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  1. I agree with what was said above but to an extent. Would be neat if we could have some sort of reward system for people that contribute. There are a number of people here like Dastgir that have given so much back to the community. Not entirely sure what kind of reward system can be put in place though. But it might be worth it to consider encouraging contribution.
  2. Very nice, haven't updated my herc files in a while, glad to see some awesome changes. Thanks for the summary.
  3. Try using a clean player.conf from herc git. And see if you still get the issue. Also check console see what errors it's giving you, it will make figuring the bug out much easier.
  4. Ah didn't realize this was a custom shield, my bad. Second half of this post.
  5. *rentitem(<item id>, <time>) *rentitem("<item name>", <time>) Creates a rental item in the attached character's inventory. The item will expire in <time> seconds and be automatically deleted. When receiving a rental item, the character will receive a message in their chat window. The character will also receive warning messages in their chat window before the item disappears. This command can not be used to rent stackable items. Rental items cannot be dropped, traded, sold to NPCs, or placed in guild storage (i.e. trade mask 75). Note: delitem() in an NPC script can still remove rental items. I believe the rent command already accomplishes what you are trying to.
  6. Check your iteminfo, and see what the classnum says It should be ClassNum = 6
  7. Well there ya go
  8. I assume you are using the plugin from here: Without needing to modify the plugin you could add a simple bindatcmd npc *bindatcmd("command", "<NPC object name>::<event label>"{, <group level>, <group level char>, <log>}) You can find more info in doc/script_commands.txt then when the player does @autoattack check their map using getmapxy. Then do an if statement checking if the map is the one you specified, if not then just end the script, if so then allow them to run the command using *atcommand("<command>") Otherwise someone who feels comfortable can offer advice how to modify the plugin, I am not confident enough to give that advice.
  9. You didn't convert your conf files properly. Same thing happened to me, I didn't pay attention when converting them. Most likely your conf/map/battle/player.conf is configured wrong.
  10. The tradeable part you simply edit in item_db.conf file The part where the skulls drop, as long as you do not need to keep the attached names, it can be very simple. You can use the OnPCDieEvent command, then simply count the skulls in the inventory. Then delete the items from the players inventory and drop that same amount on the floor using the following command: makeitem(<item id>, <amount>, "<map name>", <X>, <Y>) Maybe there is an easier way to do it, but this seems pretty simple to me.
  11. dispbottom only works for specific user, if you look in doc/script_commands you can find a lot of really useful information. One of these 2 commands may help you achieve what you are looking for. *globalmes("<message>"{, "<NPC name>"}) This command will send a message to the chat window of all currently connected characters. If NPC name is specified, the message will be sent as if the sender would be the NPC with the said name. --------------------------------------- *channelmes("<#channel>", "<message>") This command will send a message to the specified chat channel. The sent message will not include any character's names. For special channels, such as #map and #ally, the attached RID's map or guild will be used. If the channel doesn't exist (or, in the case of a character-specific channel, no RID is attached), false will be returned. In case of success, true is returned.
  12. change "new_1-1", to "new_1-1"; Arrays need to be ended with a ; Also you should convert all those set commands example set .lvltokill, 0; to .lvltokill = 0; Some other minor things, but you can do fast script checks here:
  13. You know this really makes the dev team look very organized... not. There really needs to be some organized structure if this emulator is to remain competitive. Thanks to rid and hemag for starting the project, thanks dast for agreeing to help, but if there was proper organization this would have been done a long time ago. And the fault isn't with you guys, not even the slightest. The top needs to get organized and set a proper vision and goal for herc. Perhaps get a person who will take care of planning and communication with the community. Just my observation from what's been going on since the start of the year.
  14. Updated the quest db this morning. I also included a lot of raw quests that I have in the db, that way when I need them I just modify them as needed.
  15. Quest db yes, herc doesn't use instance db.