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  1. its still the same...
  2. 1 - about itemInfo and 2018-01-24b, my repository only supports the latest client available and since the function changed in the more recent version its the only one supported, you can revert to an older version to use it or just replace the two functions in the end of the file with the old ones. 2 - about langtype 12: * in sclientinfo.xml set the following: <servicetype>brazil</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <langtype>12</langtype> </connection> then go to "data/luafiles514/lua files/service_korea/externalsettings_kr.lub" move it to "data/luafiles514/lua files/service_brazil/externalsettings_br.lub" (also better search for files with kr/korea in the name and replace it with br/brazil)
  3. the issues related to changing the langtype or service type are all missing resources.. for example in langtype 12 there is some icon that the client display and it doesnt exist in kRO Grf you need to import it from bRO files ---- Side note to everyone: Please if you're going to post about an issue make sure its not repeated before.. also for love of the gods don't disable debugging messages in the client via patches then complain its not working magically... @EDIT also please stop sending me issues in private messages, i am no longer going to answer anyone.
  4. Define 'error' please..
  5. A new client have been added to the list, please notice that as of 2018-02-07bRagexeRE release the itemInfo.lua functions have changes make sure to use an updated version.. either update your current version or use the one from .
  6. you can use this also please notice that some files need to be renamed based on the servicetype and the servertype you're using in sclientinfo.xml the default in this repository is set to korea/primary
  7. Try not to disable debugging.. that may help (Ignore Lua Errors/ Ignore Resource Errors/Ignore Missing Palette Error).
  8. Not really, if you're editing the iteminfo in the correct encoding (windows-1252) it should work just fine.
  9. Can you give an example for the errors you're having.. i have tried the Brazilian langtype and seems to be working just fine...
  10. Make sure that the service type matching the langtype and see if it fixed.
  11. I am unable to get those errors, since those client have a protection and it gets broken some anti viruses may detect them as having a virus.. so im guessing yours is corrupting the client exe which results in being unable to patch it with nemo, try to disable your anti-virus or add an exception for the exe's.
  12. Make sure to use this version of NEMO if you want to patch one of the latest clients listed in here.
  13. As 4144 said Zero clients using a good protection, however there isn't really anything interesting in the newer zero clients and eventually the features from there will come to the normal RagexeRE ones.
  14. The shuffle packets and packet keys for 2018-01-24bRagexeRE exist in Hercules master branch you can check them from there.
  15. *EDITED*