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  1. wokring thanks...
  2. bump?
  3. prontera,149,179,0 script Size Changer 4_PORING,{ mes "Do you want to change your size??"; menu "Ok",-,"No thanks.",L_No; atcommand "@size 1 "+strcharinfo(0); close; L_No: close; } thanks for the reply i have this script now can you help on adding a little bit more?
  4. i am looking for a script that can change the size of the character and dont revert upon loging out for a certain amount of zeny or an item requirement. Change to @size 3 = 500 Million Zeny or 50 Poring Coin Change to @size 1 = 1 Billion Zeny or 100 Poring Coin Thanks.
  5. Skill

    hi dasgit any update on this? its not working on latest rev.
  6. bump....
  7. i would like to ask a item script related to Rebirth System of dastgir for example i can equip a Test Dagger A only when i reach 10 Rebirth and i will have a bonus stats when i reach 15 rebirth here is the description of item for further explanation [ Rebirth - 10 ] Only characters who have 10 rebirth can equip this dagger. [ Rebirth - 15 ] Autocast Sonic-Blow lv 10 at 3% chance.
  8. thanks but when i open the box the item is automatically deleted. how to make it not openable when i have max stacks
  9. hi can anyone help me on this i need a script that wont allow to open a box when i have a max stacks of item on my invetory for example i have 30000 poring coin in my inventory and i will open a box that will give me 1000 poring coin or vice versa how can i prevent opening the box when i have max stacks of coin on my inventory
  10. Hi i would like to ask on how to update GCC on CentOS 5.11 my current ver. of GCC is 4.1.5 and when i run yum upgrade gcc it says that its already up to date. any guides on how to install the latest package? thankyou in advance.
  11. xtremetop100 gtop100 ratemyserver
  12. You mean the mercenary pope? If she dies she will only "respawn" in certain points of the instance. If you mean the monsters, there's no respawning. 3510 npc id is not avail on herc. thats why im getting error (maps are good) i use updated kro do and need to manually add those mobs
  13. way to go @@15peaces
  14. Change this line: if ((mbl == src || (!map_flag_gvg2(src->m) && !map->list[src->m].flag.battleground))) { // only NJ_ISSEN don't have slide effect in GVG if (!(unit->movepos(src, mbl->x+x, mbl->y+y, 1, 1))) { // The cell is not reachable (wall, object, ...), move next to the target if (x > 0) x = -1; else if (x < 0) x = 1; if (y > 0) y = -1; else if (y < 0) y = 1; unit->movepos(src, bl->x+x, bl->y+y, 1, 1); } clif->slide(src, src->x, src->y); clif->fixpos(src); clif->spiritball(src); } } break; to this: if ((mbl == src || (!map_flag_gvg2(src->m) && !map->list[src->m].flag.battleground))) { // only NJ_ISSEN don't have slide effect in GVG clif->slide(src, src->x, src->y); clif->fixpos(src); clif->spiritball(src); } } break;