just run copyname.bat and input the details it requires.
  15. If encountering this problem, just comment that line ExtendedBG.c:6175:37: error: 'MAP_IS_PVP' undeclared (first use in this function) script->set_constant("MAP_IS_PVP", MAP_IS_PVP, false, false);
  16. Update: https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG/commit/95b06799dece8c6f107b43632f9ce0d1050405b1 (Fixes the console error on PvP Maps too) New Feature and bug fixes: Added BG Ranking: It contains several NPCs which changes the look to Top X as mentioned in the configuration. The Ranking changes in real time Added new scriptCommand getbgfame. BG Ranking says the name of player if clicked. Uncomment the Duplicate NPCs and change locations to enable the feature. @bgranked and @bgregular now shows 'No Players' if no players exist in ranking yet Fixed PvP Bound items which were conflicting with Ranking System Preview of BG Ranking:
  17. Use search, you will find many topics: One of them
  18. Thanks for reporting. The issue is known and the console error can be ignored(it's not harmful), however it will be fixed in a day.
  19. Many new updates/fixes were done this week: https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG/commit/b333d65f0eaae88148bd10b21f2a84e98c43239e / https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG/commit/c4893a5bc21e7c37707a19bfe4366a653221b79d https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG/commit/8fcac60fb4e21f594cf39ccd138fbf32ea7e84e5 Several changes and bug fixes Additions: * Added new configuration 'bg_items_pvp' to allow BG items in PvP. * Minimum level requirement to join bg. * Announcement when leader quits and new leader is chosen. * Configuration for checking gepard unique id for dual clients. * Players won't be able to join the BG if 2 minutes are left * Shop can be called by @bgshop Changed: * Changed the way 'bg_kick_idle' was handled, it now is in seconds. * When player joins BG, it now uses bg_announce instead of announce. * Moved telma to different file. * @bgshop can be called only on town. Fixes: * Error while setting variable. * bg_log_kill will now accept values from 0-7. * When leader quits, the leader was changing but not shown in client. * Fixes Guild window showing 0 members when leader quit. * 3rd argument in bg_announce is now optional Split main_bg.sql to * bg_guild.sql (to be executed if VIRT_GUILD is commented) * bg_main.sql (to be executed always) Updated script commands documentation. Added missing documentations. Structual changes to ebg_common.h (important settings are shown first).
  20. Any error/warning messages?
  21. Hello Community, This Post is just to let you guys know what I am working at xD What is dDelays? You should have heard about Delays hack by editing out grf or whatsoever method.. This will make the delays hardcoded and will not be able to use those hacks. Works with Emulator: Hercules(Semi-Plugin?) rAthena(Don't Ask for it and I shouldn't care, 1 week and my service thread not yet approved.) Any Other Emulator(Just Ask for it) Finally, This might not be free release as always, but a paid one.
  22. English please. Also, I was unavailable from long time and now available. PM in Discord for more info
  23. Hello Community, Yesterday, I was trying to make Quest Appear on other TAB's and result was successful. Prerequisite: You need latest ROClientside Repository : https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation/ https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation/commit/9d93ef1 (This Commit is necessary) you need Client >= 2014-10-22 (Haven't Tested with old clients, You can test and tell if it works ) Here's a Guide: questluafilelist.lub: You need 2 files, local_XYZquest_list and l_XYZ_list and in the folders as mentioned below: Add Following lines to questluafilelist.lub(at end of file) without EXTENSIONS as mentioned below: Add[[localquest\local_dastgirquest_list]] Add[[localquest\questinfo\l_dastgir_list]] local_dastgirquest_list.lub(Sample Files, Modify to your needs): LOCAL_DastgirQuest_List = { { name = [[Dastgir Custom Quests]], imagefile = [[ep_test_sample.bmp]], list = { { name = [[Novice]], list = { { name =[[Test1]], scrfilename = [[DastgirQuest]], questID = 1019, }, { name =[[Test2]], scrfilename = [[DastgirQuest]], questID = 1017, } } }, { name = [[Quests 11~25]], list = { { name =[[11-15]], scrfilename = [[DastgirQuest]], questID = 1017, }, { name =[[16-20]], scrfilename = [[DastgirQuest]], questID = 1019, }, } } } } } _G.QuestTable.add(LOCAL_DastgirQuest_List, "EVENT") It needs Following line at the bottom for compulsary _G.QuestTable.add(LOCAL_XYZQuest_List, "TAB") where TAB's are EVENT LOCAL EP NEW RECOMMENDED Replace LOCAL_XYZQuest_List with Table name at top of this file... l_dastgir_list.lub(Sample File, Modify to your needs): DastgirQuest_List = { [1019] = { NPCFromName = [[Dastgir]], NPCFromMap = [[new_1-1]], NPCFromSpr = [[4_M_01]], NPCFromX = 63, NPCFromY = 53, NPCToName = [[Dastgir]], NPCToMap = [[prontera]], NPCToSpr = [[4_M_01]], NPCToX = 86, NPCToY = 84, Item = [[]], PrizeItem = [[]], Title = [[Event QuestInfo ]], Info = [[Testing the Event.]], QuickInfo = [[QuickInfo.]], Hunt1 = [[]], Hunt2 = [[]], Hunt3 = [[]], Time = [[0]], LV = [[0]], }, [1017] = { NPCFromName = [[Dastgir-1]], NPCFromMap = [[prontera]], NPCFromSpr = [[4_BRICKPILE]], NPCFromX = 84, NPCFromY = 123, NPCToName = [[Dastgir-2]], NPCToMap = [[payon]], NPCToSpr = [[4_BOARD3]], NPCToX = 76, NPCToY = 114, Item = [[]], PrizeItem = [[]], Title = [[Event QuestInfo ]], Info = [[Testing the Event.]], QuickInfo = [[QuickInfo.]], Hunt1 = [[Alarm]], Hunt2 = [[]], Hunt3 = [[]], Time = [[0]], LV = [[0]], }, } _G.QuestTable.addList("DastgirQuest",DastgirQuest_List) In this file too, you need Following line in the end _G.QuestTable.addList("XYZQuest",XYZQuest_List) where XYZQuest_List is table_name(mentioned in first line of this file), (Please see the quotes) and that's it. put it into your GRF, and it will work NOTE: Many Functions are modified, so you would need quest_function.lub provided in the repository ScreenShot: Please Don't Remove credits in the quest_function file...
  24. File Name: @arealoot File Submitter: Dastgir File Submitted: 17 Mar 2015 File Category: Plugins Hello, I wanna release this awesome @arealoot plugin. Credits to Streusel for providing the Source diff, I converted it to a plugin, for easy to install and use For Changing the Arealoot Range: Either change it via source: int arealoot_range = 3; //x BY x Range Or Add this to any one of conf file in conf/battle // Arealoot, determine the range of arealoot// Min: 1, Max: 10// Default: 3// 2 -> 2x2 range, 3 -> 3x3 rangearealoot_range: 3 Click here to download this file