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  1. Any of you knows how I can flatten the gat?
  2. Still dont work in mapcache. Do you have tips how to change the height of gat in browedit.
  3. My character is below that bridge. How can I change it in browedit.
  4. Thank you.
  5. Do you have idea where I can get 2015-05-13aRagexe.
  6. Anyone can help me change the currency in the cash shop. Changing the C value to another.
  7. void mapif_parse_accinfo2(bool success, int map_fd, int u_fd, int u_aid, int account_id, const char *userid, const char *user_pass, const char *email, const char *last_ip, const char *lastlogin, const char *pin_code, const char *birthdate, int group_id, int logincount, int state) { nullpo_retv(userid); nullpo_retv(user_pass); nullpo_retv(email); nullpo_retv(last_ip); nullpo_retv(lastlogin); nullpo_retv(birthdate); if (map_fd <= 0 || !sockt->session_is_active(map_fd)) return; // check if we have a valid fd if (!success) { inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "No account with ID '%d' was found.", account_id); return; } inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "-- Account %d --", account_id); // VIP Information if (SQL_ERROR == SQL->Query(inter->sql_handle, "SELECT `group_id`" "FROM login WHERE `account_id` = '%d'", account_id) || SQL->NumRows(inter->sql_handle) == 0) { if (SQL->NumRows(inter->sql_handle) == 0) { inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "This account is invalid"); } else { inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "An error occurred, bother your admin about it."); Sql_ShowDebug(inter->sql_handle); } } else { while (SQL_SUCCESS == SQL->NextRow(inter->sql_handle)) { char *data; int group_id; SQL->GetData(inter->sql_handle, 0, &data, NULL); group_id = atoi(data); if (group_id == 1) { inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "-- VIP Status: %s", "Bronze"); } else if (group_id == 2) { inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "-- VIP Status: %s", "Silver"); } else if (group_id == 3) { inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "-- VIP Status: %s", "Gold"); } } } inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "User: %s | GM Group: %d | State: %d", userid, group_id, state); if (*user_pass != '\0') { /* password is only received if your gm level is greater than the one you're searching for */ if (pin_code && *pin_code != '\0') inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "Password: %s (PIN:%s)", user_pass, pin_code); else inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "Password: %s", user_pass ); } inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "Account e-mail: %s | Birthdate: %s", email, birthdate); inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "Last IP: %s (%s)", last_ip, geoip->getcountry(sockt->str2ip(last_ip))); inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "This user has logged %d times, the last time were at %s", logincount, lastlogin); inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "-- Character Details --"); if ( SQL_ERROR == SQL->Query(inter->sql_handle, "SELECT `char_id`, `name`, `char_num`, `class`, `base_level`, `job_level`, `online` " "FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = '%d' ORDER BY `char_num` LIMIT %d", char_db, account_id, MAX_CHARS) || SQL->NumRows(inter->sql_handle) == 0 ) { if (SQL->NumRows(inter->sql_handle) == 0) { inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "This account doesn't have characters."); } else { inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "An error occurred, bother your admin about it."); Sql_ShowDebug(inter->sql_handle); } } else { while ( SQL_SUCCESS == SQL->NextRow(inter->sql_handle) ) { char *data; int char_id, class; int char_num, base_level, job_level, online; char name[NAME_LENGTH]; SQL->GetData(inter->sql_handle, 0, &data, NULL); char_id = atoi(data); SQL->GetData(inter->sql_handle, 1, &data, NULL); safestrncpy(name, data, sizeof(name)); SQL->GetData(inter->sql_handle, 2, &data, NULL); char_num = atoi(data); SQL->GetData(inter->sql_handle, 3, &data, NULL); class = atoi(data); SQL->GetData(inter->sql_handle, 4, &data, NULL); base_level = atoi(data); SQL->GetData(inter->sql_handle, 5, &data, NULL); job_level = atoi(data); SQL->GetData(inter->sql_handle, 6, &data, NULL); online = atoi(data); inter->msg_to_fd(map_fd, u_fd, u_aid, "[Slot/CID: %d/%d] %s | %s | Level: %d/%d | %s", char_num, char_id, name, inter->job_name(class), base_level, job_level, online?"On":"Off"); } } SQL->FreeResult(inter->sql_handle); return; } On this code I want to add the group of the account. But can find how to reproduce the code. Anyone can help me?
  8. Experience an error on my client when hovering the cursor to a monster using client 2013-08-07.
  9. I need someone help. I am receiving a client error in hair color and hair style. I want to bring it back to default. But Im not sure what are the hex that I need to replace. It will take a long time if I am going to make a new client again because it already had a gepard configuration and it hard to contact functor. Im not sure if patch 104 Increase Hair Style & Color Limits did it.
  10. Something like that.. no possible way to increase it?
  11. [ Error ] : pc_groups_add_permission(drop_rental): failed! not enough room, too many permissions! I have a problem adding a new group permission. Any one know how to increase it?
  12. Hi, I need suggestion where I can get stable client for latest herc emulator today. Can you please send me link or date of the client. Thank you in advance. I am having trouble with 2012-04-10aRagexe client using NEMO so that's why I need your help. Problem: Getting error if I disable the buttons like battle/record/booking.
  13. I want to know if the Arrow Skill Knockback is fixed.
  14. Hi, how can I detect what script is the problem in this infinity loop error. Its hard for me to find the correct script I made because I change a lot of thing. case C_FUNC: script->run_func(st); if(st->state==GOTO) { st->state = RUN; if( !st->freeloop && gotocount>0 && (--gotocount)<=0 ) { ShowError("run_script: infinity loop !\n"); script->reportsrc(st); st->state=END; } } break;
  15. You just need to reinstall the flux. That's solve my problem.