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  1. question :what a emulator do you use in your PS?
  2. sir can u teach me how to play RO on linux i was try but not lucky
  3. sir, do you play RO in Linux ??
  4. update your lua to fix it
  5. any news about this??
  6. i got error on last update how to fix it?
  7. thx murilo foryour awasome work
  8. i think is wrong format on script mes("<NAVI>[the Academy building]<INFO>iz_ac01,100,39</INFO></NAVI>."); <<<<<< forget one coma on last koordinat try to replace with this mes("<NAVI>[the Academy building]<INFO>iz_ac01,100,39,</INFO></NAVI>.");
  9. i hope somebody can convert it into plugins
  10. really cool
  11. try to call @Smoke maybe he want to help us
  12. i dont have that folder
  13. like as tittle said where is i can find log/map-server.leaks