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  1. Can you help me with my topic??


    1. sillyhead


      there's a script inside. click cluckers event thanks

  2. You can check this link for that
  3. arrows have a weight of 0.1 so its /10 to support that
  4. change #GOLDPOINTS += .@point; to #GOLDPOINTS += rand(1, 5);
  5. This is could be done using 2 script commands showevent() or questinfo() for more informations you can check the commands documentation
  6. It's on the PR, would be merged in a week I guess. That's nice to hear... I like to have it implemented and play with its potential... I also like to hear updates about the mail system, specially that RoDEX... Mail system already in PR: feel free to go and try it and report any bugs.
  7. 01001100 01101111 01110110 01100101

  8. Tested with Hercules (pre-re): a20d06809f0c2ab15442744fba16ee90e3fb0bec hBG: 5e772f578ee97abd769e6469c4ba0a4cb6176ac4 I can't reproduce the crash upon hitting emperium.
  9. Git hash? client date? also seems like account not registered?
  10. Simply as a server owner you need to setup your db only 1 time, while default confs are for devs that need to have multiple databases for their work and it makes more sense to have the logs in the same database.
  11. Hello there, the picture you posted doesn't seems to work but i'm assuming you're searching for something like this? This is the only client that i know thats supports RTL language (Arabic) which is aRO client.
  12. - Open inter-server.conf - Search for @include "conf/global/sql_connection.conf" - Replace with //Logs DB connection info sql_connection: { db_hostname: "" db_port: 3306 db_username: "ragnarok" db_password: "ragnarok" db_database: "ragnarok" }
  13. I second this, Please put them on different database. You can change them by editing inter-server.conf its just defaulted to use 1db.
  14. "version 15288 from hercules"?!!! as i know hercules have never used svn @.@