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  1. If not ask too much could you give me a simple example please? Thank you in advance. Thanks for answering me.
  2. First of all I'm sorry if you have the solution out there and did not see it, I really searched and did not find .... I would like to ask how do I restrict a card from being equipped in a certain equipment. For example .... I do not want the gibbet card to be equipped in the red glasses, how do I? If anyone can give me at least an idea how to do this I already thank Thank you in advance PS: Sorry for writing mistakes, I use a translator and I think this part of the forum is a lot more productive than my native language.
  3. First of all thank you for trying to help me ... Unfortunately it did not work, I tried both methods and none worked, I made sure I was using it in the correct location, I ran several tests and none worked. Thankfully there are people like you, thank you...
  4. @edit Can anyone help me at least in a workaround? You can get around with the skill snap even though being trapped in traps is being horrible for my server, please somebody help me evolve, give me at least the direction!
  5. Good morning, can someone help me block the use of the skill BODYRELOCATION when in trap? I tried to make some settings in the functions below but I did not succeed. skill.c Thank you in advance ! +1 Please, help me ! :unsure:
  6. I would like to know how do I change the distance that the asura skill succeeds, the skill is leaving with 3 cells away, I would like to put 1 cell, does anyone know to inform me please? I already looked in source and the only thing I found was the distance that the character walks after using the asura skill, what I want is to change the cells before using the skill ! Thanks ! @EDIT WTF... It was not in the source but in the file skill.db, I'm sorry for the useless topic, I'm very noob yet! can close this topic
  7. Good morning, first of all, thank you very much to those who are willing to help me ... I am trying to run the emulator on vps (host) but the configure file is not recognized at all, I already tried several things, install multiple dependencies, I already followed several tutorials and I can not make the file work, could someone help me with this task ? I just wanted to put my server online, but I'm inexperienced in the subject. Thank you very much. @edit now is another problem
  8. I would like to know how do I forbid certain classes to use certain equipment. I already tried using Does not work. :/ Is there a list of job class identifiers?
  9. Sim, olhei, mas não entendi como transformar um monstro em pet, eu já tentei fazer algumas alterações no arquivo mas não tive suesso !
  10. Tentei pesquisar sobre o assunto mais não encontrei nada concreto, talvez as labels de pesquisa não estavam em conjunto com os tópicos... Gostaria de saber como eu faço pra tornar um monstro um pet e se possível colocar algumas condições pra ele, como por exemplo: aumentar algum stats ou dá algum efeito quando se está usando e principalmente como faço pra colocar restrição de uso. Se alguém puder me informar onde eu olho essas configurações eu ficarei grato.
  11. I'm at work and I can not test now, as soon as I get home I'm going to test, thank you very much for helping me, I'll return on this topic to notify you if it worked or not @edit Forgive me the delay, you helped me, thank you very much, could you inform me where I see the documentation of these parameter commands? It stayed like this, works perfectly without any warning on the map-serv: OnAtcommand4: getmapxy @map$,@x,@y,0; if(@map$=="bra_dun01") { message strcharinfo(0),"WARP OFF."; end; } else { if(.@atcmd_numparameters == 3) { if ( WARPCOORCD + 5 > gettimetick(2) ) { dispbottom "[Delay Warp com Coordenadas] ---> Você precisa esperar " + ( WARPCOORCD + 5 - gettimetick(2) ) + " segundos."; end; } else { atcommand "@warp "+.@atcmd_parameters$[0]+" "+.@atcmd_parameters$[1]+" "+.@atcmd_parameters$[2]+""; WARPCOORCD = gettimetick(2); end; } } else if(.@atcmd_numparameters == 2){ dispbottom "Você utilizou o warp com coordenadas erradas, corriga o comando."; end; } else { atcommand "@warp "+.@atcmd_parameters$[0]+""; } } }
  12. Good Morning, could someone tell me how I can remove this 'warning' in map-server: Here is the script: PS: I'm a beginner, so please do not repair the code, just help me optimize it. PS²: I sure use hercules.
  13. Hello guys, well... I've a little problem, I changed the server lv max to 255, but when I try to change the lv max of the caracter, HP and SP return to 150/150, but if the caracter got the lv 150, he has 30k HP and 5k SP ( it's normal ), who knows what could it be?
  14. For all have errors: download ActEditor: https://rathena.org/board/files/file/3304-act-editor/ look red parts and change sprite number of soword red, you can also change the switch time as wish..\/ Ps: for you who have downloaded and are using the friend's work please deems to +1 , it is the least you can do..
  15. Yeaah, i too..