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  1. charms

    how to put an stack option for the charm plugins.. example: Maximum charm is 10 and if i have more than 10 the effect will not work
  2. Recover 5% hp per seconds not working. i still get the same normal recovery rate
  3. please help me to make this item script. Regenerate 5% of MaxHP per seconds. and Absorb 2% HP from physical damage taken.
  4. ive done adding Shadow Equipment on the script now my problem is how can i seperate Shadow Enchant NPC to Normal Enchant NPC. for example: Normal Enchant NPC setarray .eqp$ , "Upper Headgear", "Armor", "Left Hand", "Right Hand", "Garment", "Shoes", "Accessory1", "Accessory2", "Mid Headgear", "Low Headgear"; Shadow Encant NPC setarray .eqp$ , "Costume Head Low", "Costume Head Mid", "Costume Head Top", "Shadow Garment", "Shadow Armor", "Shadow Left", "Shadow Right", "Shadow Shoes", "Shadow Accessory1", "Shadow Accessory2";
  5. Can you help me add the all Shadow Equipment from this enchanter. and also can i request a refine NPC that can refine shadow equipment. https://pastebin.com/raw/ygmicDd1 thank you!
  7. wokring thanks...
  8. bump?
  9. prontera,149,179,0 script Size Changer 4_PORING,{ mes "Do you want to change your size??"; menu "Ok",-,"No thanks.",L_No; atcommand "@size 1 "+strcharinfo(0); close; L_No: close; } thanks for the reply i have this script now can you help on adding a little bit more?
  10. i am looking for a script that can change the size of the character and dont revert upon loging out for a certain amount of zeny or an item requirement. Change to @size 3 = 500 Million Zeny or 50 Poring Coin Change to @size 1 = 1 Billion Zeny or 100 Poring Coin Thanks.
  11. Skill

    hi dasgit any update on this? its not working on latest rev.
  12. bump....
  13. i would like to ask a item script related to Rebirth System of dastgir for example i can equip a Test Dagger A only when i reach 10 Rebirth and i will have a bonus stats when i reach 15 rebirth here is the description of item for further explanation [ Rebirth - 10 ] Only characters who have 10 rebirth can equip this dagger. [ Rebirth - 15 ] Autocast Sonic-Blow lv 10 at 3% chance.
  14. thanks but when i open the box the item is automatically deleted. how to make it not openable when i have max stacks
  15. hi can anyone help me on this i need a script that wont allow to open a box when i have a max stacks of item on my invetory for example i have 30000 poring coin in my inventory and i will open a box that will give me 1000 poring coin or vice versa how can i prevent opening the box when i have max stacks of coin on my inventory