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  1. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/e9daf0e172d5441ec6d264b4056db4f7f3e5780a/doc/item_db.txt#L74 Its on item_db now. DropAnnounce: true/false (boolean, defaults to false) DropAnnounce: Enables global announcement of the selected item when dropped by monster.
  2. read the thread.
  3. Trying to add support for navigateto() for custom maps (or even officials that doesnt have), but nothing. Already ran the naviluagenerator plugin by Haru (output successfully) and still nothing. Anyone knows what the exact lua files (and format) I need to modify to add a map to use in navigateto() or <NAVI>?
  4. Read the post, man. Couple posts above you can see the solution.
  5. I manage fix the problems above. Got the newest kRO grf and worked just fine. (not sure why a fresh and fully updated iRO grf wanst working tho) Having problem with hair palettes now, the files are found and loaded, but not applied to the hair. Any sugestions? (cloth palettes are fine)
  6. Checked know, every single grf loaded is 0x200. About the black head, its happening even using multiples grfs.
  7. got a fresh copy of ROCharGenPHP from KeyWorl, but having some problems with file loading from grf. I'm loading the same GRF I use in the game (and even checked with GRF Editor to make sure the files were there, and it was), but ROCharGen cant load the files. I tried with other grfs, same results. Using full updated iro grf. Every file the script acuse to not found, I checked and exists. Same path. /avatar/tedex - rendering avatar /monster/1002 - rendering a poring Tested with multiples grfs, was able to load some files but got some other error.
  8. Those are not errors. You compiled successfully.
  9. Can you post the problem? If is the missing parameter problem for quest->add (line 1652 and line 2991) you can simply add 0 as the last parameter and it'll work just fine. quest->add(sd, quest_id, 0)
  10. It seems that the file was not approved, but it also seems that Dastgir has already a working version. Try it out.
  11. - script autoCommand FAKE_NPC,{ end; OnPCLoginEvent: atcommand("@commands"); end; }
  12. *freeloop(<toggle>) Toggling this to enabled (true) allows the script instance to bypass the infinite loop protection, allowing your script to loop as much as it may need. Disabling (false) may warn you if an infinite loop is detected if your script is looping too many times. Please note, once again, that this isn't a solution to all problems, and by disabling this protection your Hercules server may become laggy or unresponsive if the script it is used in is performing lenghty loop operations. Example: freeloop(true); // enable script to loop freely //Be aware with what you do here. for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]) { dothis(); // will sleep the script for 1ms when detect an infinity loop to // let Hercules do what it need to do (socket, timer, process, // etc.) } freeloop(false); // disable for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]) { dothis(); // throw an infinity loop error } Add freeloop(true) to the beginning of your script.
  13. Nope, something like calculate the % of EXP a quest will give for the current basejob, or anything slightly more complex. It will always exists a workaround, but with float would be so much simpler.