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  1. nice, mappers are rare nowadays
  2. I'm always excited to see other cp's than flux. Keep it up!
  3. { Id: 31700 AegisName: "Super_Taming_Item" Name: "Super_Taming_Item" Type: "IT_DELAYCONSUME" Buy: 350 Weight: 50 BuyingStore: true Script: <" itemskill("SA_TAMINGMONSTER", 1);"> } You need IT_DELAYCONSUME not IT_USEABLE (Type 11 instead of 2) Be aware: this items is useable on ANY mob. On those which are not tameable it's still going to be consumed.
  4. utility

    Now allows to be used with multi word names, example: @ip What the Heck @ip My name is Dalek
  5. As said, I didn't update the changelog properly. There is a bunch of additional new content. Also some more localization for different languages. I also didn't remove korean buttons and left some loadings (they threw out errors the last time for many people). But yea, overall it contains way more content than before.
  6. Need to edit the other part of the post too, kROgrf 832 maps Megagrf 1072 kROgrf 940 hats Megagrf 1689 kROgrf 1062 npc Megagrf 1137 kROgrf 1063 mob Megagrfrs 1218 kROgrf 1008 cutins Megagrf 1911
  7. Uploaded new version As said, there is no encryption and I really don't know what some people do in order to reproduce this problem - but it is true you can't use it with browedit or other third party software. Up until now, Thor doesn't provide what I need. Months ago Kubix and Dastgir worked on a new kind of patcher but this was dropped. Maybe in the future I can make something like that.
  8. Added Full Clients without BGM Folder and BGM Folder only.
  9. Yes it should (never tried but as far as I know it can)
  10. Collection of official Full Clients. Those are vanilla, not modified in any way or whatever. They are patched up to date. Let me know if I've missed something. BGM's following the next days. Server Name With BGM Without BGM BGM only South Korea (kRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare South Korea (Ragnarok Zero) 04. January 2017 Mega gDrive Taiwan and Hongkong (twRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Japan (jRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Thailland (tRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare International (iRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Philippines (pRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Indonesia (idRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare Brazil (bRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare France, Europe (fRO, euRO) 31. Dec. 2017 Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Mega gDrive Zippyshare
  11. This is one of the official pvp or gvg maps, right? I remember this problem when duplicating/renaming a map. Usually this is caused by either just copy/rename (instead of open it in browedit and save as a new map) or by using browedit in the wrong revision.
  12. Sweet, good job 4144. Will get into this too
  13. As far as I know this is bugged for years, somehow the crit is reduced instead of increased. I don't know the real behavior but a quick fix would be to remove all cri flags in skills pdef code.
  14. Hey guys, few months ago I built a new PC and I wrote about it at my Gaming Clan's place. But now I wanna do an english topic about it, I'm also thinkin about a YouTube Channel for Harwardware reviews. However - Let me introduce you to my PC "Dark Side" CPU: Ryzen 7 1700x @300€ Mainboard: Asus Crosshair VI Extreme @370€ RAM: G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 32GB @3200, CL14-14-14-32 @370€ Monitor: ASUS ROG P27Q9 @800€ GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX 1080Ti OC @850€ Monitor: ASUS ROG P27Q9 @800€ Headset: ASUS ROG Centurion @270€ Keyboard: ASUS ROG Claymore @250€ Mouse: ASUS ROG Spatha @170€ Pad: ASUS ROG Wethstone @50€ The overall costs for this build was at ~ 5k€ The Centurion is a not yet available Prototype directly from Asus - Doing a review another time (it's different from the ones you can buy) CPU: Ryzen 7 1700x Originally I was about to get the 1800x but there aren't real benefits compared to 1700x or 1700 - except of a guaranteed overclocking. Mainboard: Crosshair VI Extreme It's a bit overkill, A Crosshair VI Hero would be fine too - but this one has a second M.2 Slot which I may use in the future. There were some problems with it due to the extended ATX Form Factor. According to the manufacturer it fits (and it did) but A: The I/O shield is fixed and barely fits under my rear cooler. B: The 24 Molex ATX pin is vertically and I didn't notice until I wanted to power it xD Case: DeepCool Genome ROG The Genome ROG has a built in AiO Watercooling and is ROG Certified (which comes in handy for my Aura Sync plans). The left panel got some Vinyls. The right one was printed with UV print RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200, 2x16GB Kit (CL 14, 14, 14, 34) RAM with Aura Sync and 3200mhz. Apparently it wasn't as easy but I made it work at 3000 MHz with a latency of 14, 14, 14, 34. I wanted 2 x 16GB in case I ever need more. Rear Cooler: Cooler Master Master Fan Pro and Front Cooler 2x Noctua NF-S12A The Cooler Master replaces the stock rear cooler, (Aura Sync Compatibility). The 2 Noctuas are in the front and replacing the standard HDD Bay (I won't use normal HDD Storages in this build). Highlight: Storm Trooper Cooler Protector All 3 Coolers support PWM. The Noctuas are ugly but insanely strong. First I ordered the large NOCTUA NF-A20 but it was way too alrge so I switched to 2 x 120mm. Noctua Chromax Anti Vibrationsticks Replaces normal screws. Storage: Samsung 850 und 960 Evo I hate Samsung - but they do by far the best storages. I use 2 x 850 Evo (500 GB) and 1 x 960 Evo (500 GB). The speed is insane x). The SSD's are on the inner part of the right side panel. M.2 storages use the M.2 slots direclty on the mainboard, some use PCI-E. GPU: Asus Geforce 1080 Ti OC Not much to say here. I haven't had a Nvidia GPU in 10 Years but AMD had enough chances and I was quite disappointed of Vega. You can't use 1st class parts only and then use a 3rd class graphics card - so here's my Nvidia comeback. The GPU is mounted horizontally. PSU: Dark Power Pro 11 650 As above, everything in this PC is premium, so is the Power Supply. Cooling Paste: Noctua NT-H1 I love Noctua. Overclocked at 8 cores @ 3,9 Ghz 31°C. Stock at 3,4Ghz it had 24°C. Under Full Load it reaches at max 58C° Full PC: The lights are full RGB and adjustable via remote (also supports various modes). GPU is mounted horizontall. The fin on top is a W-LAN antenna.