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  1. Hello guys Does anyone know the reason for this error? I added my npc's (custom) also in the constants file ... Need to add somewhere else? this is client 2018
  2. In skill.c I did an area skill. This skill summon a mob. I sumono a mob and make him walk (I shoot this mob in one direction) with unit-> walktoxy (); That is, because of the unit-> walktoxy (), this mob will go through the functions: unit-> walktoxy (); unit-> walktoxy_sub (); unit-> walktoxy_timer (); right? When this mob dies (or stops walking) I want to call a skill ... skill Lord of Vermilion (WZ_VERMILION) The function that defines whether the mob has stopped walking is unit-> walktoxy_timer (); So, I need to call the skill (WZ_VERMILION) inside the function unit-> walktoxy_timer (); But for this skill to work, I need the data from the player. The information that arrives to unit-> walktoxy_timer (); are data from the MOB that walked and stopped ... The skill (WZ_VERMILION) will only work, if I call it with player data. This is a way of doing a skillshot ... Throwing the mob in one direction, and when it hits an enemy, an area skill is invoked. It sounds complicated, but it's a simple logic up to it. @meko If you can help me, I'll be very grateful. <3
  3. that is, there is no solution to my problem. =/
  4. Hi guys, in map.c I want to create a basic function a function that returns the player ID, without parameters only with return ID from the player. If anyone knows Something like this: int map_get_id() { struct map_session_data* sd; sd = map->id2sd(?); return sd->bl.id; } EDIT: It does not have to be exactly in map.c but must be a function that returns the player ID Can someone help me?
  5. Hi guys I noticed today that some area skills are not working. As for example WZ_VERMILION, WZ_STORMGUST In fact, they work, but they do not hit a monster. Has anyone ever had this kind of bug?
  6. Do you want to change the class of an item? There are two places you can set this information (if I'm not mistaken). In item_db.conf in the argument: Subtype: "W_1HSWORD" And also in the file itemInfo.lub (in lua files) in the argument: ClassNum = 4 If you want to check information on the types of weapons You can look at the files: weapontable.lub (at your date) and also in item_db.txt (emulator / doc)
  7. Hello guys I'm studying the area damage skills. I got the WZ_VERMILION skill to study. But I am not finding in Skill.c where I change the amount of target cells and not even the skill damage .. Can you tell me where to find this?
  8. I understand... I'm calling SC_RUN on a mob ... And then, when SC_RUN stops, I call that function highlighted in red. The skill is: the player calling SC_RUN in mob. But this is working. The memory problem is when I put the highlighted call in red. Is there any way to fix it? any way to make that call without error? Thanks for that help. <3
  9. Thanks for answering. This error is coming from the TK skill. TK_RUN ... I put a function in the skill. in Status.c in case SC_RUN I put this call: struct mob_data *md = bl; skill->castend_nodamage_id(&md->bl, &md->bl, NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION, 1, timer->gettick(), 0); //mob explode and it was thus: case SC_RUN: { struct unit_data *ud = unit->bl2ud(bl); bool begin_spurt = true; // Note: this int64 value is stored in two separate int32 variables (FIXME) int64 starttick = (int64)sce->val3&0x00000000ffffffffLL; starttick |= ((int64)sce->val4<<32)&0xffffffff00000000LL; if (ud) { if(!ud->state.running) begin_spurt = false; printf("enter 1 \n"); //console message ud->state.running = 0; struct mob_data *md = bl; skill->castend_nodamage_id(&md->bl, &md->bl, NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION, 1, timer->gettick(), 0); //mob explode if (ud->walktimer != INVALID_TIMER){ unit->stop_walking(bl, STOPWALKING_FLAG_FIXPOS); printf("enter 2 \n"); //console message clif->specialeffect(bl, 223, AREA); printf("enter 3 \n"); //console message } } if (begin_spurt && sce->val1 >= 7 && DIFF_TICK(timer->gettick(), starttick) <= 1000 && (!sd || (sd->weapontype1 == W_FIST && sd->weapontype2 == W_FIST)) ) sc_start(bl, bl,SC_STRUP,100,sce->val1,skill->get_time2(status->sc2skill(type), sce->val1)); } break; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is it possible to correct this error? Am I making the wrong call?
  10. Hi guys, I'm having this error when I use a skill. The skill TK_RUN .. What does this mistake mean?
  11. add in SRC? Example: clif->specialeffect(&sd->bl, 609, AREA); ( target, effect number, effect type ) If I'm not mistaken, it's in that order Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please.
  12. Hello, I added a two-handed sword and put it for all classes to use. However, ASPD falls to zero when equipping the sword. Only the swordman class and superiors who use normal. Why does it happen..? In what part of the SRC is the class weapons defined? I want to release the use of two-handed swords for everyone without this ASPD error
  13. Thanks for the report ... bug fixed. (version 1.4)
  14. thanks for report. version updated for 1.3 (- corrected wall texture path error.)
  15. I honestly do not know where you're going wrong. @EDIT One minut... I'll upload a new version @EDIT 2 Is ready... Version 1.2 is with the texture path error corrected throw the old map out and get the new version ... Test the map and let me know, please