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  1. Using the Navigation system I searched for the Spore monster and the result was this Sprites of npcs are appearing instead of sprites of monsters I'm using these Lua files for pre-re: Anyone know how to solve this?
  2. I solved it by myself, thank you.
  3. My src is clean, I just changed the max level and things like that, the basics. The two modifications I've posted do not work, they keep reflecting, I believe that need create something more complex or change somewhere else, but I do not know how to do that.
  4. Hello @Easycore, yes I want to stop the reflection of these skills by items and Reflect Shield If I use the official configuration (the first option) the skills are reflected, so I decided to try to remove: "&& skill_id != WS_CARTTERMINATION && skill_id != GS_DESPERADO" but the skills are still reflected in the same way, I compile after the modifications...
  5. how to make these skills stop being reflected by items and other skills? I try change in battle.c this: if( sc->data[SC_REFLECTSHIELD] && skill_id != WS_CARTTERMINATION && skill_id != GS_DESPERADO && !(d_bl && !(wd->flag&BF_SKILL)) // It should not be a basic attack if the target is under devotion && !(d_bl && sce_d && !check_distance_bl(target, d_bl, sce_d->val3)) // It should not be out of range if the target is under devotion ) { for this: if( sc->data[SC_REFLECTSHIELD] && !(d_bl && !(wd->flag&BF_SKILL)) // It should not be a basic attack if the target is under devotion && !(d_bl && sce_d && !check_distance_bl(target, d_bl, sce_d->val3)) // It should not be out of range if the target is under devotion ) { but not work, could someone help me? I apologize for my English, I'm using a translator.
  6. Thank you very much Garr
  7. Thank Garr I will tell my players and send the new guide if all goes well come back here to tell. But I have a question, if my server is pre-renewal he should not use the old version of the quest of Thanatos?
  8. Hi, i have a problema with Thana Quest My players performed the quest as this guide: and in this part of guild: "On the 5th floor you have to find the third machine, which will give you the Blue Key. Here you’ll need at least 3 members of your party to open it. You have to get closer to the machine and speak to it. Here you’ll obtain the third key." The npc "Machine Device" does not appear, like in the print: Does anyone know how can I fix this problem?
  9. @Angelmelody Thank you very much, now works perfectly! <3
  10. Edit thanks I will try again and come back to tell if it worked ^^
  11. Hi @@Winterfox I think you don't understand what I want ... I just want sell some items in the NPC, like rental items, for a time using the rental items, but this items can't have slot for cards, without changing the original items, I want to give the option to players 1- buy the permanent item with slot 2- rent the item for a specified time without the slot for cards and to do this need to create rental items, but the items not can have their slots for cards. In other words, I want to remove the card slots of rental items in the same way that there not are card slots for costume items created by the "costume system" changing the script command rentitem or something in the source.
  12. Hi, Someone can help me to make a change in rental items? I want they cannot have equipped cards. Remove the slot cards from this items. I searched an answer for this on forum, but didn't find anything that could help me, I believe it is necessary to make a change in the source. Thanks to anyone who can help me to make this change.
  13. thank you very much, worked perfectly!!! I Love you *------*
  14. Omg, Sorry for the second really are the group id, but for the first you can help-me to made this change?
  15. Hi Garr, Thanks for answering I believe the two are bugs, but didn't venture to say that way. I remember the skill Chemical Protection be used by my players (a few years ago in a pre-re server) as a way to "cancel" the effect of the strip, but without being able to utilize the Chemical Protection skills without the need this item equipped, it becomes impossible to use a skill under the influence of "strip" for nullify the effect. You know how to solve these problems?