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  1. hello how can i add announce on specific item if get and make it have amount value? function script boxrandom { setarray [email protected], 607, 60, 612, 10, 611, 10, 608, 10, 678, 5, 675, 5; set [email protected], getarraysize( [email protected] ); for( set [email protected], 1; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected] += 2 ) { [email protected][[email protected]] = [email protected] + [email protected][[email protected]]; [email protected] += [email protected][[email protected]]; } [email protected] = rand( [email protected] +1 ); for( set [email protected], 1; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected] += 2 ) if( [email protected][[email protected]] > [email protected] ) break; getitem [email protected][ [email protected] ], 1; end; } how can i add also on what amount per item? example since 612 - id name and 10 is the chance. please help me to make it 612,1->amount,10->chance Example i want the id number 678 if get to be announce" char name got 1x Poison bottle "
  2. Yes i only want player to get any 1 items of the list with chance sir thanks a lot
  3. Hello sir thank you but how can i make it only 1 can get?
  4. Hello may i request for some script like for example npc to claim item but in random chance. list of items,qty / Chance 607,5 50% 608,6 52% 678,4 50% 672,1 2% something like that. Thank you in advance
  5. Thank you again sir
  6. Help please bump bump
  7. no sir haha but thanks anyway. I want the player all player to be restricted in payon : Just example. lets make it moc_fild22 i want moc_fild22 to be unwarpable or if anyplayers tries to warp or go to moc_fild22 then they will automatically go back to their savepoints.
  8. Hello may i request if you warp on payon then you go back to your savepoint thank you!!!
  9. query_sql "SELECT `char`.char_id,`char`.`name`, global_acc_reg_num_db.`value` FROM global_reg_value LEFT JOIN `char` ON global_reg_value.char_id=`char`.char_id WHERE global_reg_value.str='brokeemp' ORDER BY CAST(`global_reg_value`.`value` AS UNSIGNED) DESC LIMIT 10", [email protected]_id, [email protected]$, [email protected]; i already tried to change it to char_reg_num_db but still its having error. im trying to remake a ladder with this script for( set [email protected],0; [email protected]<=9; set [email protected],[email protected]+1 ) { mes "^0000FF"+([email protected]+1)+".^000000 "[email protected]$[[email protected]]+" - ^FF0000"[email protected][[email protected]]+"^000000 Point(s)"; } // [email protected] starts at 0, but you want to start with '1st', so use ([email protected]+1) Thank you in advance!
  10. Hello everyone how can i remove the bentdown of asura Currently i am having this error: I can't update client since my server is already live. im using 20121410 Now i just want my asura to doesnt have bent down after casting it. Other term for bentdown ( Punching Floor ) Thank you in advance.
  11. Where can i download the source code for voting sites just like or other like I want to make one is there any free release? Note: I am not advertising any website or server here
  12. NB It only work upon reloading the script. but upon starting the server it wont work. Hope you get my point hmm~
  13. It only work upon reloading the script. but upon starting the server it wont work. Hope you get my point
  14. Hello sir it doesnt work. Thanks but i only want it in the script not in global.