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  1. Can you try with
  2. @astralprojection I have pushed an update to #2218 which added support for specifying an item amount range (0 should be allowed), feel free to test it and tell me if you found any issues.
  3. Well, in kRO they never use it in that way but rather the questinfo notification is shown when the player did not accept the quest yet or have requirements finished (ex: all items were gathered). regardless of that I believe we should give the ability to do whatever you want.
  4. @astralprojection You can't set item amount to 0 i believe you should be having a warning in the console, i will push an update to change that later.
  5. You should be able to have an OR effect by using 2 questinfo definitions in the following way OnInit: questinfo(QTYPE_QUEST, 1); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 30049, 0); questinfo(QTYPE_QUEST, 1); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 30050, 1); end;
  6. Yes apparently there is a problem with quest validation you can pull in order to fix it. And for your question about multiple values yes you can have a list in both QINFO_ITEM and QINFO_QUEST.
  7. As of v2018.07.29 release Hercules supports item id up to 65535 for client versions older than 2018-07-04 RE, main and zero client, and up to 2147483648 for RE clients with version bigger than that.
  8. Then install zlib1g-dev library since it clearly states it's missing
  9. Hello everyone, small announcement.. as of 2018-07-04aRagexeRE release the official client started using 4 bytes to process the item id, this mean we had to update every packet to increase this size, Thanks to the great work of @4144 you can check that out in #2126, please consider testing the pull request and reporting anything that you find broken . *This update apply (for now) to the RE type of clients ONLY.*
  10. @Freyr of Alfheim This error is the result of not disabling game guard on ragexe and ragexe_zero, you can fix it by patching your client with "Disable Cheat Defender" and replacing cdclient.dll with the version included in 4144/NEMO repository.
  11. Hello there, please direct you rAthena related question to their forum, this is Hercules forums we can only assist with that. any further topics of this type will be removed.
  12. *some false informations XD*
  13. Hello, I'm sure i have answered this somewhere else but basically, Ragexe, RagexeRE, Ragexe_zero these are the client releases used on the official Korean servers in general there is few user interface differences and few features that may exist in one and not the others but eventually all of them get the features in later releases. as for Hercules I'd suggest the use of Ragexe or Ragexe_zero (zero only if you want something that exist in it..) because those are the main servers (RagexeRE are for a test server so some features can be broken in early versions) last thing your server build (pre-re or re) doesn't matter to the client you can run any version for any build you want. for nemo fork secret's one is discontinued you can use this instead:
  14. @OmarAcero basically you're using a RE client, that means by default its using servertype: sakray now in your sclientinfo you're defining that as primary, the client tries to find function queryNavi_PickNpc in navi_f_krpri.lub and cannot find it since its not yet added to kRO main servers therefore you can fix you issue either by manually applying that update into the primary files or use the correct servertype for the client you're using.
  15. you can find those in Navigationdata/이동법모음.txt in game folder