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  1. Hello Hercules Community, Let me explain it first. It is ExtendedBG, which tends to contain all eAmodBG modes and extra modes(as and when coded). Some Previews: http://imgur.com/a/2SSVR Ohh, and the last thing I forgot to tell, Its 100% Plugin and Script, no Source Edits .. Special Thanks To: jaBote co-founded this project(and really thanks to him , that he motivated me at start at provided some functions and idea of how the base should be, and what we should do it to give flavor of Hercules in it). Repository Link: https://github.com/dastgirp/eBG (Please read README.md for installation steps) Leave Comments/Suggestions if you find something. NOTE: There might be some(/many) debug messages left in map-server which will be cleaned up. I will add battle.conf soon (you have to add it yourself for now or edit the plugin) The plugin might be a big mess to read/understand (I did many experiments over the year) There might be some bugs Thanks to @Rebel and @Myriad for testing and providing initial feedback Contact me on Discord: @Dastgir#1460 if there's some urgent issue or else open the issue in github. keep this topic for support. Want to encourage me??
  2. query_sql(sprintf("SELECT amount FROM storage WHERE account_id='%d' AND nameid='%d'", getcharid(3), [email protected]_id), [email protected]);
  3. well, the new system have individual files. You can just get the .mcache file and put in maps folder and it would work (provided you added map name in other required files, like map_index and maps.conf) It's easier to track the changes, as if mapcache was updated before, you didn't know which all maps changed, but now you would get to know and without conflict , download the new update
  4. It might also mention file name or table name in error
  5. Hello Community, I am feeling like, there's many plugin on forum, but not been actively used, due to out-of-date plugin I have updated Shikazu's Plugin first(as it was requested on the thread from 25th April), maybe Shikazu busy on his rl. Also I have included My Plugins there. I would like to add more plugins there(which are not updated on hercules forum <- please suggest if you find some outdated plugin and want me to update it ) List of Plugins and Owners: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/README.md Repository: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins Thanks.
  6. Will fix it soon, for extendedVending, the function just need extra parameter with value 0
  7. The data folder and/or GRF should lie where your map server is. So if you want to do it in your PC, compile the mapcache plugin and map-server in your PC
  8. if (MaxWeight*100/Weight >= 70) { //Overweight code here }
  9. What you use? I use resource hacker and it works fine everytime
  10. Please use English
  11. For newish client like early 2018(ragexeRE) clients you can edit System/OngoingQuestInfoList_Sakray.lub, I guess quest lub which you are currently editing was introduced on early 2013. The file you are editing does not show npc image if it's on progress, you have added it in ep14.1, so if you check there, it would show npc I suppose(if those Lua/lub is even read by 2016 client)
  12. Check char table, normally char_id starts from 150000, your server might be having char id less than that.
  13. Checked item_db2? Pretty sure that error is due to that bonus only
  14. That's what I wrote, it's due to item having bonus "bAddRaceTolerance"
  15. You might be using "bAddRaceTolerance" bonus in pre-renewal, that bonus is available only for renewal, you might need to switch that with bSubRace.
  16. My mistake, it seems that's correct name. Which client are you using? (By the looks of screenshot, it seems it isn't reading Lua file).
  17. Get updated lua files: https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation Edit: It seems you are using "Enable Custom Player Skills" patch from NEMO. but forgot to add "Support/Luafiles514/Lua Files/SkillInfoz/SkillType_F.lub" to your grf
  18. You mentioned file name as "epsoid141_list" pretty sure that's not the name in kRO
  19. You should focus on client crashing. Try another client with only recommended patches? Or check if data/rdata are fully updated?
  20. If your friend exe crashes, that means it's client problem. They might be missing some texture or sprite. That's why I suggested to show screenshots of login,Char and map-server. But as you have mentioned client is crashing, show screenshot of crash message too. It's not problem of network.conf, it should always be LAN IP (it's related to from where can map,char and login server to each other)
  21. Multiple things to consider: 1) I think ragexe checks clientinfo instead of sclientinfo 2) show the map/login/char server console (any message in those when your friend tried to connect?)
  22. You probably should have avoid it, I mean I just visited his site and found many flaws: 1) it still have placeholder text "Lorem ipsum" 2) contact us have email address with domain: yourdomain.com 3) address is of london (Buckingham Palace) 4) About us page is also dummy page (https://phytonhost.com/about-us.php) So pretty much, unfinished site and false info, number 1 indicator of red flag.
  23. I haven't encountered any problem with recent clients. Try using Nemo by 4144
  24. Update the client, I guess it itas introduced sometimr after April 2018