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  1. So powerful emulator, and so stupid wasted potential... Oh God...

  2. xD, i can bypass any script-based antibots. No jokes. Try to think about packet encryptions, and change login packet, it's more then enough against 99% of botters with opencore.
  3. My server just got hacked, this might be why. exactly. FluxCP not secure, and never was secure. A lot of people threating cerescp and other control panels, and think "flux is stable and works fine", but it's not. There are tons of REPORTED bugs, which or ignored, or removed from the board, a lot of people really don't care, because not they are loosing a real money / reputation As for me, i've report about this bugs since 2011, and only few guys was take attention to my words and tried to help. Other people who manage fluxcp repository ALREADY KNOW about the bugs, and really do nothing against them. Maybe they doing it specially to take DB's from servers, or maybe they are just really don't care. My suggestions: any static php analyzer will find in any fluxcp revision a lot of security holes, all of them reported. I'm suggest DO NOT USE fluxCP, this is very bugged... And that is shame to alll (to me too).
  4. Changelogs can be found in the first page description (may not be updated though). This Gat Editor had no reason to be in a GRF editor so it's been removed. Encryption protects your files' content and nothing more. It could protect the GRF's file table, but then you wouldn't be able to update your GRF with patchers... unless you made a custom patcher! Dear Tokei, please take a look about problem above. The problem in next: when i use grf encryption for grfs i can't run game client (exe 2012-04-10) if it located at any folder with russian characters (non english) How reproduce 1. Create folder: D:какая-то папкаsomethingRO 2. Place your encrypted files inside 3. Run Client -> it wont run, because of russian characters in path name.... But, if you rename "какая-то папка" to "some folder", you able to run game client with encrypted grfs again...
  5. GRF Editor + GRF Encryption with 2012-04-10 wont start the game client at folders, where russian characters exist. For example C:GamesНовая папкаRAGNAROK -> will not work C:GamesNew FolderRAGNAROK -> will work fine
  6. The best protection - software with active development. Rather than creating for "checkbox", and then stop active development. Antivirus without updates - not antivirus. The same i can say about protection against cheats. Cheats appear every day, the main thing that there was someone who would release the fixes against them. There were a couple of protections, i can talk about only 3: gepard, hashield, harmony. harmony - totally bypassed (even opencore working fine in xKore) gepard - big piece of shit until 2015, for now looks good, do not know about support, but i see regular updates. hashield - from the start it was the very friendly & good protection (in all aspects), but for now developer not so active like earlier. The last updates (major) were few month ago, still many bugs, not really show to customers what is going on. i saw here at forum few extra, did't test them yet, but many features out the box cool. Against bots.... Oh Friend... If you are looking against OpenCore, then Gepard / Hashield will be your choise. If you are looking against visual bots, i like more Hashield, but Gepard have the same features.. Just try both, and share your opinion. At current time i have a lot of things (bad things) which i can say about each protection which i was try. But at current time, as i see, only Gepard still active...
  7. Bugreport related to GRF Editor & Encryption. What i have: lzma compressed grfs (some of them) some of grfs not compressed by lzma (default compressing) some of grfs have redirected indexes. i'm add some grf to encryption, (do not modify client), and when i replaced encrypted grf with the old one -> client imposible to start. The reason of this problem was in folder name where Ragnarok online files stored. My folder name contains russian characters + "spaces". After renaming to "only english characters name of the folder without spaces", all start to work fine.
  8. Thank you a lot man, seems that [email protected] is the perfect variable for me. Btw, how do you know this? By source code or experience or? By the way, I have another question, is this variable attached to the player or?
  9. Ro installer script?? What is that?? WOW
  10. Don't think so. I think you need to be hosted under their servers to use their protection. That is sad, because my projects very resource intensive (due to different DDoS attacks) & i'm jumping to different host if i need (to make gameplay smoother). + different gre tunnels + custom internal networks. Sad... Okay, i will wait for a public release, i hope it will be available.
  11. Ow, @@Tokeiburu here, so, need to try. Btw guys, how much it cost? How can i try your protection on my server without using your VPS services? (because i have own dedi)
  12. yea, called
  13. this question is still actual. Looking for way to make drop_rate less then 0.01%