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  1. really cool
  2. try to call @Smoke maybe he want to help us
  3. i dont have that folder
  4. like as tittle said where is i can find log/map-server.leaks
  5. hi, right now i got error "Attempt to call a nil value" i use data.grf and data0.grf from Zero Client package i was fix it
  6. i use DO on live server and it's good i compare with linode and digital ocen
  7. i was installed zero installer and try to run exe and got GE
  8. okay thx for info ill test it
  9. how to test and compile in VS? and i try to run client get error and after that setup always pop up ever and ever
  10. noob question : what's different Ragnarok zero clients with another version?
  11. ouw i don't know about that sorry
  12. edit: wrong post
  13. just add on folder item_db.conf ex: { Id: 1201 AegisName: "Knife" Name: "Knife" Type: "IT_WEAPON" Buy: 50 Weight: 400 Atk: 17 Range: 1 Slots: 3 Job: { Novice: true Swordsman: true Magician: true Archer: true Merchant: true Thief: true Knight: true Wizard: true Blacksmith: true Hunter: true Assassin: true Crusader: true Sage: true Rogue: true Alchemist: true Bard: true Soul_Linker: true Ninja: true Kagerou: true } DisableOptions: true/false <<<<<< (boolean, defaults to false !!for equipments only!!) [Smokexyz] Loc: "EQP_WEAPON" WeaponLv: 1 Subtype: "W_DAGGER" },
  14. Do you mean this?? Random Option