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  1. Hello Hercules users, In this topic we're sharing the latest kRO unpacked clients, please notice that those clients are for development purposes, the clients listed in here are tested by the dev team and they're working, however we do not offer support in this topic for any problem. If you want to use these clients use them at your own risk. 2017-09-13bRagexeRE 2017-09-20bRagexeRE (More clients to be added as they're released.) if you're having trouble with download make sure to disable any download managers or try with a different browser Legal disclaimer: All rights reserved for Gravity CO. Ltd - these clients could be removed at anytime we receive a notice from them.
  2. control panel

    Super excited to see this finally announced
  3. Ragexe clients: kRO main servers client RagexeRE clients: kRO Sakray (test server) clients different is that some of the RE clients may have broken features as they were still under test while the main clients are more "stable".
  4. Well if it got DMCA'd as the last one I'll move it to an offshore host but for the time being it will stay on GitHub, also i'm going to push some updates for compatibility with 2017 clients in case any one interested in using it
  5. I think so.. but it may be missing one or two commits, im not sure if its latest thing available.
  6. @Jedzkie
  7. Hi, i'm having difficulty with Items Delay. I wonder if you could help me on my post.

  8. Can you help me with my topic??


    1. sillyhead


      there's a script inside. click cluckers event thanks

  9. You can check this link for that
  10. arrows have a weight of 0.1 so its /10 to support that
  11. change #GOLDPOINTS += [email protected]; to #GOLDPOINTS += rand(1, 5);
  12. This is could be done using 2 script commands showevent() or questinfo() for more informations you can check the commands documentation
  13. It's on the PR, would be merged in a week I guess. That's nice to hear... I like to have it implemented and play with its potential... I also like to hear updates about the mail system, specially that RoDEX... Mail system already in PR: feel free to go and try it and report any bugs.
  14. Tested with Hercules (pre-re): a20d06809f0c2ab15442744fba16ee90e3fb0bec hBG: 5e772f578ee97abd769e6469c4ba0a4cb6176ac4 I can't reproduce the crash upon hitting emperium.
  15. Git hash? client date? also seems like account not registered?