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  1. 10/10 - Communication - Fast replying even he is at work 10/10 - Design - He is not complaining if i want to change the design as long as i have an idea Try his work worth to buy Thank you shona
  2. Please help me. I want a donation reward npc that i will give the code to the player. I will make code in the npc. Sample code I will make: 0217201801 I saw it in other server. Thank you in advance
  3. Website is down. I think the webhosting is down already
  4. Its working thank you
  5. Pm sent. Please reply
  6. Hi im interested in your design? how can i contact you?
  7. Thank you for making me installer. Goodluck sir thanks a lot again
  8. I've purchased a host here. She helps me a lot thank you so much. I recommend this host. - YumeRO
  9. Very good service, Fast support
  10. What is your facebook or any contact info? thanks
  11. Thank you for sharing.
  12. sup ossi added you in skype