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  1. before in the old clients of ragnarok, we had how to see where was problem in the known gravity errors, but in the new operating systems and new clients, we only have the message that the program stopped working, some time were created .dmp files, but my client is not able to generate such a file, what is wrong? something I can do to get these files? exemple : WorldRO.20161122184952.dmp
  2. @4144 > it worked out, just as I predicted, thank you! Miríade > My problem was solved without an issue in the source, I did not think it was possible to search for hours on end, I feel more comfortable without changing anything on the source for this problem, but I thank you for the help.
  3. I would block the use of any item when a npc box is open, this is possible if anyone can help me with this task?
  4. not that would be unfeasible, some items are for all class.
  5. class custom. http://herc.ws/board/topic/9273-guide-how-to-add-custom-jobs/
  6. @@fxfreitas how do I change it?
  7. yes, add baby_list. however the items are still large. which client you refer me to solve this problem, since 2015 10 29 is not being supported by herc, I add packs and other things to get constant errors on the map server. @@Neo
  8. after adding a custom class I'm getting a Warning to compile. itemdb.c: In function ‘itemdb_jobmask2mapid’: itemdb.c:542:20: warning: left shift count >= width of type [-Wshift-count-overflow] bclass[0] |= 1ULL<<MAPID_DORAM; itemdb.c if (jobmask & 1ULL<<30) //Rebellion bclass[1] |= 1ULL<<MAPID_GUNSLINGER; if (jobmask & 1ULL<<31) bclass[0] |= 1ULL<<MAPID_DORAM;
  9. I added the Doram class as a custom class, everything is already working however like to know why the custons item is not treated as a baby class example item X in a normal class is X the X item in a baby class is x however the X item in a custom Doram class is X I would leave the X item in a Doram class x x, X = item size. the screenshots to see clearly not the most items are great for Doram.
  10. for the development and test environment Debian production environment centos however you use as you see fit, if what it is easier and more practical for you.
  11. File Name: Lasagna MAPS File Submitter: ellandson File Submitted: 13 Apr 2016 File Category: Maps & Textures Alls doram's Maps. Click here to download this file
  12. Lasagna MAPS

    Version 1.0


    Alls doram's Maps.
  13. all lasa maps. http://herc.ws/board/files/file/250-lasagna-maps/ +?
  14. I did, then I should not worry about it...
  15. I created a new class with new were, however when equip equipment they are great as if they were in a normal class "large", follows the screenshot. when compiling am getting this warning itemdb.c:542:20: warning: left shift count >= width of type [-Wshift-count-overflow] @@Neo