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  1. Ele compila porem não LIGA! por causa do erro fatal que da!!
  2. Sim sim, mais da erro no privilégios ... root privilégios !
  3. Olá, estou tentando ligar meu emulador no host, porem da erro ao ligar .. [erro fatal] root privilegios Sendo que está tudo certo no meu banco de dados ...
  4. because I already tried to create another user, but even so, can not I have some specific tutorial to do this?
  5. Can someone tell you how I get this error from my emulator [Fatal Error]: You are running Hercules with root privileges, it is not necessary, nor recommended. Aborting.
  6. Could someone tell me what the bonuses of these descriptions would look like to put into item? "1% chance of pushing opponent 7 cells backwards in a 15x15 area." "Arrow Blast: + 25% additional damage." "Melodic Arrow: + 25% additional damage. 10% chance of causing COMA." "Award: + 15% of ATKM Increased Magic Collision damage by 100%. " "Slingshot: + 25% additional damage. 10% chance of causing COMA." "1% chance of causing sleep in area."