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  1. I would like to say thank you if you are reading this. I'm trying to add custom skills with custom status. I've got two questions here. First, I wanna ask is it possible to make a status that let the player gets partial defense ignorant against any classes within a time tick. As I see in status.c, there are only basic modifications like str/agi/int/vit/dex/luk/atk/def/etc... So, are there any method to add ignore defense bonus to a status? By the way, I don't want to use item to replace it because of some reasons. Second(more important), I also want to make a status that can have intravision(maya purple card) ability with sight ranges depending on the level of that skill. I have no idea how to begin with it. Thanks again if you read all of my questions. I will appreciate if you could give me some tips.
  2. I finally find the reason of the errors. I use script-checker.bat to check the item_db.conf. I find that hercules's system can't read a bunch of Chinese words. Maybe it's because of the coding. In addition, the item_bonus have a big different to Rathena in lower cases and upper cases. Other than that, Rathena item_db allows duplicated AegisName but Hercules doesn't. Item #5574 and #7156 doesn't get any problems in my case. Therefore, if a Rathena user wanna convert there item_db to Hercules format, they need to edit all of the item_bonus first. Otherwise, it will show a lot of errors though they don't face any coding problems.
  3. Thanks for your explanation. I just used the default coding(ANSI) before and it didn't work. I don't know how to convert the item_db.conf to BIG5 since there are just 4 options (ANSI/UTF-8/Unicode/Unicode-Big endian) when I use notepad to open it. If the coding really matter, does users from any non-English counties need to convert their item_db.conf to suit their languages? Besides, I've checked item#5571 and item#7156 and it seems that there is no problem with these two items. Below are the converted item scripts : { Id: 5571 AegisName: "Rasta_Wig" Name: "拉司塔的假髮" Type: 4 Buy: 20 Weight: 100 Def: 1 Upper: 63 Loc: 256 View: 552 Script: <" bonus bStr,1; "> }, { Id: 7156 AegisName: "Broken_Shuriken" Name: "破舊之手裏劍" Type: 3 Buy: 470 Weight: 10 },
  4. This is my item_db in general format: This is my item_db in hercules format: Could you kindly help me? Thanks a lot!
  5. Thanks! I would show it tonight. It's 17:04 in Hong Kong right now. By the way, I think Hercules is a wonderful emulator that has optimized resources usage with other useful features. Sorry for my poor English.
  6. May I ask what's the difference among the three client versions? I just know that 2014-01-15 support new world system.
  7. Any error? The map server just can't read the whole item_db so the mob drop items keep alerting the error of missing item. The errors flows extremely quick and I can't even can't the first line of the error. In addition, I am from Hong Kong so the item names are all in traditional Chinese. I've changed the item_db.conf to utf8 but it still can't solve the problem.
  8. I've try to convery my item_db from hercules format using the online tool. However, it seems that none of the line in the item_db.conf could be read. May I ask how could I trace the source of the error or could anyone provide a solution for me? Thanks