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  1. Ah yes, I understood. I'm trying to do the following meko. Esou trying to make a similar skill LG_CANNONSPEAR However, the difference is that the click must be in the area. (the LG_CANNONSPEAR the click must be on some mob.) The idea is to get the x, y of the cell clicked, Get the x, y of the player And make a FOR () to go by checking cell by cell during that path. If find any ENEMY during this path, then it deals damage. The Cannon Spear skill performs the following function: And also her for the first Mobs she finds. It uses a foreachinpath () to traverse this path. skill->area_temp[1] = bl->id; map->foreachinpath(skill->attack_area,src->m,src->x,src->y,bl->x,bl->y, skill->get_splash(skill_id, skill_lv),skill->get_maxcount(skill_id,skill_lv), skill->splash_target(src), skill->get_type(skill_id),src,src,skill_id,skill_lv,tick,flag,BCT_ENEMY); I'm really confused how to do this. I've been trying several functions for some days without success.
  2. Hello guys. Can someone give support related to the file skill.c? I want to return the ID of a clicked cell. This code I know returns a mob id. Skill-> area_temp [1] = bl-> id; How to return the id of a cell? PS: Must be within the method skill_castend_pos2(){} I'm doing a damage skill in area. thanks
  3. oh thanks
  4. Yes, i too think should, but it does not work. But thanks for the help! ^^ <3
  5. Hello Echoes Could you do the item with this function? (Change the sprite) I'm trying to do it too but I could not.
  6. Hello again, About the 3rd class, yesterday I was testing some skills, and when I put in the 3rd classes, I realized that the status was totally strange. HP and SP as low as an apprentice. All other classes are normal, only the 3rd classes are like this .. Because? Is there any setting for this that I'm not aware of? If someone can help me, thank you.
  7. "But low packet versions not support per char sex" low packet versions ? I'm using the latest version of the emulator with a 2015 client .. And it still does not support it? "Try change sex for char and accounts... " Okay, I'll try this. But where do I change this setting? And I'm sorry for my lack of instruction. <3
  8. But if I change the gender of my account, should not my characters change sex too? It used to be that way .. Nowadays I can have a male character and a female character on the same account? O_O @EDIT Anyway, I tried the @changecharsex command and it says "is Unknown command"
  9. Ah yes... Actually this problem happens when I use the command "@changesex" The database changes the sex from "male" to "female", but the sprite continues to appear male. So I have to delete the character and create another to be able to change the sex and appear the correct sprite =/
  10. Hello guys I updated my emulator using tortoiseSVN I upgraded to the latest version (rev 19195) But after updating and compiling, I can no longer place the female sprites. Only male sprites appear in place of female sprites. That is, there are now only male sprites for both sexes. Someone is having this error in rev. 19195 ????? Does anyone know how to solve it? Before updating everything was normal ..
  11. Oh right! I started to study php advanced to be able to write myself: D I will only have difficulty with security, but I should not worry about that now. thanks
  12. I did what you said and solved the installation problem. thanks habilis. But this cp has some bugs, the index gets all weird with syntax errors. I think it's best not to use it. Or maybe it's because I did not put this theme in some functional CP ... (the way I was told) anyway thank you.
  13. thanks... and sorry for duplicate posts. I thought the Forums And emulators were different. sorry cyro.
  14. Hello, I downloaded this flux cp: hyvraine-v1-fluxcp And when trying to install, it presents the following error Does anyone know how to solve this? Or why does he present this error? The error appears when I try to install
  15. I am having problems with the installation of FluxCP .. anyone has any idea what can be? When entering user and password, it only imports the first table, after the following error Does anyone know how to solve this error in the FluxCP? I'm using Wampserver 3.0 I already tried to reinstall the Wamp, but nothing worked.