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  1. @OmarAcero basically you're using a RE client, that means by default its using servertype: sakray now in your sclientinfo you're defining that as primary, the client tries to find function queryNavi_PickNpc in navi_f_krpri.lub and cannot find it since its not yet added to kRO main servers therefore you can fix you issue either by manually applying that update into the primary files or use the correct servertype for the client you're using.
  2. you can find those in Navigationdata/이동법모음.txt in game folder
  3. you need to patch the clients with Disable Cheat Defender Game Guard and replace cdclient.dll with the version from Input/CDClient.dll
  4. New clients apparently support only the following langtypes korea, usa, japan, china, taiwan, thailand, indonesia, philippine, brazil, france.
  5. for first issue better not use a data folder, instead create a custom grf and load it from data.ini (use grf editor it will make sure the encoding in the grf is correct) second what description? if you mean the text in client its either texture files or msgstringtable you need to use a translated bersion of those third but notice that you need to change the functions at the end of the file unless you're using latest version of RE clients
  6. you still can do the same in windows follow this to build the plugin then run from cmd map-server.exe --load-plugin mapcache --help
  7. A new release is out, please notice that as of 2018-03-07bRagexeRE the old quest ui got dropped so you're required to update your translation files if using any (checkout the commits log for last week in here), also a new attendance system got introduced which you can test using the following pull request #1990 please consider reporting any bugs if found, enjoy
  8. @Daehyon you still can use it but you need to manually replace the functions at the end of the file with this
  9. The iteminfo from my repo only works for clients 2018-02-07+ older versions are not supported.
  10. for Brazil i believe you need to use ISO-8859-1, not sure tho.
  11. You need to make sure the msgstringtable is saved in the correct encoding of whatever language used in there, for example if you're using the one from my repository you have to save it as EUC-KR unless you translated everything. (ps: im keeping it UTF-8 in the repo so its readable in the github diffs)
  12. The crash related to NEMO patch (Cancel to Login Window), you can either disable it or ask for fix in nemo fork topic.
  13. its still the same...
  14. 1 - about itemInfo and 2018-01-24b, my repository only supports the latest client available and since the function changed in the more recent version its the only one supported, you can revert to an older version to use it or just replace the two functions in the end of the file with the old ones. 2 - about langtype 12: * in sclientinfo.xml set the following: <servicetype>brazil</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <langtype>12</langtype> </connection> then go to "data/luafiles514/lua files/service_korea/externalsettings_kr.lub" move it to "data/luafiles514/lua files/service_brazil/externalsettings_br.lub" (also better search for files with kr/korea in the name and replace it with br/brazil)
  15. the issues related to changing the langtype or service type are all missing resources.. for example in langtype 12 there is some icon that the client display and it doesnt exist in kRO Grf you need to import it from bRO files ---- Side note to everyone: Please if you're going to post about an issue make sure its not repeated before.. also for love of the gods don't disable debugging messages in the client via patches then complain its not working magically... @EDIT also please stop sending me issues in private messages, i am no longer going to answer anyone.