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  1. solved on my own.
  2. solution found. i commented out this in clif.c
  3. battle.c is where you change the damage for any skill. i've been looking for stuff like this myself, particularly i'm trying to change how quickly multihits hit next. i don't understand why they're so damn hard to find. anyways, my guess is this. this is where special exceptions for AoE skills are defined, so i assume the "non special exception" is for the rest of the AoE skills. the problem is i have no clue where any of this is defined for each skill individually: i might be wrong though, but i can confirm that both of the spells do inflict a square so that might actually be it. where the hell is the i variable then?:
  4. And a secondary question. Where is the code that makes venom dust give exp for the poison damage it deals?
  5. i've gone down this path already, here's a suggestion. if you plan to make custom potion formulas, make sure you create or modify at least one creation guide in-game and make it easily accessible, so people actually know what's going on with the world.
  6. refinement right now gives atk2 based on the level. i want to add an additional modifier that multiplies your base ATK by 1% +1%*weaponlvl for each refine. i.e.: level 4 weapon at +10 gives 50% more base ATK, level 2 weapon at +10 gives 30% more base ATK. i know i've asked for this like 3 times, but i kind of need it lol. as usual, i'll tip in bch(bitcoincash).
  7. got it. in my case, i had to change View to the correct weapon class since my database is old and doesn't support subtype. the client info was useful as well, i may need that in the future. thanks man.
  8. solution found. i had to change view to 8 for it to recognize it as an axe and apply the proper aspd penalty. probably not useful information since my source is outdated and from 2014, but still writing this here if anyone might need it one day.
  9. where do i go to change this stuff?
  10. fixed everything,i just had to switch type to 4 and Loc: 2. one very last problem: the game doesn't identify it as an axe, and i know this because it doesn't give the ASPD penalty for wielding an axe. how to fix? there must be a list of axes somewhere or something that says "from 1101 to 1150 it's 1 handed swords, from 1301 to 1350 one handed axes" etc. since in my old database there's nothing like the subtype. i can provide the version of hercules i'm using if you tell me what file to look at, if necessary. also, make a bch wallet(bitcoincash) and i'll tip you.
  11. ok, i managed to successfully override the new database with my old one, everything is working as intended and i've confirmed that some of the items i wanted to be in the game are there. HOWEVER, the equipment is all in the misc section and can't be equipped:
  12. i wish i could, but i have 1000+ source changes and 2000+ items in the item database. 11mb diff file. that would require weeks of pure grind that i'm not willing to go through at this point in time. past me was dumb, that's for sure. by the time i tried to be more responsible, i was already 30 meters deep. the Inherit: false seems a good strategy, having a script that would add it before every }, in my old database and simply renaming it to item_db2 would probably work(or maybe i can trick notepad++ into doing it for me without needing a script?). then the only issue would be making sure the new updated item_db is being read without exploding, which i will try to do now. i can manually resolve rogues, as long as it's a reasonable amount of cases(=<100 cases) and i have a clear explanation of which ones they are. read below.
  13. how do i inherit: false the entire item_db2 database? that would probably be easier in source, right?
  14. i'm going from newer database to older database, not the other way around. i'm pretty sure they already have a converter for old->new. also, my old database takes priority over the new one. if ID 2301 exists in my database and the more updated one, i need to have my old 2301 as the one in the final new database, and the new database also need to exist in the old format i am already currently using..
  15. so, i use an older version of herc and can't upgrade right now. however, i want to merge my older db with the newer one to get all of the items that the older db doesn't have(my item database is heavily modified, so i can't just take a new database and turn it into an older one). this is your format: this is my format: explaining to me how to do some merge reverse merge magic(if it's possible) will suffice as well.