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  1. This grf is not compatible with browedit. Try the ones from my other topic.
  2. Interesting. I wonder if it's my class clientversion or a diff I use. But yours can also display those >> arrows, which Langtype do you use? They don't work in Langtype 1
  3. It means something like "Open Tips on Login" but isn't functional. Anyways, I recently played a lot with the Tipbox and even "translated" the screenshots (basically I did a setup with same char in same situation etc.). But what brought me here is the problem with putting Links in the Tipbox. I saw in your release you did no linking at all. Did you encounter it as well? The Problem is, it puts the Link Text twice and messes up as the blue text is not overlaying the original one, but is a bit more to the right. anyone got an idea how to fix that link text? edit: i found the \n to be the cause of the problem. without it:
  4. Sorry but I have no idea what you are trying to do nor what this script is supposed to do.
  5. Added 775 MB Ep 13.2 Pre-Renewal GRF
  6. You build your map in Revision 620. Afterwards (due to problems with missing objects) you load it with Revision 586 and save it again.
  7. Awesome work
  8. updated first post and standard grf
  9. updated first post/download links.
  10. Great Service, quick delivery. I said I'm in no hurry and he still delivered in only 5 days. He changed everything to my wishes and even improves some material I sent him (which I wanted him to use). Price: 5/5 Support: 5/5 Time needed: 5/5
  11. Yes, sorry for that, those constants changed long ago, just need to check for the correct constants in item_db
  12. check common/mmo.h #define MAX_GUILD you can also find max guild positions and more. Don't forget to recompile.
  13. as for the count, you need to add a target and the count in quest_db.conf { Id: 20017 Name: "Treinamento Inicial" Targets: ( { MobId: 1002 Count: 10 }, }, for your lua file, I'm pretty sure it's not read. Try putting it into the official one and if it works, check your custom settings.
  14. I'm always excited to see maps. How did it go along with the round textures? If i recall correctly there were several issues with them?
  15. nice, mappers are rare nowadays