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  1. lol skillratio += 15 would just add 15% to the total ratio, so if a skill had a total ratio of 300 you would only be adding 5% more damage it would have been skillratio += skillratio * 15/100
  2. ok... go to line 147 like it tells you and show us what you did?
  3. games

    dude, the npc doesn't spawn anything for me.
  4. games

    what is the npc supposed to do ingame exactly? because i think it's the npc that's not working.
  5. games

    i must be retarded but it doesn't work when i load it up
  6. sure it's possible, just find the str bonus formula in status.c here: not sure which one of these exactly is your problem, but it's somewhere around this area.
  7. solved on my own.
  8. solution found. i commented out this in clif.c
  9. battle.c is where you change the damage for any skill. i've been looking for stuff like this myself, particularly i'm trying to change how quickly multihits hit next. i don't understand why they're so damn hard to find. anyways, my guess is this. this is where special exceptions for AoE skills are defined, so i assume the "non special exception" is for the rest of the AoE skills. the problem is i have no clue where any of this is defined for each skill individually: i might be wrong though, but i can confirm that both of the spells do inflict a square so that might actually be it. where the hell is the i variable then?:
  10. And a secondary question. Where is the code that makes venom dust give exp for the poison damage it deals?
  11. i've gone down this path already, here's a suggestion. if you plan to make custom potion formulas, make sure you create or modify at least one creation guide in-game and make it easily accessible, so people actually know what's going on with the world.
  12. refinement right now gives atk2 based on the level. i want to add an additional modifier that multiplies your base ATK by 1% +1%*weaponlvl for each refine. i.e.: level 4 weapon at +10 gives 50% more base ATK, level 2 weapon at +10 gives 30% more base ATK. i know i've asked for this like 3 times, but i kind of need it lol. as usual, i'll tip in bch(bitcoincash).