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  1. @True Zeal Trying dude. Thread being revamped.
  2. Thread being revamped.
  3. Thread being revamped.
  4. Corrected Jobs updated.
  5. Wait for the new update of Corrected Third Classes. Never pay before see your work done it is a dumb decision, for any spriter (even if myself decide to accept any work I'll ask to wait before pay, because the deliever isn't 100% granted). Crousti is just a example. I have nothing against Haziel he is a awesome spriter but, just like me, Haziel have many things to care and this is more a hobby than a job, so if, at any time, I decide to stop the work I'll, Just like now. Said issue was from July and was already solved between me and the said customer, I saw no point on you bringing it up again. By the way, I usually request first half before, and that's my profession, I'm not only a RO spriter, I also work for Indie Games, and such. Thank you for defending me on said occasions by the way. Regards, Haziel
  6. Glad to hear. Also Arcane Set Added.
  7. Thread revamped and Halloween stuff added.
  8. Sorry to hear that you haven't been doing so hot. I hope you feel better soon. D: -Hugs-

    1. Haziel


      Thank you for your kindness.

      Hopefully I'll be 100% soon. :)

  9. Greetings, Hercules. I've been ill due a chronical desease I have on my ocular globes, I was trying to keep up working on the last months, but, my weakness found me last week and I had to be taken to the hospital and, now, I'm home again, I'm still a bit weak, but, I'll be able to proceed with requests. I'm sorry being absent, but I was with no health enough to fully keep up. I'm still recovering but I'm able to help, so, Corrected Jobs released! I hope you enjoy those, the Warlock, specially the mounted one was really time-consuming on fixing. You can find them here or here. Regards, Haziel
  10. I'm back. Fixed sprite on the way.
  11. @@vBrenth Thank you, bro! Added: Custom Items Custom Monsters Custom Weapons
  12. Added the Headgears of my Divergent Set: You can check the other pieces of the set here.
  13. Hello, I'm Haziel, and, after years of absence, I'm back. I'm up to Freelances, you can PM me anytime. I'm a Spriter, Scripter and I have some skills as a Mapper and Model Converter. I'm here to offer to my services as Spriter and Graphic Designer. So, if you're wanting something new or specific for your server, contact me and I will be glad to work for you. • Custom Sprites • For Sprites, it's complexity, amount of frames or, for weapons and garments, the number of classes which it's needed to be adjusted is what can increase or decrease the price of them, if it doesn't match any of the preset kinds of jobs I offer, the hourly rate will be applied. You can view a glimpses of my job here, here and here! Follow my threads to never miss an update. • Pricing Rates • For all non-listed services, my hourly rate is $20. And this is a reference table, prices can be lower or higher than it, everythin gis based on complexity. Custom Headgears: - Includes: Equipment Spr/Act, Inventory Spr/Act, Item Bmp, Collection Bmp -- Prices: Lower - $15 ~ $30, Middle - $20 ~ $40, Upper - $20 ~ $70, Animated - $20 ~ $150 -- Examples: Custom Garments: - Includes: Male/Female Garment Spr/Act, Inventory Spr/Act, Item Bmp, Collection Bmp -- Prices: One Job (Male/Female) - $15 ~ $60, All Jobs - $25 ~ $150 -- Examples: Custom Equipments/Items/Skill Icons: - Includes: Inventory Spr/Act, Item Bmp, Collection Bmp -- Prices: One - $5, Set (Armor (1), Garment (1), Boots (1), Accessories/Shield (1)) - $22, Pack of 10 - $40 -- Examples: Custom Weapons: - Includes: Weapon Spr/Act, Weapon Effects Srp/Act (when needed) -- Prices: Creation - $5 ~ $20, Extra Class - $3 -- Examples: Custom Hairstyles: - Includes: Hairstyle Spr/Act, Palettes (9) -- Prices: Simple - $20, Medium - $30, Hard - $45, Complex - $60 -- Examples: Custom Classes/Costumes/GM Suits/Mounts: - Includes: Class Spr/Act, Palettes (9) -- Prices: One Gender: $80 ~ $180 Both Genders: $200 ~ $450 -- Examples: Custom Monsters: - Includes: Monster Spr/Act -- Prices: Monster Edits/Recolors: $20 ~ $100 Original: Starting at $40 -- Examples: Custom NPCs: - Includes: NPC Spr/Act -- Prices: NPC Edits/Recolors: $10 ~ $60 Original: Starting at $20 -- Examples: • Rules • 1. DO NOT steal my work, it take hours, days, to be made, don't claim it yours. 2. DO NOT redistribute, mirror or redistribute my work, support me clicking on my own links. 3. DO NOT edit my work without my permission, It includes recolors. 4. DO NOT remove my discreet signature on Collection files and Sprite files, pay that respect. 5. YOU CAN use my works as Donation Rewards as long you ask me first. • Additional Information • 01. As I said, I do make Freelancer jobs, contact me by PM. 02. I do make Model and Sprite conversion from other sources. 03. I, sometimes, do Recolors, but, mostly, for my own work, I'll not make recolors for other Spriters' works unless you have his/her authorization. 04. I do, sometimes, take basis on Sprites from TalesWeaver, Trickster and other sources, but I'll not redistribute raw materials or teach how to get it. 05. I did work as Spriter before, but It was a really bad time on my personal life, if I owe you anything, I'm really sorry, contact me so we can figure it out. 06. I can speak English, Spanish and Portuguese, but I do prefer English conversations, but feel free to contact my on any of these. 07. I'm not a master or a know-at-all, but I can share my knowledge without any problem, but this is an act of kindness. 08. It is possible to find on my work inspiration, fragments, pieces and conversions from various games, but it's always edited to fit RO style, colors, size and also, most of them needed new frames to work on RO. 09. My work is mine, I can do with it anything I want, unless I've agreed with you about exclusivity, don't claim it as your property. 10. For paid requests, I demand encryption. I don't want my work stonlen and you don't want your money wasted, so, follow this guide to be sure to protect my files. 11. I keep track of servers that has permission to use my work. 12. It's not my responsability if you didn't read my terms, by using my work, you automatically agree with them. That's all, folks.
  14. I've posted a whole lot of new content. But it was too much content that I exploded the image limit, so I have to split my thread, so, check this thread, and also here and here.